Whether you are fresh on the court or an experienced baller, having some NBA 2K20 tips handy is always useful to keep track of the latest development. There are various gameplay mechanics and concepts to understand in this game, and knowing some key tips will help you win every time

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can become a better player in NBA 2K20. We’ll discuss some of the basic gameplay mechanics, as well as some more advanced tips to become the best player you can be. 

  • Master the Playbook
  • Be Conservative With Your Sprinting
  • When Defending, Stick to a Man
  • Use Evolution Cards
  • Use MyGM Action Points Wisely
  • Experiment With My Player
  • Shot Timing
  • Effective Dribbling
  • Roll and Pick
  • Stealing the Ball
Discover How to Get Better at NBA 2K20
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Master the Playbook

The first thing to do is download the game from the Google Play Store or from Steam. Next, we’ll start at the area where things matter the most, and that’s with gameplay.

Discover How to Get Better at NBA 2K20
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The AI in NBA 2K20 has been significantly improved when it comes to both your team’s abilities to work around you and the decision-making of the opposition. 

Whether you are trying to get an early lead or are heading into the clutch, making use of the Playbook in NBA 2K20 is an essential step.


This is how you get teammates to follow your command both on the offense and on the defense. 

Different Positions and Plays

You can play around with each of the various plays in teams in the menus, then initiate the team on the court by pressing LB or L1. 

This year, players are acutely aware of individual positioning.


So don’t hesitate to use the Playbook to get the AI to run an essential defensive or offensive play. 

Be Conservative With Your Sprinting

Charging back and forth down the court can be very tempting, whether you are trying to get back in front of the player you are trying to mark or are just trying to go on the fast break.

Discover How to Get Better at NBA 2K20
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But, sprinting non-stop will affect your player for the entirety of the game, so use the sprint button sparingly. 

This is particularly important in the first two quarters since over sprinting will cause you to suffer in the vital final moments of the match. 

You do not need to sprint to get back to the defense unless the opposition pursues a quick counter. 

Be Patient

Take your time and keep an eye on your marker so that you know where to go. 

Be patient when executing a set play when attacking the rim, or pass the ball around and look for an opening. 

In essence, strategize without wearing your player out and increasing their fatigue. 

When Defending, Stick to a Man

When playing NBA 2K20, a habit that many people fall into is switching to the player that is closest to the opposing player that is handling the ball.

Discover How to Get Better at NBA 2K20
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However, the improved AI in the game lets you trust your team and allows you to focus on the player that you are marking. 

Using the corresponding button, either L2 or LT, to keep close, forces the player to remain in a corner of your half-court or will draw him out of position. 

This will often break up the approach of your opponent in the process.

Pay Close Attention

L2 or LT applies pressure when faced with the ball handler. 

If the handler is outside of the D, try to keep your distance, or they will dive past you if a screen is in play. 

Some dribblers don’t need as much attention but pay close attention to the arrow beneath players like Kyrie Irving. 

Use Evolution Cards

The Evolution Card is one of the best additions to MyTeam. At the start of MyTeam, you will be offered a choice of five of these cards - Hakeem Olajuwon, Derrick Rose, Dirk Nowitzki, Tracy McGrady, and Vince Carter.

Discover How to Get Better at NBA 2K20
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Completing certain challenges will let you evolve a card of your choice, improving its badges and ratings. 

We recommend considering your overall on-court approach before you commit to your desired Evolution Card because once you have picked one of these cards, you will not be able to take it back. 

You’ll be stuck with that card, so be sure to do some thinking before making a choice. 

Which to Choose?

If you are a new player, the leadership and experience that Vince Carter provides can be highly beneficial. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a leader around the hoop, you would benefit from the priceless dunking ability that Olajuwon provides. 

Use MyGM Action Points Wisely

Action Points were recently introduced into MyGM, which help challenge you when you are making your daily decisions while also limiting where you decide to focus.

