How do you feel about having the Casino brought to your home? The need for a casino at home has only been enhanced with a stay at home orders. Now, you can thank Monopoly Casino Online.

With this game, you can win a number of earnings when you play. It depends on how much you bet. The game also has a number of slot options. New ones arise almost every other month to spice up the whole experience.


To find out more about this game and how you can gain access to it, read below. 

How to Play Monopoly Casino Online
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Where to Access the Game

You can access this game through your mobile device. And the device can either be an iOS device or an Android device, as the game is fully supported by both platforms. For Android devices, you need to download the Monopoly Slots app, which is free to download. You can get the app from the Google Play Store.

For iOS devices, you need to go to the App Store to get the game. Alternatively, you can check the App Annie website to find a link to the app. You can also access the platform through the Monopoly Casino website through your phone or PC browser.


How to Play

First, you have to be at least 18 years old for you to play the game. Betting isn’t a ‘game’; as such, the developers want to ensure that only people of age are legally betting.

You then need a minimum of £10 deposit to begin playing, and for every game or slot, you’ll need to make a wager for it. The wager for each of the slots depends on the type you choose. When you’re using the website after you have gained access, find the Online Casino section, and choose what type you want to play.

When you’re playing the online version, the best thing is that you get to experience the classic casino games. You have access to the following games.

  • 10p Roulette – You have access to the spread bet functionality that allows you to not put all your eggs in one basket. This is strategic, as you’ll win some and lose some, but not all in one go. The odds are also spread all around depending on where you want to start.
  • 7-Up – You have a chance to scratch away up to seven-line for each game that you play. When you match three symbols, you win the game.
  • Atlantic City Blackjack – If you have played any kind of blackjack game, you know the aim is 21. You can double down or split if you really want the win.
How to Play Monopoly Casino Online

Associated Costs

As stated before, you have to make a deposit of at least £10 to have access to any of the games that you want to play. When you want to make a bet, you have to make a different deposit – at your discretion. Bets, however, are different for each game that you want to play.

For example, to play 10p Roulette, you have to make a deposit as low as 10p to highs of around £1,000. For 7-Up, you can place a bet from 2p - £35, and lastly, for the Atlantic City Blackjack, you can make a bet from £1 - £500.


Monopoly Casino Online offers you the chance to go to the casino virtually. And you can play the game so long as you download the app for your phone or use your browser to access the game. Get betting and enjoy the game!