Minecraft is a game that lets your creativity flow. Building houses is one of the best ways to show off your skills to your friends. This is the reason why you often see a lot of players posting their creations on YouTube and let others check their work of art.

For new players or those who plan on starting their own houses, the best way to start is by having a small modern house. 


Here are some ways for you to start your own small modern house.

  • Building Houses in Minecraft
  • Finding the Materials Needed
  • Wall it Up
  • Fill Up the Interior
  • Get Creative
Minecraft - How to Make a Small Modern House
Image Source: JINTUBE / YouTube

Building Houses in Minecraft

Construction of infrastructure is one of the most common and fundamental gameplay mechanics in Minecraft. Many players want to gather different resources to build and craft items, however, building a house is all about safety and security for the players. 

Minecraft - How to Make a Small Modern House
Image Source: RainbowGamerPE / YouTube

There is a reason why most, if not all, players would want to build a house. The first common reason is for protection. There are a lot of creatures and mobs that may attack you in the middle of the night or out in broad daylight and you will need to protect yourself from them. 


A good modern house is all you need to give you the utmost protection that you need while your character recuperates. Another reason why houses are very common in Minecraft is that they also show off your artistry. 

Often times players want to show off their skills in engineering and architecture as well as home design and what better way to do this than to build a home for other players to see. 

Why Choose a Small Modern House

A small modern house is a great first step for players who want to start building structures in the game as it is very easy to do. 


It is also a great starter house that many new players can build as they continue to learn more about the game and begin harnessing their skills in making these houses. One very good example of a small modern house is the cube. 

Many players often find the cube a very simple shelter but also provides good protection and skill expression to many new players that want to show off their building skills.

Finding the Materials Needed

Players have to prepare the materials needed to build a small modern house. There is no rule or proper list of materials that will allow you to build the perfect small modern house. 

Minecraft - How to Make a Small Modern House
Image Source: Random Steve Guy / YouTube

You can choose any material that you need in any biome that you have chosen. Most of the time, players have some blocks like smooth quartz, birch planks, birch stairs, some concrete, fences, grass blocks, and many other materials needed for the interior of your modern house. 

These can include some oak doors, lanterns, carpets, wool, some chests, paintings, and many other decorations.

Start With the Foundation

The very first thing that you need to set when building a good solid modern house is the foundation. A good suggestion when starting is to have a 17 by 16 block foundation which should be enough to fit all the basics items within. Use the quartz block as the solid foundation of your home. 

These blocks are very sturdy and can withstand the different elements in the game. Fill the entire area with these blocks to elevate your home and use the birch stairs as a pathway that will lead to your main door. 

You may also use some of the fences to circle the exterior of your home so you can have extra protection. The foundation will serve as a good way to measure the entire layout of the building. Make sure that you have enough room for everything within your house. 

Wall it Up

Once done with the foundation, use the rest of the blocks to start building a wall on one side of the house. This will give you an idea of how tall you want your house to be. 

Minecraft - How to Make a Small Modern House
Image Source: WiederDude Tutorials / YouTube

Make sure that you measure it high above your character's height as well so he can fit inside your home. You may also leave some space between the ceiling and your character as room for interior decorations. 

On another side of the house, try to leave at least one block open where you can fit your window and door. Cover the rest of your house with the blocks afterward. 

Use the glass and attach it to those empty spaces to create the windows for your home and attach the door to cover the doorway.

Time for Some Partitions

This is where it gets tricky. The interior can become jampacked if you are not careful with your planning. First, you will need to use concrete to make the partition. These partitions will divide the house into different areas such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and the rest. 

Start by making sure that you provide an ample amount of space to the area within your modern house where you are most likely to spend a lot of time. 

The living room and the bedroom should have the largest space within your house but do not let it consume all of your space inside. It's even better if you only have one partition within your small house for your living room and bedroom.

Fill Up the Interior

Once you have done all the work with the partition, it is time to fill the interior with cabinets, tables, and other items that you need. Since the living room is the largest area in your house, bring in a couch and set it at one side of the room. 

Minecraft - How to Make a Small Modern House
Image Source: Pro Game Guides

Put a dining table in the middle just adjacent to the kitchen so you don't have to cross the entire room from the kitchen. Fill up your kitchen with counters and cabinets. 

Next, furnish the bedroom and add some paintings or other modern artwork to make it posh. 

However, do make sure that you do not fill the interior of your modern house with a lot of ornaments. It will become very difficult for you to move around and it can get very messy to look at.

Give Your Garden Some Love

Many want to focus on the interiors of their modern house but never forget that you also have the outside area of your house to build as well. 

The exterior portion and its adjacent areas are some of the most overlooked places within your home but it also poses great visual value

The exterior areas of your home give it a good first impression so make sure to give some love by adding some bushes around your fence and even make a garden in your front yard. Plant some trees in one area of your home or surround it with tall bushes.

Get Creative

Minecraft truly shines when it lets its players do whatever they want to do. Whether it is hunting for monsters out in the wild or building houses, the game always allows the player base to have creative expression

Minecraft - How to Make a Small Modern House
Image Source: Vajinuze / DailyMotion

Building houses is no exemption so it is always best to tap into your creative side when building these small modern houses. The best tip that anyone can give to you when it comes to making small modern houses is to pick a color scheme

You don't want to build a house that has all the colors of the rainbow in it. Take a good look at all the modern houses in real life. They tend to have a specific set of colors usually within the darker or earthy tones. 

Some modern houses only use one to three colors. Pick a set of colors that work together instead of choosing contrasting ones.

Avoid Adding Too Many Details

Another great way for players to make a small modern house successful is to avoid adding a lot of details, especially with the interiors. Notice that most modern houses are very minimalistic in nature. 

They often only use furniture and other items that cater to their basic needs. Avoid adding a lot of ornaments but do make sure to put some as well to make it more dramatic. 

Filling up your modern house with details will only take up a lot of space thereby limiting the area where you can move around. Keep it simple but still stylish and creative.


Once you are done with building your small modern house, make sure to let your friends check it out and ask for their thoughts. Don't be afraid to accept their feedback and make sure that you listen to them to make your house even better. These critiques will only help you in the long run. 

Go ahead and build your small modern house in Minecraft today with the help of the steps and tips given above.