If you are looking to share your gameplay with the world and potentially make some money doing so, you’re going to want recording software. There is plenty of this software on the internet, which can make choosing one quite challenging

We’re going to take a look at some of the most effective gameplay recording software in the world to help make your decision a little easier. If you’re looking to share your gameplay across platforms, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for more. 

  • VideoProc
  • DemoCreator
  • EaseUS RecExperts
  • Bandicam
  • Gecata
  • Action!
  • ShadowPlay
  • FBX
  • OBS Studio
  • Gamecaster
How to Record Gameplay to Share Across Platforms
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Wondershare is responsible for plenty of products, but their quantity certainly does not outweigh their quality. 

How to Record Gameplay to Share Across Platforms
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All of Wondershare’s products are rich in features and are very useful, and DemoCreator is no different - it’s a tool that makes it super simple for you to record gameplay and edit them professionally. 

DemoCreator allows you to choose to record your sound from your webcam, microphone, and even the system to have the best possible experience while watching it. 


This is very useful for your viewers, especially if you are talking to your friends online during the game.

Editing Your Videos

Your viewers will be able to gain a better understanding of what is going on in your game. 

After you have finished recording your gameplay, you’ll be able to take the footage to the editing screen and add effects, text, and other fantastic elements to personalize your video. 



VideoProc by Digiarty is one of the best game recording software that is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to Record Gameplay to Share Across Platforms
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It is a lightweight yet powerful video processing tool that allows you to record your computer screen, audio, and webcam while gaming. What’s more, you can also edit your gameplay. 

With VideoProc, you have the options to choose the recording areas, add annotations with texts, and make highlights while recording the gameplay to help you show off your gaming skills better. 

If you’ve experimented with recording gameplay, you know how frustrating lags can be, but that won’t be a problem with VideoProc.

Green Screen Recordings

The best thing about VideoProc is that it supports recording with a green screen.

This allows you to create a kind of talking head effect without the background during the process of recording. 

Unlike similar software that only supports MP4 SD recordings, VideoProc allows you to record in full 1080p.


Bandicam was made specifically for gamers and allows you to record footage in 4K Ultra-HD video quality without any hitches.

How to Record Gameplay to Share Across Platforms
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This software is considered one of the best on the market, and rightfully so. It comes packed with features that make recording and sharing your gameplay a dream. 

You can record a number of 2D and 3D games, including League of Legends, Minecraft, PUBG, and Roblox. 

What’s more, if you are playing flash or browser-based online video games, Bandicam allows you to record that as well.

About the Performance

Bandicam makes sure that you won’t experience lag when you are recording.

This is a great benefit since many other recording software is a complete mess and causes freezing on your screen every now and then. 

One of the things that make Bandicam great is that it uses an H.264 encoder that is hardware-accelerated to enhance its performance

EaseUS RecExperts

With EaseUS RecExperts, you can capture your webcam, a certain window, or your whole screen. 

How to Record Gameplay to Share Across Platforms
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The software provides you with the option to record system sounds and even your external voice connected to your microphone, giving you a clean chat for gameplay recording.

This makes it a very comprehensive software. Like the previous software, after you have finished recording with EaseUs, you can take your footage to the editing screen.

You can add any effects of your choice, including text, arrows, and plenty of other effects. You can also record 2D/3D games in 4K Ultra-HD resolution. 

Formats and Usage

What’s more, you are able to record your content in a number of different formats, including AVI, MP4, and MOV. 

The great thing about EaseUS RecExperts is that it is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems - Linux users will unfortunately not be able to use this software.


Gecata, which was developed by Movavi, is a simple, free, and lightweight game recording software for Windows - macOS users, you, unfortunately, won’t be able to use this software.

How to Record Gameplay to Share Across Platforms
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The developers have tested it with the most popular games in the world, ensuring that they are compatible with all of them. 

When using Gecata, you can stream and record at the very same time, so any of your viewers who were not able to tune into your stream will be able to catch up on it later through the recording. 

