Strange Brigade is one of the few co-op third-person shooter games that rely heavily on your ability to communicate with teammates. The game is even more fun when you are playing with friends because you can communicate better.

From wrestling giant spiders to beating down skeletons, you and your team will need to work together. That is required if plan on surviving an onslaught of creatures heading your way.


Strange Brigade incorporates action, horror, and adventure themes. The large emphasis on players working together cannot be stressed enough as you will need all the help that you can get to finish this game. 

Check Out the Action-Packed Game Strange Brigade
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If you are looking for a good time with friends shooting down monsters and solving puzzles, Strange Brigade is the game you need to play. Here's some information that you can use to start the game right.


Strange Brigade follows the story of a team of British Secret Service agents. They are tasked to prevent archaeologist Edgar Harbin, who has discovered a hidden tomb of an ancient evil spirit, from releasing his evil power.  


The game is set in the backdrop of the 1930s where the team must eliminate Seteki, the spirit that was released from the tomb discovered by Harbin. 

They must fight through hordes of mythological creatures together and fend off the impending apocalypse. The game is a third-person shooter that was developed and published by Rebellion Developments. 

Strange Brigade heavily emphasizes the team aspect of teamwork and cooperation as all four playable characters bring unique attributes to the team. Players can also choose from a wide array of weapons and abilities to help them in the game.


Features and Gameplay

The game features different levels that require exploration. This highly encourages players to roam around the open world and discover many different environments. 

Within the environment are different puzzles that need to be solved. Players also unlock new weapons by finding treasure chests and collecting gold. 

Relics are also acquired after solving puzzles. These relics can be used to unlock the amulet power where it is siphoned from the souls of enemies.

Check Out the Action-Packed Game Strange Brigade
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Tips to Play

Don't Be Afraid to Explore

The first thing that you have to do to fully understand and experience the game is to explore its vast world. Each level in Strange Brigade offers a lot of space for exploration. Look for hidden collectibles, treasure chests, and gold.

Explore all the hidden areas within the level. Some items are also tucked away so it will require you to search every spot within the area. You will thank yourself for searching within those spots as those items can come in handy later on in the game.

Take Advantage of the Characters

Strange Brigade offers different characters with different advantages in the game. While most characters simply offer more survivability, there is one specific character that provides more utility. 

Archimedes offers more than the regular characters in the game. As you explore the different areas in each level, you will notice that some doors cannot be unlocked and only 

Archimedes can open specific doors. Most of the time, these doors hide runes or books that are also very important and play a significant role in your arsenal.

Never Forget to Communicate

As a team cooperative game, playing the game with multiple other players will require you to communicate properly. 

Each member of the team will have to voice out what they want to do and decide before hordes of creatures descend upon you. Communicate with each player on the team and let them know what is going on.

There are also specific times that you will have to work together to defeat specific creatures. Sometimes, you will have to act as bait to get the attention while others try to shoot monsters down. 

The beauty of playing Strange Brigade is that it will always remain as a co-op game.

Where to Get the Game

The game is currently available for Windows PC on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.


Strange Brigade offers a pretty good time when you play with your friends. Whether you are raiding ancient tombs or fending off undead monsters, you and your friends will have to work together to succeed. 

With such emphasis on teamwork, Strange Brigade isn't just fun, it helps you work on some social skills as well.