Hosting a party can be stressful, not only do you have to provide delicious food and drinks, but you've also got to keep everyone entertained. If you want a quick and easy way to do that, you should check out Quiplash. 

Quiplash, created by Jackbox Games, is a simple game that is guaranteed to have your guests rolling on the ground with laughter. It also involves little more than the game itself and devices that connect to the internet.


Quiplash It boasts some pretty cool features. In this review, we tell you all about this game and how you can incorporate it into your party. Let’s begin!

Need a Party Game? Check Out Quiplash!
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How Does It Work?

If you've ever played Jackbox games like Figgage and Drawful, you know that their games don't require controllers. 

Once you fire up the game on your PS3 or your PS4, you will be able to connect to the game by the use of tablets, phones, or any other devices that are connected to the internet, including computers.


This has also contributed to the big explosion of streamed games where people can join the streams and play no matter where they are.

 With Quiplash, they have embraced this phenomenon by introducing the feature they call: The Audience.

What is ‘The Audience’ Feature? 

The audience usually means a passive group of people watching something happening. However, in Quiplash, this is different. 


The audience affects the outcome of the game through voting, which is sort of a reality competition like on TV. Quiplash will pit two players against each other to answer humorous prompts like ”Another name for France.” 

The audience or other players will be able to vote for their most favorite answer. The player who has the most votes overall at then of the game will win.  

How Is It Played?

The game is played by between 3 and 8 players, and it can actually work with or without an audience. If you are at a party with 10 people, then 2 of them can become the audience for one game and in the next game, they can switch. 

This ensures that 2 players keep swapping out to the audience each time. If you happen to have a big stream of players such as thousands of them, then they can all participate. You can have as many as 10,000 players at once.

This game is a huge upgrade compared to other games, such as Lie Swatter, that could only allow up to 100 players at once. 

What Is the Goal Of the Game?

The main goal of the game is to keep people in a party entertained. The company actually hopes that one day everyone in the world could be able to play the same game at the same time, and thanks to technology, this might soon become a reality.

Who Owns the Game?

One person actually owns the game, and then up to 10,000 people can play in the same round. This is a game that was built for streaming, sharing, and group play. 

When the first person fires it up, a unique code will appear on their screen and if anyone needs to play, they shall head over to the Jackbox website and then inter-connect their devices. 

As we said before, you really do not need any extra controls and the Quiplash game is available on PCs, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Mac. 

Need a Party Game? Check Out Quiplash!
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Isn’t it interesting how technology has made things that seemed almost impossible, possible? Before, you had to have a PlayStation device with controls to play a video game.

Now with Quiplash, your mobile devices became your controllers, and the fact that 10,000 people can play at once is truly phenomenal. We can’t wait to see the whole world play the same game at the same time.