War Thunder is a multiplayer vehicular combat video game that was designed and published by Gaijin Entertainment in 2011 and remains popular today.  

It was developed as a flying simulation game that was previously named World of Planes. There is a cross-platform format of the game for macOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Shield Android TV, and PlayStation 4. 


It has won several awards since its release such as the Best Simulation Game during the Gamescom 2013 Awards. This game holds two Guinness World Records for having the most Planes in a flight simulation game.

War Thunder: How to be Victorious in Battle
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How To Be Victorious In Battle

Here are some tips on how you can be victorious in battle while playing the War Thunder game.

Don’t Get Too Fancy

For many beginner pilots, victory is usually synonymous with outlandish maneuvers and some death-defying acrobatics. 


When you look at the cockpit, however, the battle keeps raging on around you and it is easy to fool yourself into thinking that the endless chain of loop-the-loops is helping. 

It really isn’t. So, stop it.

Most of your moves must have a purpose in the game. You will not know how best to employ them in your fighter pilot career too early in the game. You will need to learn some more skills by keeping things very simple.


Ensure That You Are Acquainted With Your Plane

You should try and spend a good amount of time in between matches learning all of your plane’s stats in the hangar.

You will soon be able to identify if you are capable of performing an aerial ballet or whether you should stick to picking targets from the safety of the cloudline.

Always Avoid Head-Ons

This may look like obvious advice, but it is actually surprising how many times pilots get tempted to do a head-on firefight. 

Even if you are quick enough to duck out of all fiery collisions, there is a very slim chance of coming out in good shape after the collision, so simply avoid them.

When you see a plane coming right at you, do not take it as some kind of a gentleman's duel where victory is determined through divine intervention. No. Steer clear of such situations or you will both die.

When Firing, Ensure To Do So With Extreme Caution

Planes in the War Thunder game usually have limited ammo and lengthy cooldown times. This makes choosing the right moment to fire very crucial for any pilot that wants to last the duration of the match.

Additionally, the plane’s guns are usually useless at more than 500m, and firing for prolonged spells will only reward you with some severely reduced accuracy.

In most cases, however, there is a need to down an enemy fighter with a couple of tow-second bursts from the machine guns. 

Try and pick slow targets and get a solid run at them rather than using a cursory shot, this will make eliminating them significantly easier and also prevent you from getting locked into a long and drawn-out dog fight.

Boom and Zoom

This is a tactic that is best employed by heavy fighters. Boom and zoom is a staple strategy of any seasoned War Thunder pilot. There are basic mechanics of the tactic that are pretty simple.

 Start by climbing to a high altitude and then dive on an enemy that is below you. Use the speed that you gained during the dive to catch up to the target and take them down.

Then ascend back into the sky before you lose any more energy. If you are a heavy fighter, then boom and zoom tactics are usually the most effective means of racking up kills in this game. 

War Thunder: How to be Victorious in Battle
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These are our main tips on how you can be victorious at the War Thunder game. Of course, if you are pro, you already know a thing or two, but for the newbies, take a look at these tips to improve on your game.

There are a lot of action-packed games out there, but thanks to its glorious air battles War Thunder stands out from the rest.