With one of the best and realistic in-game experiences, 8 Ball Pool is highly liked, and most played billiard video games. Any billiard lover can be found playing this game and competing in this pool simulation.

There is much to achieve in the game of 8 Ball Pool. Players will find this game progressing and get better with time with its intelligent interface, which ranks players according to their performance and provides fair and competitive matchmaking.


You certainly do not have to know about pool to play the 8 Ball Pool. Beginners can quickly learn to play with its user-friendly features such as visual direction lines, which help to cue and pot impossible shots.

8 Ball Pool - Learn Some Strategies to Win
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What Is 8 Ball Pool?

Every 8 Ball Pool player will be asked to create a user id when they download and play 8 Ball Pool for the first time. There will be few options available to logins from, such as login from Google, Miniclip, Facebook, or Twitter. 

8 Ball Pool - Learn Some Strategies to Win
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A user id is essential because it will contain a record of your progress, performance, and inventory. 8 Ball Pool features level-based progression for its users. As many wins the user will achieve, they will be awarded a higher consecutive level, unlock different playable features, such as upgraded cues and tables. 


Another use of the level feature is fair online matchmaking. In 8 Ball Pool, players can compete against each other worldwide, earn coins and gain a new level if they achieve victory. The online competition makes the game much more exciting and realistic. 

With the level feature, the game finds you a suitable opponent according to your level, which means that your opponent will have a similar level to yours.


Before finding an opponent, the player must select the number of coins to put at stakes according to the location. For example, if you choose London, the entry fee is 25 pool coins, and the prize coins are 50 if you win the match, Sydney with 100 entry fees and 200 prizes, and so on. 


If you have enough coins to bet on your win, you can enter a more prominent location with a larger number of entry fees. 

Once the player learns to play and compete at one-on-one competition, they can also participate in a tournament to compete at a series of knockout rounds until two finalists are left. The entry fee of a tournament is higher, and so are the prize coins.

How To Play 8 Ball Pool?

First-timers will better understand the game rules and physics after a couple of games as it is relatively easy in the first few games. 

8 Ball Pool - Learn Some Strategies to Win
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Once a suitable opponent is found, the game will start with a pool table with 16 balls, of which one ball will be the cue ball of white color, one eight ball which is black, and the rest of them will be dots and solids. The cue ball will always be the ball used to hit other balls on the table. One of the two players will be randomly selected to start the play and break the cue. 

The balls will be arranged in a triangle pattern, and the first shot will be taken with a cue ball to break the arrangement and disperse all the other balls across the table. If the player pots either of the dots or solids, they will have to pot the next remaining solids or dots in the next turn. 

The potted ball's color in the second turn will decide if you get to pot either solids or dots for the rest of the game until only the 8 ball is left on the table. For example, the player ends up potting any ball, either dot or solid, breaking the cue, but that will not count until you pot either a dot ball or a solid ball. 

Opponents Turn

Let's suppose the player pots a dot ball in the second turn. Now the player has been given the color dots, which means they must hit all the dot balls and avoid hitting the solids. Otherwise, they will get a foul. 

Potting the opponent's ball must be avoided at all cost; otherwise, you will end up getting a foul, and the opponent will be an advantage as they will have fewer balls left to the pot.

What Else Is There to Know?

Every time you pot a ball, the next turn will be yours. A skillful player might pot their ball in every turn and end up winning the game. Understanding the rules and fouls of the game is very important in 8 Ball Pool. 

8 Ball Pool - Learn Some Strategies to Win
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If you break the pattern in the first turn, you will be allowed to move the cue ball anywhere in the white space on the left side. If you pot the cue ball, you will get a foul, and the opponent will be given the cue ball in their hand, which means that they will be able to place the cue ball anywhere on the table and take their shot upon which the opponent will be at an advantage. 

On an Android mobile phone, you can place the cue ball by just dragging the ball and place it anywhere you want. There are three situations where a foul is given, and the other player is awarded a ball in hand. In each turn, you have a short period of time to take your shot. With each pot, the time gets short. 

If you take too long and the time runs out, your opponent will be given the next turn with a cue ball in hand. If you take a shot and the cue ball hits the opponent's ball or even misses altogether to hit any ball, a foul will be received. If neither the cue ball nor the rest of the ball fails to hit the sides of the table, the player will get a foul.

Plotting The Balls

Potting the 8 ball before potting all your other balls is the biggest foul, which will result in ending the game, and the win will be awarded to the opponent. If all the colored balls have been potted and you end up potting the cue ball along with the 8 ball, the game will end. 

Potting any ball and the 8 ball in one shot will also result in a foul. When it is time to pot the 8 ball, you will have to select a single pocket among all the other pockets to pot the 8 ball. 

If you pot the 8 ball in an uncalled pocket, it will result in a foul, and the opponent will be awarded the win.

How to Download 8 Ball Pool?

8 Ball Pool can be easily downloaded from the google play store. All you have to do is visit the play store and type "8 Ball Pool" in the search bar. Select the 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip and press the green install button. 

8 Ball Pool - Learn Some Strategies to Win
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Wait until the application has been downloaded and installed, and it will be ready for you to play.

Create Profile

After downloading the application, you will have to create a profile for yourself. You can link this profile to your social media account or your email address.

Tips For Success And Other Strategies

8 Ball Pool features a spin option to select the ball's spin direction by placing the red dot on the ball. The cue ball will move in the direction of the red dot after hitting the colored ball. 

8 Ball Pool - Learn Some Strategies to Win
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This feature is used to move the cue ball in a position where the opponent cannot reach their color ball. Buying new cues with better performance can help improve your skills considerably. Each cue has its unique performance, which consists of force, aim, spin and time. 

Another massive performance-enhancing hack that 8 ball players found out about is using a ruler for extending the guidelines. You can use a ruler and place it on the guideline to get a better idea of the direction in which the ball will go in. 8 Ball Pool offers various ways to earn coins for free. You can earn 25 coins every hour. 

All you have to do is press the free coins button to get the free coins. Short adverts can also be watched will award you with free coins. Other than that, one pool of cash is awarded each time you level up.


8 Ball Pool also has mini-games through which you can easily win free pool coins and use them to buy new and better-performing cues, new tables, and different colors. There are three games, spin and win, scratch and win, and lastly, Hi-Lo. 

In spin and win, you get to spin a wheel and win exciting prizes, which are rare too. Cues and pool coins can be won daily by just logging into 8 Ball Pool every single. In scratch and win, you have to scratch three cards, which should match. 

The chances to win are slightly lower than spin and win, but the prizes are much better. In Hi-Lo, you have to guess if the next number will be higher or lower. You can easily win up to 250000 pool coins.


The 8 Ball Pool is all about training and eventually getting better. With hundreds of thousands of players online and competing against each other, the rivalry is heavy at higher levels. 

In 8 Ball Pool, you will never be the best, and there is always room for growth. With its fun and exclusive updates, the game is getting better every year, making the gameplay even more exciting.