Discover How to Get Better at NBA 2K20
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When you take on a new franchise, you are offered the choice of choosing a difficulty level - the easier the mode, the more AP you receive. 

Knowing precisely where to use the Action Points you earn can be pretty stressful, but you can build trust by talking to your players. 

A simple conversation with your starting Point Guard can provide them with the performance boost they need. 

Have a Meeting with Your Boss

What’s more, having a meeting with your boss can offer you some pretty invaluable advice

Your assistant manager can also give you some tasks that they consider more important, so be sure to take a look at these if you’re still a little confused. 

Experiment With MyPlayer

In NBA 2K20, MyPlayer changes the way that you build your baller’s foundation, with new charts that provide information on the different ranges of statistics. 

Discover How to Get Better at NBA 2K20
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Ultimately, these will define the kinds of badges that you are able to earn. Certain combinations also limit the attributes you can upgrade.

It is vital that you dedicate some time to playing with different variations and accept that you will not be able to be perfect at everything. 

Certain combinations will make you a great playmaker and shooter at the cost of defensive categories. 

Suit Your Playstyle

Whether you are trying to simulate an NBA superstar or just want to suit your own playstyle, experimenting with this new system before you finalize your fictional player is essential. 

Shot Timing

Shot timing is really everything. If you want to be capable of scoring the majority of the shots you make, you will need to know how you should time your shots.

Discover How to Get Better at NBA 2K20
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But, each player has a different release time, at which point they will shoot their best shots

Stephen Curry and JJ Redick may both be fantastic three-ball shooters, though they both have vastly different timings when they release their shots. 

For just about any player in NBA 2K20, this is the case since everyone has a unique release timing and shooting technique. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Your best shot at landing shots with various players is practicing on the court and learning how individual players release the ball. 

While they might have great three-point shots in theory, if you are not up to par with your releases, you will find it hard to drain those shots. 

Effective Dribbling

There is no way that you’ll be able to put yourself and your players in good positions to score shots if you are not able to make the most of what’s in front of you when dribbling the ball up the court.

Discover How to Get Better at NBA 2K20
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This is why it is essential that you learn how to dribble effectively

Contrary to what you might believe, dribbling is not as simple as merely bringing the ball up the court. 

The ability to handle the ball effectively and efficiently while also evading will allow you to open up the court, thus providing you with a plethora of additional options for offense. 

Taking the Ball Up the Court

If you face a player that knows exactly what to do to take the ball up the court, you will notice how they will often be able to get into a great position to make a shot

Roll and Pick

In the game of attacking, simple shooting and passing won’t always work out.

Discover How to Get Better at NBA 2K20
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There is much more you will want to understand if you want to outsmart your opponent and secure those wins.

Making use of this skill will let you create space in the court’s attacking area.

This may allow you to perform uncontested shots or send the ball to a teammate who is in a more advantageous position. 

Tutorial on Playing

In NBA 2K20, the Roll and Pick is considered by many to be an advanced attacking movement.

To start this movement, hold LB/L1 to choose the pick. 

A teammate will move into the space in front of an opposing player, and by pressing the left stick, you will be able to adjust the angle at which the player who is blocking is standing.

Stealing the Ball

Lastly, but certainly not least, any attack comes from a good defense unless they have scored, which, ideally, will not be the case.

Discover How to Get Better at NBA 2K20
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Essentially, without the ball, you won’t be able to beat your opponent by scoring points. 

The best way to get the ball from the opposition is to steal the ball from them. 

In past editions, reasonable steals would result in reach-in fouls, but the balance has been restored in 2K20, much to many fans’ joy. 

Attempting a Steal

To attempt a steal, press the X/Square button on your controller. 

When you are crowding a dribbler, you will want to flick the Right Stick down


NBA 2K20 is one of the best games out there for basketball fans, and we recommend it to any fans of the sport

If you’re looking to improve your gameplay, then be sure to follow the tips mentioned above.