Have you ever imagined joining the NAVY to board a battleship, plan attacks, and launch missiles towards the enemies, while defending yourself from their attacks? 

Well, there's a lot more to joining the NAVY than the excitement of battle. But with Battleship Online, you could sit at home and prepare for wars online. 


In this article, learn all about Battleship Online and how you can play.

  • All About the Classic Battleship Game
  • The Objective and the Gameplay
  • Battleship on Miniclip
  • Intergalactic Battleship
  • Battleship-Game.Org
Discover How To Play Battleship Online
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All About the Classic Battleship Game

Battleship is an immensely popular board game that is played all around the world. It is basically a two-player guessing game and was played on the physical board. 

Discover How To Play Battleship Online
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Over the years, the game has taken multiple forms, including board games, computer games and video games. The game tests your logical thinking and strategy-making capacities to the utmost level. 


The best part about battleship games is that you can even play a pencil and paper version of the game if you're stuck, which is how the game started!

The game dates back to World War I, however, the first-ever commercial version of the game was not published until 1931 by the Starex Company. In the 1930s and 1940s multiple other versions of the game were printed, consisting of pre-printed pads and pencils

From Paper to Board Game

Started as a pencil and paper game, Battleship got its first physical board form in 1967. It was released by Milton Bradley Company and is now produced and sold by an American multinational toy and board game company, Hasbro. 


The first-ever computerized version of the Battleship game came in 1979, which was specifically built for the Z80 Compucolor. Ever since, multiple digital versions of the game for platforms like PlayStation 2, Game Boy, Wii, and Xbox, have been released. 

In addition to that, a military science fiction movie titled Battleship was also released in 2012 that was inspired by the Battleship board game. 

The Objective and the Gameplay

The objective of the game is pretty obvious: try and sink all of your opponent's ships, and in the meantime save yours from their counterattacks. 

Discover How To Play Battleship Online
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Each player sets a fleet of five vessels on the board, either vertically or horizontally - diagonal placement is not allowed. It is also worth noting that you cannot overlap the ships. 

Both players have similar types of ship, namely aircraft carriers, battleship, destroyer/cruiser, submarine, and patrol boats. Each vessel occupies a certain number of squares on your board. 

The aircraft carrier sits in five squares, the battleship takes four, the destroyer and submarine take three holes each, and the patrol boat takes two holes. 

Attacking and Sinking Ships

Once the ships are positioned, the game goes for a turn-based play. Each player takes a turn to guess and call out the coordinates where they want to attack. The opponent then responds with a hit or miss as appropriate. 

When all the squares occupied by a ship are hit by the opponent, the ship has been ‘sunk’, and that player should announce "hit and sunk." When all the boats on one player's side are completely destroyed, the game ends with player with boats still active winning the game.

Even if you don't have the board game at home, you can play Battleship Online. Let's look at a few ways where you can find the game online

Battleship on Miniclip

Miniclip, launched in 2001, is a Swiss gaming site and the largest privately-owned gaming website in the world. The platform has developed and published over 1,000 games across multiple genres. 

Discover How To Play Battleship Online
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Miniclip transforms the classic board game Battleship into a modern video game. Equipped with modern weapons, the game provides a very unique way to enjoy the Battleship. The Miniclip version of the game uses the very basic principle of the Battleship game, however, it gives more options to attack in a turn. 

There are two sets of weapons: the standard and the special weapon. The standard weapon is a missile that is available to you at any time. Then, there are four different types of special weapons that are only accessible once you reach a certain rank. 

Battleship in Miniclip can be enjoyed free of cost. The game is great except for one thing – the continuous ads might annoy you. 


BoomBoomBoat is a beta version game but works smoothly on any operating system with a browser. The main draw of the game is that it has clean visuals and is fast-paced. Altogether, BoomBoomBoat provides an amazing gaming experience.

BoomBoomBoat provides multiple gameplay options. You can play with your friends on a private game, or against a random opponent assigned to you via the game's algorithm. Additionally, you also have the option to play the game against the AI running the game. 

Also, incorporated into the game is the in-game chat service, where users can chat with their opponent during the game. To play with a friend, tap on the option "Play with Friend" on the main page. You will then be given a link to share with your friend to connect to the game. 

Intergalactic Battleship

Developed and published by Y8, Intergalactic Battleship takes the battleship war to space. Locate and destroy the alien ships before they destroy yours in order to save planet earth from destruction. 

Discover How To Play Battleship Online
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Per the storyline, the earth is under attack from an outer space invasion, and your fleet of ships is the last line of defense. As the commander of the fleet, you have to do everything in your hand to stop the invasion as your fleet force is the last one standing between earth and annihilation. 

Besides the modern storyline, Intergalactic Battleship uses the original rules of battleship gaming. Drag and place your ships onto the grid and click on the enemy's grid to locate and destroy the enemy ships, and save the earth from total destruction. 

Unlike other games on this list, Intergalactic Battleship does not offer you multiple playing options – it is just you versus the AI.

Papergames Battleship

If you wish to play a colorful version of the classic Battleship game, the Papergames Battleship is probably your best option. Papergames brings you the classic version of the Battleship game – the paper and pencil version. 

In order to play Papergames Battleship, users must sign up for an account using their email account or Facebook account. You can type in a nickname, play every day, and earn the in-game coins. These in-game coins can be used to customize your account with funny avatars and emojis. 

Besides finding a virtual opponent and playing with a friend, Papergames also allows you to create a private battleship tournament and share it with friends via a unique link. It is also worth noting that the game is ad-supported and the ads will pop frequently. However, a premium plan offers ad-free play. 


Unlike the colorful version like Papergames Battleship, Battleship allows users to play the classic Battleship game. It is a simple 10x10 grid-based interface that resembles the classic board game version of the game. 

Discover How To Play Battleship Online
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The gameplay is also similar to that of the classic board game: randomly placing the ships on your grid, and attacking the opponents' fleet. The game also provides you the option to play with a friend or a random opponent. 

To play with a friend, you just have to click on "Friend" in the opponent section. Next, you will get a unique game link to forward to your friend. Then, both of you can enjoy the game – hitting and sinking each others' ships. 

Sea Battleship

Similar to the previous two games on the list, Sea Battleship provides the very old-school feel of a pen and paper battleship game. You can experience that right down with the rough drawings of the ships. 

The rules of the game stay the same, except for one - you have the option to employ a fleet of ten vessels in the 10x10 board. Other than that, standard Battleship rules apply. You have to hit all the grids in order to defeat and sink the ship. 

The HTML5 game is free to play. However, because of this, it is an ad-supported platform, which means the game will often be interrupted by ads popping up every now and then. 

The Bottom Line

To sum up, Battleship is an amazing game that helps you to improve your guessing and strategy-making capacity. Enjoyed for over 100 years, the beloved classic game Battleship has come from paper to board game and now to the online world to make playing more convenient and interactive.

If you've ever thought about what it would be like to see battle in the NAVY then maybe the classic Battleship game can provide you with the feeling of being a captain of a fleet.


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