A new battle royale game has entered the industry, but this time, it bears one of the most arguably massive brand names, namely Call of Duty: Warzone. The game has been released for over a year now, and it has shown no signs of stopping with its high octane action and powerful strategies. 

At the hands of skilled players, Warzone becomes an increasingly strategic game and one of the best free royale games. The game offers you new features and a different take on the genre; there are many significant differences between Warzone and your typical battle royale game. 


With over 30 million players getting ready for battle, there is more to come in Call of Duty: Warzone in the coming months. Check out the following to learn more about the game:

  • The Game-Changing Free-to-Play Battle Royale
  • New Features, Better Gameplay
  • Dominate Call Of Duty: Warzone
  • Cut Your Parachute
  • Carry Extra Armor
What's New In Call Of Duty: Warzone And How To Enjoy The Best Free Royale Game
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The Game-Changing Free-to-Play Battle Royale

Experience what has been the game-changing free-to-play battle royale game of the year with Call of Duty: Warzone. This massive battle royale game can accommodate up to 150 players as you jump into the world of Verdansk and straight into the action. 

What's New In Call Of Duty: Warzone And How To Enjoy The Best Free Royale Game
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Upon landing, you are immediately thrust into battle with little time to think. In this game, your sole mission to be the last operative standing to win the map. 


Taking place in a massive metropolis called Verdansk, the game features landmarks such as the Gorengard Lumber Yard and many more environments that players can take advantage of. 

From the sprawling rural areas to the streets of downtown, get the better lay of the map and be able to take advantage of what the land has in store for you.

Where To Download The Game

Call of Duty: Warzone is available to download for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. Load the official website and click on Play Free Now and select your platform. 


Check the system requirements and see if your PC can handle the game for those who plan on downloading it on their PC.

Click on Play For Free to begin the download process. You will also need to sign up for an account to log in to the game once the download and installation are done.

New Features, Better Gameplay

There are a lot of new features being offered in Call of Duty: Warzone. New vehicles such as the two-seater ATV or the four-seater Tactical Rover offer good offense while SUV provides good protection. Players can also use helicopters to fly across the map or use the cargo truck to transport their whole squad or your equipment.

What's New In Call Of Duty: Warzone And How To Enjoy The Best Free Royale Game
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New mechanics are also introduced into Warzone, especially in the Battle Royale mode. One of which is the Gulag, where you will be taken as a Prisoner of War after your first elimination. 

You will be fighting with another eliminated player for a chance to get back into the main game, or else wait for your squad to earn enough cash to bring you back.

Buy Stations are also scattered across the map, where you can spend your in-game cash for items that will bring more advantage to you. Get self-revive kits or redeploy your teammates into the battlefield with the use of the Buy Station.

Main Game Modes

You can play Warzone in two different game modes. One of which is the popular Battle Royale, where you parachute into Verdansk as you try to eliminate other players while trying to survive the deadly gas that is slowly taking over the city. 

Queue by yourself or with your friends and form a squad to have a better chance at survival.

In Plunder, players must race against time to earn the most cash by looting across the map or eliminate other players and stealing their cash. Players may also try to complete different in-game contracts and earn more cash. The player with the most cash before the match ends wins the game.

Dominate Call Of Duty: Warzone

Dropping into Verdansk is like going into the war. Most players might not know what they are going into, especially new players. Beginners are far more prone to making mistakes, unlike seasoned players who have invested a lot of time playing the game.

What's New In Call Of Duty: Warzone And How To Enjoy The Best Free Royale Game
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This is why learning some tips to help you dominate Warzone is key to your overall success. Here are some of the top tips to help you become a better Warzone player.

Choose A Good Landing Zone

Always check the map before you choose where you land within Verdansk. From the moment the cutscene starts, you can bring up the map to see where you want to land. The map will also let you know where the gas circle will start to appear.

While many might want to start as far away from the gas circle as possible, it is much better to start somewhere between or close to the edge. This is the perfect place to start since there won't be many players who want to drop close to the gas circle

As soon as you get better in the game, there will be far more tactical landing zones that you can choose but as far as beginners go, take the options that are halfway between the safest area and the edge of the gas circle as a starting point.

Cut Your Parachute

Speaking of landing, many players have tried to find a good way to land as fast as possible or even get an advantage while dropping from the plane. Players immediately pop their parachutes and cut them off after a few seconds, so you fall quicker than your opponents. 

What's New In Call Of Duty: Warzone And How To Enjoy The Best Free Royale Game
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Make sure that you pop your parachute again before you hit the ground or run the risk of having your entire body splatting on the ground. You can even try to pull out your handgun and get a few shots off on your opponent's midair. 

Even if it is just a bit of an advantage, you must do whatever it takes to get that lead. You may even try to drift from side to side to delay your landing if you see many people landing in a specific area.

Prioritize Your Loadout

Now that you have landed safely into an area where you want, the priority is to use all the weapons and gears available to you while also find new weapons. You are most likely to perform well if you can complete your loadout. 

Make sure to prioritize getting those items first before anything else, but if you don't have the luxury, make good use of your current gear. Get at least $10,000 cash and make your way to the nearest Buy Station. 

Purchase all the weapons that you want since you'll be needing them later on in the game. Getting the best loadout should be your priority, whether you plan on going solo or work in a team.

Carry Extra Armor

Warzone has a different mechanic when it comes to health. You can regenerate your health once you are out of combat. This makes armor the next best thing when you are in the middle of a fight.

What's New In Call Of Duty: Warzone And How To Enjoy The Best Free Royale Game
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Armor gives a bit of defense and survivability as it protects you from critical damage. Each piece of armor has around 50 health, and you can carry at least three. Make sure to carry extra armor to pad yourself up while you are in the heat of the battle.

Practice Patience

Many seasoned players might tell you to eliminate as many players as possible once you have your full loadout and gain that extra armor. That might be the case if you are already experienced in this game. For beginners, patience is required if you want to survive in this game.

Shooting people left, and right will only alert other players of your position. You may even miss some shots, which allows them to take cover or fire back at you. This can be quite bad for a beginner so make sure that you are prepared for retaliation in case this happens.

The best way to handle situations like this is to have patience. Take proper cover, make sure you are obscure from your enemy, and then wait until they are in position. Take the shot as soon as you are ready, and you feel that you can make the kill.


From the moment Call of Duty: Warzone was released, we all knew the game was going to be something very special and very different from many other battle royale games. The new features and gameplay are a refreshing take from a genre that is slowly becoming stale. 

With all the fancy new features, you should make sure to follow the tips mentioned above and avoid making mistakes to help you earn more wins in Warzone.