When it was released back in 2017, PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds became a worldwide sensation. The game was so popular worldwide that it became one of the pillars of the battle royale genre. 

Some might even say that PUBG on PC was the first to develop a game within the genre. With such popularity, one would have to ask how to play the game, and you can be better at it to become the best in the game. Check out the article below to find out.

Learn How to Play PUBG on PC - Check Out How
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What is PUBG?

PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a multiplayer online battle royale game from PUBG Corporation. Heavily inspired by the Japanese film Battle Royale, the game revolves around players parachuting into an island where they gather weapons and items to arm themselves against other players who sought to eliminate them.

Released in 2017, the game was largely successful in terms of gameplay and player base. Soon, the game was ported over to consoles and mobile devices. The game is widely popular in that it had a massive following and became a staple in tournaments worldwide.

How to Play

PUBG is a shooter game where a hundred players land on an island where they get to fight other players in a large-scale survival mode. Players can choose to go solo, duo, or with a team consisting of four members. Each player can gather as many items as they can, depending on their inventory.


The game's island slowly shrinks down, and players must always be inside the blue safety zone, or else they slowly diminish their health until they are eliminated when they are inside the red zone. The map continues to shrink until a small land is left, and the last remaining players in the game can battle it out, or one player or team remains to claim the victory.

Difference Between PC and Mobile

PUBG was first released in its PC version. The game was then ported over to a mobile version when the demand for it became popular. The decision to launch a mobile version of the game meant some difference between the two.

Learn How to Play PUBG on PC - Check Out How
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The first and most obvious difference between both versions is the graphics. The PC version runs on high-end graphics, which provides an awesome experience for gamers. The interiors of the game's buildings are also very detailed compared to its mobile version.


PUBG PC has a larger update than its mobile counterpart. This means that PC players will have a lot of waiting to do when downloading the game's newest version. The PC version is still superior in terms of graphics and gameplay because of this larger update.

Other Differences

Another major difference between both versions is that PUBG mobile lets you spot an enemy with their footprints. The mobile game allows you to see if an enemy is around with footprints, whereas PUBG PC won't allow you to see footprints on the map, which makes it even more strategic.

Vehicles also perform differently in the PC version from their mobile counterpart. Car mechanics and control are far easier to do in the mobile version since they are toned down a bit. However, this means that the PC version of the game allows you to take full control of the vehicle, which allows for more strategies in the game.

Tips and Strategies

PUBG is a very complex game. Your goal is to survive and make it to the end of the game. However, it is not easy to reach the end without taking a few shots from your enemies.

Learn How to Play PUBG on PC - Check Out How
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Learning how to survive to the end of the game is key to winning. Here are some tips and strategies for you to apply in the game to earn more victories.


One of the things that you should remember when it comes to playing PUBG is its running mechanic. The running mechanic in this game is quite similar to other games but with few key differences. One of which is when you put your weapon away, you get to run faster by six percent, which makes it easier for you to either take cover or traverse through the map as fast as possible.

Taking your shoes off will also cause less noise when you are running. The game still makes you run at the same speed even without your shoes on. Noise is significant in this game, so the lesser you create them, the better your survival chances.

Take Cover

Buildings and walls are great for preventing stray bullets from hitting you. It is the best option to take if you are surrounded by structures. However, if you find yourself out in the open and do not have enough structures to take cover from, the terrain is pretty much a good alternative.

Learn How to Play PUBG on PC - Check Out How
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You can still take cover behind trees or bushes while attacking your opponents. This creates a distraction for them so that you can have the advantage. You can also use hillsides and canals as a temporary shelter while you reload or heal yourself.

Always Keep An Eye On The Red Zone

Like any other battle royale games with a shrinking zone, staying inside the safe zone is very important. Players will notice that the safe zone is marked by a blue color on the map, while the danger zone is marked by a red line. If you are caught inside the danger zone, your health points will slowly diminish until you are eliminated from the game.

Keep a close eye on the red zone, especially when they appear on the map. Sprint as fast as possible if it is close to you but watch out for your opponents as well. This can also be a good time for you to eliminate other players as they are exposed when running towards the safe zone.

Play With Friends

PUBG can be a good game to play as a single-player, but it can be more fun when you play with your friends. Not only do you get to play with someone you trust, but you also get to play as a team and outnumber all the other players in the game. You get to take advantage of your number in many different ways.

Learn How to Play PUBG on PC - Check Out How
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For example, you now have two or three more pairs of eyes as a lookout to protect your team instead of having to do it on your own. Increase your chance of survival in this game by playing together with your friends.

Picking a Fight

PUBG players will always want to have as many kills as possible to brag about it at the end of the game. New players often make the mistake of trying to rack up kills within the game. However, the game is not about who is getting the most kills but who survives at the end of the match.

You can even fire one bullet for the entire game and still win in certain circumstances, considering it is the last opponent you encounter and made a headshot. Always choose the fight that you can win and avoid it at all times until it is inevitable that you will have to defend yourself.

Prioritize Getting Helmet and Vest

As soon as you drop into your designated area on the map, you can start searching for essential items like your weapons and gears. Always make sure that you prioritize getting a helmet and vest to boost your defenses. Helmets defend you against headshots while vests lessen the damage you take.

Learn How to Play PUBG on PC - Check Out How
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This is highly important during the late game, where you are down on your resources, and you will have to rely on what's left around you. Remember that the damage that you mitigated by having these defensive items equals the health you get during the late game. You'll have much more health than your opponents when the late game rolls in.

Make the Most Out of Healing

There are two ways to get your health back in PUBG. One is through Medkits, and another is through painkillers and energy drinks. Medkits are rather rare to find but heal you back up to 100 percent health, while painkillers and energy drinks are common, but they only heal you for a percentage of your health.

Use Medkits when you are in a safe area so you can get your health back up. Meanwhile, take painkillers in between hiding from your enemies or taking cover so you can have that advantage in fights.


PUBG currently stands as one of the best in the battle royale genre for its innovative take on weapons, vehicles, and overall gameplay. Many have tried to clone the game's success by having similar gameplay, but none can match the complex strategies and mechanics brought by PUBG. 

While PUBG might be challenging to play, we hope that you get better at playing PUBG with the help of the tips given above.