Looking for an online role-playing game where you get to play a pirate and loot different islands? Look no further and play Grand Piece Online. Inspired by the anime One Piece, GPO is an online game within the Roblox platform where you join a crew of pirates or set out to stop one yourself.

For those of you that do not know, One Piece is a very popular Japanese manga series about a group of pirates exploring the deep blue sea.


In this article, we will tell you more about Grand Piece providing the game details, how to play it, and tips that will make beginners look like natural pirates.

Grand Piece - Discover How to Play
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What Is Grand Piece Online?

Grand Piece Online or GPO is a Roblox game developed by Grand Quest Games and is played much like a massive multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG. 

Players will get to meet, party, and quest together as you discover hidden islands across a vast ocean. Search for loots and scavenge for treasure chests together with your friends and crew. GPO lets you gather exotic fruits that unlock new abilities and enhance their effects. 


Challenge different bosses across different islands gather resources, and form crews to sail across the wide ocean. In this game, you can let your dream of being a pirate come true.

Getting Started

Once you have downloaded the game, you will need to log in to your account and get started. You will first need to customize your character. Select the gender of your character and choose a wide range of options for all the different features for your selected character.

Players get to choose the type of hair, the color of the shirt, pants, and shoes. One can even choose the height of the character and modify the skin, eyes, and mouth. With all the customization choices in the game, you can certainly create a unique-looking character that will stand out in the game.



Grand Piece Online has four major races in the game namely Humans, Skypian, Fishman, and Mink. All of these are available to choose from during the character customization menu. With all these choices, there are a lot of advantages for each race that you choose.

Grand Piece - Discover How to Play
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Humans are your regular characters in the game. While they do not have a lot of advantages, you can immediately create them without having to go through different requirements in the game. Skypians are rather rare in the game as they can develop wings that can help you glide through different terrain.

Fishman can increase 5 percent of their health and can learn Fishman karate which is quite useful in battle. The Fishman race does not lose when they are swimming unlike other races in the game. 

Lastly, the Mink race is rather special as they have increased stamina, have electricity-based attacks, and have access to additional stun chance on their attacks.


Once you are in the game, you will be placed in the center of the starter island where you get to meet other players alongside many different NPCs as well. Players will need to learn the different options and settings in the game. Fortunately, the interface is rather simple and can be accessed by pressing the letter M.

You have different options to choose from starting with Inventory where all of your items are stored in the game. This is where you can also access your weapons, loots, and many other items that you discover in the game. Make sure that you have enough space in your inventory so you can continue to gather different loots and resources.

Another interface that you need to be familiar with is the Stats page. There are different stats in the game such as Strength which gives increased damage while Stamina increases maximum stamina for your character. Defense increases health and block duration while the Devil Fruit stat will help you unlock the different Devil Fruit abilities and increase their power.

Quest System

Grand Piece Online offers different types of quests that will help you level up in the game. Questing also allows you to encounter different enemies as well as discover different areas in the game. These quests will help you level up much faster and gather enough items to help you get through some of the toughest levels in the game.

Grand Piece - Discover How to Play
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One easy quest that you can do is the Pick-Me-Up type of quest where you talk to the NPC and they require you to gather a certain amount of loot in the game. This is the easiest type of quest and will give you a good amount of experience and reward in the game. 

Players can also do Regular quests where you get to defeat certain foes or look for someone within the game. Boss Quests on the other hand are quite challenging especially during the later stages of the game. 

You will need to party with other players in the game to defeat certain bosses. However, at the start of the game, you can easily defeat the first boss and each boss will always have drops or items that will help you in the game.

In-Game Shop

The game also features an in-game shop where you can purchase different items that will help you in the game. Most of the items do not affect the way you play the game but enhance your experience instead. 

Grand Piece Online provides a good set of items available at the in-game shop. Some of these items include an experience boost that will help you level up faster in the game. This is quite helpful if you want to make it to the highest level as fast as you can. 

Another great item that you can find at the in-game shop is the Drop Rate item that increases the chance of items getting dropped.

Tips To Play

While Grand Piece Online is quite an easy game to play, there are still challenges that come with the game. Players who are new to the game will have to explore the game's features and the gameplay itself. 

Grand Piece - Discover How to Play
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Fortunately, the game is very easy to understand so you can always have a smooth-sailing experience. For those who want to excel at the game, there are several tips that you can apply to the game to help you get to the top. Here are some of the best tips when playing Grand Piece Online.

Do Quests

Questing is one of the best ways to level up faster in the game. In the beginning, you will need to do a lot of simple quests such as the Regular quests and the Pick-Me-Up quest. The quests begin to feel more challenging once you start to climb up in levels and there will be times that you will have to rely on your friends in the game to finish some quests.

For newbies, check out Raphtalia as soon as you land on the island. The quest is very easy to do and it will reward you with decent items. Next, you can do some Boss quests and receive rewards and items that are powerful enough to take on the next few levels of monsters in the game.

Don't forget to spam the quests on each island. Check out the quests on Desert Island until you reach level 30. You will know when to switch to another island when the monsters you encounter are becoming very easy to defeat.

Don't Buy Items Early

Never buy items early in the game. They are only a waste of precious resources. The game can provide you with good items through quests so make sure to make good use of those items.

Grand Piece - Discover How to Play
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Save your gold for other items that are powerful for farming. Items like Blackleg are great investments so make sure to save up on gold the moment you step on the island.

Look for Chests

As you move from one island to another, don't forget to explore the island and look for chests. Chests are scattered all over each island and it will take some time for you to find one. However, once you find one, it will spawn at almost the same place every 2 to 3 minutes.

Make sure to check out the chest spots on each island and collect all of them when you're exploring each island. Several spots within an island spawn chests so make sure to check them all out and remember all of them.

Get the Bazooka

Grand Piece Online has some of the best items and weapons. Most of the time, you will be relying on your sword or gun to deal damage but there will be rare items like the Bazooka that you can use to deal even more damage to enemies.

Grand Piece - Discover How to Play
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After level 30, you will get a quest that will reward you with a Bazooka. Make sure to finish the quest to get the powerful item. The Bazooka deals heavy damage and knocks back enemies which is great to disperse mobs that can overwhelm you.

Don't Forget Devil Fruits and Masteries

Devil Fruits are fruits that give the player unique abilities. There are different tiers of Devil Fruits and each of them has fewer spawn rates the rarer they become. One ability you develop when consuming Devil Fruits is the ability to swim. 

Devil Fruits spawn around once every 4 hours depending on the server but they spawn quickly during weekends. Make sure to gather them once they spawn and use them efficiently in the game.

Grand Piece Online has a mastery system that allows you to increase the damage of your chosen weapon. Don't forget to add points to your Gun Mastery to increase the damage of your ranged weapons. Increasing your Sword Mastery helps make your sword deal more damage as well as unlock new sword skills for your character.


Grand Piece is a well-defined online role-playing game where you get to experience becoming a pirate and scour different islands for treasure chests and acquire different weapons to make your character stronger. 

Scavenge the lands for treasure and rare fruits while hunting down different monsters in this wonderful online game within the world of Roblox.