Pablo Picasso, the great Spanish painter once said "In the drawing, nothing is better than the first attempt." This statement holds true as creating an artistic impression is a kind of pride moment for anyone, whether you are skillful at it or not.

Draw Something Classic is a user-friendly application for playing fun drawing games. Join friends or family in taking turns drawing and guessing each other's silly doodles.


In this article, we're going to tell you everything you need to know about how the Draw Something app works, and how to download it, how to use its features to your advantage, and how to begin playing with your friends.

  • About Draw Something Classic
  • How to Play
  • Using In-game Assets
  • How to Download
  • How to Use Bombs Correctly
Draw Something Classic: Download this Fun Party Game App
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About Draw Something Classic

Draw Something Classic is an amazing piece of software especially and specifically built to fulfill the craze for art and drawing in the form of games. Regarded as the world's best drawing application, users can play with friends and family, or even players from around the world. 

Draw Something Classic: Download this Fun Party Game App
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Ever since its introduction, this fun and colorful game has managed to be in the limelight, and the app has even been in the good books of critics. The Guardian says, "The game has always been a winner from day one."


Draw Something Classic houses some of the phenomenal features that make the app a stand-out illustrative pack. Let us start with its simple and user-friendly interface – easy enough for children to play as well. You do not need to be a skillful artist to draw, doodle, and play creative games. 

Features of the App

The app features all colors of the rainbow to have fun drawing with. Users just have to practice drawing to unlock multiple color palettes. Along with the rainbow colors, users can also enjoy over 50 vibrant color variations. 

Another absolutely amazing feature is its guess mode, which helps to develop cognitive skills in children. Daily challenges are incorporated in the game in which you are required to guess curated artworks from other users, and ultimately win rewards.


How to Play

The perfect blend of creativity and fun, the Draw Something Classic game involves two players: the drawer and the guesser, who take turns to draw and guess the words at their leisure. To begin, you will be matched with another player, in which you will have to take turns drawing and guessing. 

Draw Something Classic: Download this Fun Party Game App
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The person drawing first will be given three random words, ranked by their difficulty level. These words will give you one to three coins if the guesser guesses it correctly. 

It's the drawer's responsibility to create a drawing that at least represents the word up to some extent. Once the drawer has finished his drawing, its guessers turn to guess the word correctly. 

The guesser fills their blank spaces with the scrambled letters. You get unlimited attempts to enter the correct word. 


Once the guesser makes the right guess, both players are awarded one to three coins depending on the word's difficulty level. 

If the guesser finds it difficult to make the correct guess, they can use bombs to eliminate the letters which are not part of the answer. Guessers can also pass to forfeit the game if they cannot guess the word. 

Additionally, Draw Something Classic is powered by an in-game leaderboard, where you earn a coveted place once you complete challenges. 

Using In-game Assets

The game provides you essential colors right at the beginning of the round. After winning rounds you can purchase other packs of colors with the coins you earn in the game. 

Draw Something Classic: Download this Fun Party Game App
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The packs of colors are the various shades of essential colors and named as festival colors, season's shades, holiday cheer, scarlet sun, passion paints, Jamaican summer, etc. All packs of colors will cost you 249 coins each.

Now coming to the prime asset of the game: coins. Users are provided with 100 free coins in the beginning. To purchase coins, users can either watch an ad that gives you 25 coins or spend real-life currency. 

You can earn 400 coins, 1,200 coins, 3,000 coins, and 10,000 coins by spending $1.99, $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99, respectively. 

Turn Off the Ads

The highlight of the application is that it is absolutely free to download, install, and chill out with your friends and family. However, do be warned that the free version is fully ad-supported. Ads will appear in the middle of your turns to draw and guess the words, which is very annoying for users.

But don't worry, if you wish to relish ad-free gaming, all you need to do is invite five of your friends to install the game. Once you invite your friends, you will get 60 days of ad-free gaming – isn't that great?

How to Download

Draw Something Classic is the best way to have a whale of a time at the comfort of home. The app was initially made for Android smartphone users has also been recently made available for iOS users. For Android users, head to the Google Play Store, and search for “Draw Something Classic” in the search bar. 

Draw Something Classic: Download this Fun Party Game App
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From the list of results, select the correct one to go to its app store download page. Once there, click ‘Install’ to begin downloading to your device. After the installation has completed, you can launch the app by clicking the ‘Open’ button.

For iOS device users, the app is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later, and can be found on the Apple App Store. Search for it in the search bar by the name ‘Draw Something Classic’ and selecting the correct option from the search result. Once on the app's download page, click ‘Get’ to begin the download onto your device.

This app offers in-app purchases, so be sure to review and confirm the permissions, if applicable, when requested during the downloading process.

Invite Your Friends to Have Fun

The app is an absolute genius when it comes to socializing – users can make new friends by linking their social media accounts to the game. Also, users can challenge their existing friends for a quick match, or even partner with new ones. 

Connect it to your Facebook account, and play with your Facebook friends who also have the app via the "Play with Friends" tab. Click on any name to challenge the friend, and begin drawing party.

Furthermore, a recent update to the game gives you the opportunity to save and share your drawings with a single click within the app. What's more? If your drawing is an amazing masterpiece, it could even be featured on the app's Facebook page.  

How to Use Bombs Correctly

The game is pretty easy, that even a kid can play it easily. But it would not be wrong to know few tips to master the game. So, below are few tips that will help you to enjoy the game even more. 

Draw Something Classic: Download this Fun Party Game App
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At the beginning of the game, users are given five bombs. As already mentioned above bombs can be used by the guesser to get rid of the letters that are irrelevant to the drawing. Bombs are a very useful asset of the game, which players often tend to spend in a hurry. 

Using bombs to eliminate the letters will allow you to guess the word correctly, but it would not help you develop your cognitive skills. Try guessing the words on your own, and use the bombs if it becomes almost impossible for you to take the guess. 

You can earn a bomb by watching an advertisement, or you can spend coins that you earn from the game. Users can purchase bundles of 5, 10, 20, or 50 bombs costing them 200 coins, 380 coins, 720 coins, and 1600 coins respectively. 

Easier vs Harder Words

Make sure to select the word options very wisely. Do not always choose the word with the highest difficulty level to earn more coins. This will leave you empty-handed if the guesser is unable to guess the answer correctly.

It is best to begin with easier words, and once you have achieved better drawing skills, then you can try your hand at harder words, in order to earn higher rewards. 

Key Takeaways

It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that creativity is a crucial aspect that lets one embrace the beautiful side of the world. It feels even more incredible when it can be cherished in an easy and fun way in the form of Draw Something Classic. 

Use the app today to connect with friends at home or around the world through this fun drawing game app. Practice your drawing skills so you can earn more and more rewards and make your partner's guessing much more successful.