Violent, graphic, and most importantly fun. The Grand Theft Auto series has been one of the most exciting and most fun series of games that has ever graced our consoles and computers. The game has always been at the center of a controversy regarding its blatant integration of graphic violence in its games.

The first game might sound tame compared to what came after. The entire premise of the game might sound very basic at best but it's the utter chaos and its wide variety of kooky characters that make up the game. In its entirety, GTA is known for its blood-splattering mayhem and some graphics that you would truly wish your parents wouldn't see you playing at times.


Here are some of the most controversial moments of the entire franchise that you shouldn't be seen by any parents.

See the Moments of GTA that Shouldn't Be Seen by Parents
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Assaulting Prostitutes

Grand Theft Auto became prominent for its depiction of the real world. Set in a fictional world, its cities and other regions take heavy inspiration from cities like Los Angeles and Miami. In this instance, these cities come to life at night when prostitutes roam around to earn cash from the player.

See the Moments of GTA that Shouldn't Be Seen by Parents
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In some games from the series, you can hire a prostitute. They often come over to your car and agree upon some certain rate. The prostitute would later ride on your car and you can take her anywhere you like and when the time comes, you'd pretty much enjoy your time together in a shaking car.


While the game does not depict any sexual act, it is still quite mature for young ones to play. Players get to top off their health after doing the deed with the hired prostitute and you would have to pay a huge amount of cash. However, it wouldn't be Grand Theft Auto if there wasn't any violence involved.

Players can take back the money from the prostitute by violently assaulting the poor woman until she gives up the money. Others end up living their murderous desire by killing the prostitute and then take the money. The game has never shied away from violence with women hence the Adults Only rating for the games.

The Evisceration of Molly Schultz

In GTA V, players get to meet Molly Schultz, a lawyer and an associate of a wealthy billionaire that you come across with. The game takes a violent turn when Molly makes a run to the airport as she is mistakenly being chased by the player. The chase leads her to the airport hangar where she runs right in front of the airplane turbine where she gets eviscerated.

See the Moments of GTA that Shouldn't Be Seen by Parents
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Truly a sight to behold, her demise became one of the most gruesome onscreen deaths within the series. Some might say that her death is ridiculous in nature but it is still within the realm of how the world of GTA functions.

One Man Rampage

The first two GTA games were by far very tame in terms of mayhem and chaos. It wasn't until the third game that players were able to take full control of their character's fate and lived through their desires for violence. It was probably around GTA III that players discovered that they were able to use weapons against innocent civilians.

See the Moments of GTA that Shouldn't Be Seen by Parents
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And thus the one-man rampage began. Players would simply drive to an area where civilians were around and start a shooting rampage. They would use machine guns or simply use sharp knives to do away with their desires while others would use chainsaws or use cars to drive through a crowd.

Of course, the game would not let you do away with all the chaos without consequences. The police would immediately swarm you for causing such a scene and it would be up to you to fight to the death, surrender, or begin a chase.

Full Frontal

While the game was very fond of showing violence, it wasn't until the fourth game's DLC that the franchise truly lived up to its name when it showed gratuitous male nudity. However, it wasn't everything that players were looking for as the scene involving an older more mature Congressman named Tom Stubbs. 

See the Moments of GTA that Shouldn't Be Seen by Parents
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The scene takes place within a massage parlor where our protagonist gets to meet the politician in his birthday suit.Players were shocked to see the naked man in his full glory while delivering his monologue. You surely do not want to be caught by your parents while this is on. It was both shocking and unexpected, to say the least.

Hot Coffee

Probably the most controversial scene in the entire GTA franchise was the Hot Coffee mess. It resulted in class action and was even featured in major news outlets all over the country. Rockstar Games had to work fast to remove the scene from the game.

For those who are curious, the scene involved our protagonist Carl as he enters the home of one of his girlfriends. Players would get to tease and seduce the woman and if successful, the player would have the option to engage in sexual activity with the girlfriend.

However, that was not the case with this scene. Players are also able to synchronize pressing buttons to keep the rhythm and get her more excited. While there was no nudity involved, it was truly one of those parts that made it clear that kids are not supposed to be playing such a type of game hence the adult rating of the game.


Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto have made a name for themselves as notorious for being quite naughty when it comes to their games. 

The company might have done some missteps along the way but they are surely not shy about one-upping themselves when it comes to violence and mayhem. Truly one of the reasons why the entire franchise should be kept away from children and teenagers alike.