Have you ever wondered how video games are made? Do you find it interesting to know the process of making a video game? If so, then a video game programmer should be your best career path.

Knowing how to be a game programmer is just the tip of the iceberg. There are still so many things that you need to learn to become a good one. The path may not be easy and it will be riddled with challenges but with the help of an online course, you'll find yourself ready to take on this career path.


Find out more about how to be a game programmer, what they do, how much they earn, and more with the guide down below.

  • Playing a Crucial Role in Game Development
  • Working Together with the Team
  • Becoming Proficient with the Python Language
  • Learn the Python Language Through an Online Course
  • Benefits of Becoming a Successful Game Programmer
Learn How to Be a Game Programmer
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Playing a Crucial Role in Game Development

A game programmer refers to the person who inputs code that brings video games to life. In the past, video game programmers had a holistic responsibility in developing video games. 

Learn How to Be a Game Programmer
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This included coding and designing the game from the ground up. However, in more recent times when both software and hardware have drastically improved. As a result, games are now more complex and more advanced. 


With this, the need for many people to work on a single video also became more prevalent. This is why you often see different roles within the team that makes video games and one such crucial role in the game programmer. 

Many game programmers often have a very fruitful career since they play an important part in the entire development process of a video game. New jobs are always open for this role.

What Do They Do?

So what does a game programmer do within the team? A game programmer inputs the code that makes the video game become a reality. Many game programmers often work together with members of the team especially with design, animation, sound, art, and many more. 


This way, they can easily translate the vision into the game and make it viable to play. These programmers are often responsible for how each character runs, walks, or talks. 

Based on whatever kind of character you want, the game programmer will make sure that it translates well into the game. They are also responsible for every action done in the game like running, jumping, reacting, and being idle.

Working Together with the Team

There are a lot of misconceptions about game programmers being just the encoders for the team. They are often perceived as somewhat of a secretary to the whole team when in fact, game programmers play a vital role in the decision-making process. 

Learn How to Be a Game Programmer
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Many work hand-in-hand with the game design team and many other departments. They are the ones that implement the core features of the game and ensure that the game is stable enough to work. 

There are so many roles that a game programmer can take on but all of this depends on how large the team is. 

In a small team, a game programmer can take on a lot of tasks but in a larger team, they will likely have more specific roles such as an audio game programmer.

The Different Responsibilities of a Game Programmer

Apart from some specialized roles in the team, game programmers carry a lot of essential responsibilities. The success of a video game is truly dependent on game programmers. 

Some of the roles and responsibilities include building a base engine for the game, creating game physics, adding sound effects, music, and voice-overs while making sure they match the tone of the game and the character, implementing game mechanics and logic. 

They must also develop a convenient user interface for easy navigation, ensure that the game can be ported over different platforms, and many others. However, one of the most important responsibilities of a game programmer is to identify and resolve bugs. Becoming Proficient with the Python Language

Becoming Proficient with the Python Language

One of the major requirements in learning how to be a game programmer is to become proficient at the use of the Python language. Python is a computer programming language that is commonly used to introduce people to the world of game programming. 

Learn How to Be a Game Programmer
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Since it is rather easy to digest and execute, many courses and tutorials online can teach you Python. It's a simple language to use as well as fun to learn. 

What truly makes Python a very good language to use for game programming is its ability to emphasize readability

This easily reduces the cost of program maintenance which makes it more efficient and effective to work with.

Comparing Python with Other Languages

There are a lot of languages that are commonly used for game programming. But why is it that many people still choose to work with Python? Python is usually compared with the likes of Java, Perl, Javascript, Tcl, Smalltalk, and others. 

Many game programmers often want to work with Python since most of its programs are usually much shorter than programs that use other languages. When you're a programmer, you are always trying to beat a deadline. 

Time is a precious commodity that you must always hold with high regard. Having a time-efficient language at your side makes you a good and effective game programmer.

Learn the Python Language Through an Online Course

Now that you already know the requirements of becoming a game programmer, it's time to find a good course that will help you achieve your dreams of becoming one. A good course should always help you learn the basics of Python through a proper introduction. 

Learn How to Be a Game Programmer
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There should be lessons that will help you learn more about how to process images and other files through the use of the language as well as how to send emails and SMS messages. 

Since you'll be dealing with a lot of bug fixing, learning how to test, debug, and handle errors using the language is also a must. There are also other lessons that you'll need to learn such as functional programming and how to use Python in web development. 

Online courses are great at helping you reach your goals as it helps you write clean and bug-free code for your games.

How to Choose the Right Online Course

If you plan on joining such an online course, you'll only need one important thing—a desktop computer. Whether it is a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, a desktop will truly be a helpful tool for you to learn the basics and even the advanced concepts of game programming. 

There is no need for you to have prior knowledge of Python. In fact, there's no need for you to have any knowledge of computer programming. 

A good online course for game programming will cover all the basics and everything else that you need to fully understand the language and the entire concept of game programming in an easy way. Make sure that you choose a course that has digestible tidbits of information so you won't be overloaded.

Benefits of Becoming a Successful Game Programmer

Some might say that a game programmer is a very niche career path but many will say that it is the total opposite. Game programmers are not limited to just one specific concept. 

Learn How to Be a Game Programmer
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Most of the time, game programmers work on different tasks and some of them are quite complex which means there's always something new to learn. 

One of the benefits of studying and becoming a game programmer is that you don't need to be a degree holder to become a game programmer. 

Many game programmers only go through online courses or tech bootcamps before they start their job. However, while a degree is not necessary, it can still be an ace up your sleeve.

Earning as a Game Programmer

Probably one of the best benefits of becoming a game programmer is the competitive salary. For someone who doesn't need a college degree to be professional at gaming programming, anyone who works within this field can earn up to $64,000 a year on average. 

This will continue to increase if you plan on expanding into a different field and acquire new knowledge and skills. Many of those who decided to extend their knowledge can enjoy a competitive salary of up to $97,000 a year on average. 

This offer can even go even higher if you have years of experience as a game programmer However, many companies do require a bachelor's degree if you plan on going up the ladder. 


Becoming a game programmer is one of the most rewarding jobs in any industry. Not only do you see your hard work enjoyed by millions of players all over the world, but you also get to enjoy a very competitive salary and expand your knowledge and skills as you go.

Try your hand at creating some of the best games by joining this profession.