If you have played CS: GO for the longest time and have hundreds of hours logged into the game and still find yourself in the lower ranks, it is time to make some big decisions and admit that you are doing something wrong in the game. 

CS: GO Competitive is a game that takes a lot of skill and a lot of time to master. 


Below, we have put together some of the best tips, including the best configuration for the game, resolution, video settings, and how to improve your game.

How to Get Better at CS: GO Competitive
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What Is CS: GO?

CS: GO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game and is the fourth game from the Counter-Strike franchise. 

CS: GO involves two teams, namely the Terrorists tasked to either plant the bomb or hold the hostages, while the Counter-Terrorists must prevent the bomb from being planted, defuse it, or eliminate all members of the terrorist group.


After each round, players gain a certain amount of money based on their performance from the previous round, with the winning team gaining more money than the losing team. Completing objectives also gives an extra reward. 

CS: GO has nine game modes, with Competitive being the most popular and the most highly competitive mode in the game.

Where to Download

CS: GO is currently available for download at Steam for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. Head over to the official Steam website and search for Counter-Strike Global Offensive and click on Play.


You may also download and install the Steam client and search for the game at the Store. Once the game is fully downloaded, click on Play to launch the game.

Best Config Settings

In this guide, we will provide you with the best settings to help you get the best performance for each game as much as possible. Those who are serious about the game will need to sort out all the settings before playing the game. 

How to Get Better at CS: GO Competitive
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First, you need to turn off Windows mouse acceleration since it changes the way your mouse cursor works and allows you to take full control of how your mouse moves. Turning this setting off will help you develop more control over your actions in the game. 

To turn it off, go to mouse settings on your computer, choose to change your mouse settings, and click on additional mouse options. 

Then, choose Pointer options and make sure that the Enhance Pointer Precision checkbox is left unchecked. Click Apply then Okay to disable this configuration and gain full control of your mouse when playing CS: GO.

Check Resolution and Video Settings

If you want to make sure that you always get the clearest resolution on your screen, always put your screen resolution to a clear 1080p. The aspect ratio is also essential as it affects what you see in the game. The best aspect ratio to play in the game is 16:9, but some use 16:10, especially when it comes to new generation monitors.

Having a clearer resolution and a good aspect ratio will help you see your enemies more clearly and be able to precisely aim your shot at them. Additionally, you also want your gaming experience to be as smooth as possible, so you need to make sure that you are also getting the best video settings for the game. 

Make sure that you play the game at Full Screen with your Laptop Power Savings disabled and almost every other detail, including Global Shadow Quality, Model/Texture Detail, Effect, and Shader Detail to Low settings.

Tips to Get Better at CS: GO

In a competitive game like CS: GO, it can sometimes be challenging to rank up. You will begin to realize that the game will test your wit, skill, and mettle to the extreme. There are many things to consider especially when you are trying to play the game at a very competitive level.

How to Get Better at CS: GO Competitive
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There are many factors that will affect how you play this first-person shooter game, and you will need all the help you can get. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can play CS: GO on a competitive level.

Knowing Each Team's Role

The game is played in two teams, and each of the teams has five players. Each player will have a role to play in the game, and both teams will have different objectives that will help them win the game. 

The most straightforward way to win a match is to eliminate all the other team members, but doing so might not be that easy, especially in a very competitive game like CS: GO. While you might want to eliminate all the enemy players, remember that the Terrorists are in possession of a bomb that can explode at any time. 

The Terrorist team will have bomb sites to protect, while Counter-Terrorists will need to guard these bomb sites before the other team gets to them and plants the bomb. If the bomb gets planted, the goal changes, and the Counter-Terrorist team will need to diffuse it before it explodes.

Practice with Your Aim

You will always need to practice your aim and how to use your weapon. This means that you will need to know the spray patterns, rates of fire, and the damage done by each weapon, among other things. 

How to Get Better at CS: GO Competitive
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All of this information will help you gain an advantage in the game and learn how to use a certain weapon against your enemies, especially during a duel. Learning how to aim will help you land your shots better and more accurately. 

It is much better to eliminate an enemy in a single shot than to use the entire clip to take 25 percent of their health. To learn how to use a weapon, make sure to try them during training and learn how to shoot from different distances.

Shooting at Enemies

In CS: GO, you can shoot through walls and boxes if you know their weak spots. Most of the time, players can shoot through the edges of walls, doors, and boxes while still maintaining cover. This is the perfect way to dish out damage without taking much damage from the enemies.

Learn the different areas of each map where you can do this, and be careful not to give too much information to the enemy. This will help you get an advantage in the game when you can eliminate at least one or two from the enemy team.

Use Grenades

It is a given fact that newbies in this game barely use one of the most powerful weapons in CS: GO - grenades. Needless to say, they even purchase one. If you truly want to become good at competitive CS: GO, it is time that you purchase and use grenades to their fullest effectiveness.

How to Get Better at CS: GO Competitive
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Each grenade that you throw can do more damage than any weapon combined. With so many types of grenades to choose from and so many uses during matches, you can only wish that there would only be grenades as weapons in this game. 

Learn how to use each type of grenade and when to use them during combat to increase your odds of winning the game.

Blind Your Enemies

Speaking of grenades, one specific type of grenade can easily win you a game. Flashbang is a great way to initiate a fight or if you want to enter into a dangerous area in the game. 

Players already at the bomb site have the positioning advantage; hence it is quite difficult for your team to enter the area, which makes flashbang all the more important grenades to use. Never enter an area without a flashbang at hand. 

You can even try to save your teammate from getting gunned down by throwing a flashbang during team fights. Everyone might get blinded, but it also gives you and your team time to reposition and change the course of the fight.

Dedicate Time to the Game

If you want to excel in this game, you will need to dedicate hours and hours of playing the game. Your whole life will have to change, and you will be missing out on some important aspects of your life. 

How to Get Better at CS: GO Competitive
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Those who want to go to a professional level will have to sacrifice a lot of their time to improve and become better at this game.

Talent might be an important factor in becoming good at this game, but dedication, perseverance, and patience are key to becoming competitive in CS: GO. Set up a daily practice schedule so you can also time your other activities for the rest of the day. 

Make sure to get enough sleep, drink water, exercise, eat healthy food, and keep a healthy mental state.

Be a Team Player

Many people would tell you that the game offers a very single-player experience, but it is also good to remember that the game's entire premise is all about teamwork. Whether you are playing the game solo or together with a friend, you will always work within a team; hence teamwork is always needed in this game. 

It isn't easy to play with others, especially if you are still new to the game, but the experience will let you learn a thing or two about teamwork.

Learn how to play with others and trust your teammates. Whether you think they are bad or you are better than them, the game should be played together as a team. Cover your team's weaknesses or play with your team's strengths if you truly want to excel in this game.


Ranking up in CS: GO competitive matches can be tough but not impossible to do. Only those that put in the extra hours to practice will have the hard-earned prize of getting to the top spot. 

With the right settings, the right mindset, and the skills, you should be on your way to becoming one of the top players in CS: GO.