Golf games usually offer realistic gameplay and use real laws of physics to make sure that the game is as authentic as possible. There are even golf games that professionals use to practice. 

On the other hand, there are also silly golf games that you can play with friends. One of the best golf games that you can play while you are with your friends is Outlaw Golf. Outlaw Golf is a golf simulator game with a mature theme. 


It is geared towards young adults who want to have fun at parties or gatherings. Learning how to play Outlaw Golf is fun and easy. If you want to know more about the game, find out how to play Outlaw Golf here.

How to Play Outlaw Golf Here
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Game Premise

Outlaw Golf is a golf game that allows you to step into different kinds of criminals, ex-cons, wannabe rappers, and many other characters. 

You will be competing in 30 tour events. Winning each event will unlock another character that you can use as well as better equipment to help you win more games.


The items also help improve your character's skills hence winning each event is an important factor. The thing about Outlaw Golf is that if you play like a pro, the game gets easier for you. 

However, if you play badly, you might end up suffering more as the game becomes even tougher.

Gameplay and Features

Game Modes

Outlaw Golf features three very distinct courses. You also get a driving range, a chipping challenge, and a putting green. 


Many of these areas are very challenging even for seasoned players out there so you can always put in a lot of effort into playing the game. 

The game also supports online and offline multiplayer of up to 4 players at once apart from the single-player mode. 

Real Physics

Outlaw Golf prides itself as one of the few zany console games with a very ridiculous premise to use real-world physics into its gameplay. 

Many other console games allow you to push two or more buttons to swing the club. This game uses a "True Swing" mode by holding down the C-stick and moving it forward just like swinging the club.

The power of the stroke is determined by a power meter. Any slight deviations of the angle will cause the club and the ball to make changes. With its very sensitive and realistic approach to gameplay, Outlaw Golf is a cut above the rest.

How to Play Outlaw Golf Here
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Composure System

The game also incorporates a composure system that will affect the skill and accuracy of your character. Professional golfers know that emotions, especially anger play a huge role in the way you play the game. 

Outlaw Golf has a system that starts in the middle and the more you take a bad shot the more your strength decreases. That affects your accuracy hence keeping a positive composure is vital to your game.

Caddies in this game are your stress reliever. If you find yourself losing a lot of composure, you can target your aggression at them at any given time. This will relieve your character from the negative composure and allow it to neutralize.

Well Thought Out Characters

One of the main draws of Outlaw Golf is its myriad of interesting characters. Each character has their own specific skill sets and differs from one another. 

The best thing about this game is that you can play the game using one character and finish the game then start over using a different character.

The game is designed to be played with one character at a time. There are still so many things to unlock in this game even after you have already finished playing all modes with just one character. 

Completing each mini-challenge and the tour mode through one character is a different experience from the other. 

Where Can You Find the Game

 Outlaw Golf is available for the Xbox, GameCube, and Windows PC.


Outlaw Golf is one of the best golf games to have been produced not only for its use of realistic physics and composure system but for its sheer fun experience. 

The game offers a wild and crazy cast of characters that make playing even more fun.