Ever find yourself forgetting a significant date or worse, your child's birthday? While there are many factors involved in such situations, becoming forgetful is a sign that you need to find different ways to work on and improve your memory.

There are a lot of ways to improve memory and concentration but incorporating fun and games into an app is the best way to help train our brain.


 This is why Fit Brain Trainer is the best app to help improve our memory, focus, and concentration. Read on to learn more.

  • Train Your Brain and Improve Your Memory
  • The Importance of Memory at School and in the Workplace
  • Features and Gameplay
  • Different Difficulty Levels
  • Playing Fit Brain Trainer Effectively
Learn How to Download Fit Brain Trainer: A Research-Based Game to Improve Memory
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Train Your Brain and Improve Your Memory

Fit Brain Trainer is a mobile pair matching game where players need to find two identical images and match them within a set of tiles faced down. Uncover each tile and see which one matches based on your memory. 

Learn How to Download Fit Brain Trainer: A Research-Based Game to Improve Memory
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All you need is to have proper thinking, good visual memory, and a whole lot of concentration. The main objective of the game is to pair and match all identical images with one another. 


Players will need to remember the positions of each card but will also need to figure out the details and features that connect them through associations, math, and colors making it far more difficult than your average memory game.

Where to Download

Developed by Vasily Lisyansky for iOS devices, Fit Brain Trainer is available for download to all iOS devices including the iPad and the iPhone. To download, launch the App Store and search for the title of the game.

On the app page, click ‘Get’ to begin downloading to your device. Wait for the app to fully download and install before launching. The app also features in-app purchases of $0.99.


The Importance of Memory at School and in the Workplace

Many people, from students to adults in the workforce struggle to keep up with their classes or workload due to difficulty in retaining the information they have learned. It is a struggle we know all too well. Retaining memory and information is linked to success even outside the academic premises.

Learn How to Download Fit Brain Trainer: A Research-Based Game to Improve Memory
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You always notice that things are much easier when you remember all the details. It is much easier to do complex tasks when you know how to do the steps that were instructed to you previously. This is the reason why having sharp memory is important to everyone.

There are a lot of strategies to help improve memory, focus, and concentration, and Fit Brain Trainer is just one of the many meaningful ways to do so. 

Fit Brain Trainer allows you to improve your concentration, calculation, both short-term and visual memory, and intelligence. It stimulates your focus and concentration.

Having a Good Memory

The ability to accurately remember things has always impacted our daily lives. It has helped us learn new things so we don't have to rely completely on others. Having a good memory means that you can be independent and increase your productivity and concentration within the office setting.

Having a good memory also affects our ability to concentrate. This allows for more focused attention which enables us to comprehend faster and even helps improve our memory. Having good focus and concentration is synonymous with having a good memory.

The app will help you retain important information by making the data more meaningful. It also helps you train your visual memory since humans are far more comfortable at remembering a picture with details than the information given in a lecture.

Features and Gameplay

There are three different features in Fit Brain Trainer apart from testing your memory through a pair matching game. 

Learn How to Download Fit Brain Trainer: A Research-Based Game to Improve Memory
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First, you can choose the Math feature where you will need to guess the sum of the numbers and pair them up. 

Meanwhile, the Details feature will let you pair two identical half images to make a complete whole. The Colors feature is the basic option where you will only be pairing two images based on their color.

Lastly, the Associations feature allows users to pair identical images through associative principle wherein logic is used to effectively train both your visual and calculative memory. 

Enhance Your Memory

Playing a memory game like Fit Brain Trainer not only helps enhance your memory. It also improves other brain functions like focus, attention, concentration, and more. These games are often used to improve critical thinking and help cultivate the widely important skill of attention to detail.

Fit Brain Trainer also helps with visual recognition. The main goal is to pair two identical images together whether they are of the same color, size, shape, or mathematical equation. Spotting differences in these images allow for visual discrimination which improves our ability to distinguish different images.

Memory games also help boost short-term memory which can also result in adjacently improving long-term memory and learning. Through memory games, individuals can learn quick thinking as well as good planning much like playing the game where you anticipate and plan your next move to identify and match identical images.

Different Difficulty Levels

The level of difficulty in Fit Brain Trainer is quite different from many memory games. 

Learn How to Download Fit Brain Trainer: A Research-Based Game to Improve Memory
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For one, the Math feature makes it far more interesting as players will have to match selected calculations and also make sure to remember each one to win the game. 

Remembering both at the same time will result in higher mental acuity and train both your visual and calculative memory.

Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress is easy with Fit Brain Trainer's table of records. Each time you win a game, the app saves the result and places it in a table of records where it is shown to you as a graph. 

The graph then shows you the level of difficulty that you have achieved from playing the game as well as allows you to track your best results and your entire progress.

Check out how you have improved over the weeks and months of playing the game by checking out the different results in the graph. The app allows you to track up to 10,000 games so you can always have a definitive record of your progress.

Playing Fit Brain Trainer Effectively

There are different kinds of moves that players can employ when playing memory games such as Fit Brain Trainer. Most of the time, players use the 2-card move wherein the player flips an unknown card and does so with another card in hopes of trying to match with the previous one.

Learn How to Download Fit Brain Trainer: A Research-Based Game to Improve Memory
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You then try to flip another card that you did not choose before to try and pick a match. The smarter move when it comes to this type of strategy is to use the 1-card move. Pick a card that you want to flip or unveil and select another to try and match the card. 

Use the same first card that you flip and select another one instead of flipping two different cards. This way, you have one card that is used as the basis for your move while also trying to flip another to search for a similar card.

Apart from using the 1-card move, there are far more interesting methods to solving memory games or effectively train your mind to remember certain details. One unique method is to incorporate a story behind the puzzle. Assigning a narrative to each card allows you to remember the details of those cards.

Different Methods to Solving Memory Games

Some players tend to use numerical shapes to help remember the details within the card. They attribute a certain shape to the image in the card such as numbers resembling them to animals or their favorite items to help them remember the details. 

Another is the journey method where you choose each item and link them to a specific location within your house so you can imagine getting them easily. In the same way that you link specific images from the game to areas in your own home, you can also link these images by assigning them with words that have similar sounds or meanings to the image. 

For example, if you see a boat image, you can link it to the ocean so you can always remember those images that have an ocean theme and group them. Grouping these items under a certain category will help you execute the 1-card move better.


Memory games such as the Fit Brain Trainer are essential to help us remember details at work or simply help us with our daily tasks. If you have difficulty concentrating in class or if your daily productivity at work is slowly becoming compromised due to lack of concentration and memory, it is time that you seek better ways to help improve your memory. 

And what better way to do so than by playing games with the Fit Brain Trainer.