When you are recording gameplay, you can even display a real-time miniature webcam feed of you on the screen, allowing viewers to see your face. 

Uncompromised Gameplay

Doing that can be a great way to build a personal connection with your audience; you can be assured that your gameplay will not be compromised when recording it. 

What’s more, it will run at 4K resolution and at 120FPS - there are plenty more features to this software!


If you are looking to share and record high-quality gameplay videos, live streams, and screenshots, then ShadowPlay is the software for you. 

How to Record Gameplay to Share Across Platforms
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It was developed and released by NVIDIA, which is one of the leading developers of graphics processing units in the world, so it makes sense that they would release gameplay recording software. 

You are able to capture your screen in astonishing 8K quality in 30FPS or in 4K quality in 60FPS. The ShadowPlay software is accelerated.

This means that you can keep it running in the background without having to worry about it slowing down your computer and other processes. 

Awesome Features

One of the best features of this gameplay recording software is that you can replay the last 30 seconds of your gameplay just by pressing a single hotkey. 

This is especially useful when you are not recording your screen but still want to capture that incredible moment that just happened in your game. 


Action! is another exclusive gameplay recording software for Windows that was developed by Mirillis. It is super simple and user-friendly that has a stylish interface, which is very straightforward to use. 

How to Record Gameplay to Share Across Platforms
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You are able to record your PC, gaming console, webcam, television broadcasts, or cam recorder with just a few clicks.

Action! comes packed with plenty of features, such as a green screen mode to change the background. 

You can record an area of your choice to maintain privacy for the other windows on your screen, and you can stream gameplay directly to popular platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube. 

Quick and Easy Recordings

One of the best features that Action! comes with is the ability to save your best gameplay moments instantly with the press of a single hotkey. 

You can record microphone audio, in-game sounds, and even music, and after you have finished recording, you can edit it within the tool to add effects. 


FBX is a very simple software that allows you to stream, record, and save highlights of your gameplay and is a great option for those who are just getting into recording and sharing your gameplay. 

How to Record Gameplay to Share Across Platforms
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With just one hotkey, you can capture great clips instantly, so you don’t miss any of your best action. 

You can leave FBX to record continuously in the background and carry on playing your game smoothly.

The software adjusts to your bandwidth accordingly, making it a great option for someone who does not have the best computer specifications. 

Any Computer Will Do

Even if you do have a lower-end computer, there is a very high chance that you will still be able to stream and record without any problems.

This is fantastic news for anyone out there. 

FBX allows you to add captions to your clips and edit them, and you can even include stickers and GIFs. 


If you are looking for another excellent free game recording software with live streaming capabilities, Gamecaster is a great option.

How to Record Gameplay to Share Across Platforms
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It allows you to stream to YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook, and the software also optimizes your settings when you’re streaming. 

This software includes hundreds of free widgets and overlays that can display goals, alerts, and more. 

The software also integrates with other platforms like StreamElements and Streamlabs to help you monetize your stream. 

Tips and Prizes

The more you stream with Gamecaster, the more experience you earn, which you can use to unlock various prizes

What’s more, any tips that are sent to you by your viewers are yours to keep - Gamecaster doesn’t take commissions! 

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is by far the best free game recording software available for you to download right now. 

How to Record Gameplay to Share Across Platforms
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It is open-source and includes both live streaming and video editing capabilities, which makes it a wonderfully comprehensive piece of software that is great for beginners and professionals alike. 

With OBS Studio, you can stream your webcam and screen to Twitch, YouTube, and even Facebook, and you are also able to edit your footage with noise suppression and audio mixing tools. 

After the recording process, you can combine your video with text, images, and other recordings into ‘scenes’. 

Various Sessions and Platforms

You can also set custom transitions between your scenes, which allows you to develop seamless productions that show off combined gameplay from multiple sessions. 

OBS Studio is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and boasts professional-level audio editing. 


If you are getting into the world of streaming and sharing your gameplay with the world, we highly recommend checking out the software mentioned above. Happy gaming!