While the PlayStation 4 slowly becomes eclipsed by the release of the PS5, that does not mean that the PS4 is suddenly becoming obsolete. 

There's still a lot of games that you can play with the PlayStation 4 console and to do so, you need to take good care of it.


Here are some tips on how you can effectively maintain your PS4, how to change the profile avatar for your PS4 account, and get the most out of your PS4 gaming experience.

  • Dust and Clean Your Console
  • Install the Latest Updates
  • Improve the Performance
  • Change Your PS4 Avatar
  • Take Advantage of Share Play
  • Stream Your Games
PS4 - How to Change the Profile Avatar and More
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Dusting and Cleaning Your Console

Remember that your PlayStation 4 is still an electronic device so it will need regular dusting and cleaning. Wipe down the areas where dust has begun building up.

PS4 - How to Change the Profile Avatar and More
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This will allow proper ventilation and prevent overheating which can cause massive deterioration of your device. 


However, you should still be careful when it comes to wiping your console. Make sure that you only use a dry cloth and unplug your console first before doing so. 

Moisture from wet towels and other chemicals can likely develop into cracks that will cause all kinds of issues for your console. When cleaning the inside of your console, use compressed air to blow off the dust forming within.

Proper Storage Is Key to Longevity

Proper storage is as equally important as regular cleaning of your console. Many of the console's parts are very vulnerable to dust which can result in deterioration. Proper storage is key to minimizing the exposure of your console to these factors. 


Always store your console in open areas or places with a lot of space surrounding it. Never place them near a window where it is exposed to heat and other conditions. 

Make sure that you also position your console in areas where there is proper ventilation. Place your console in a cool and dry place whenever you are not using it to increase its longevity.

Install the Latest Updates

Many issues that PS4 owners encounter are often centered around their consoles slowing down or freezing. This is clearly a sign that the software of the console is either corrupted or not up-to-date. 

PS4 - How to Change the Profile Avatar and More
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The resolution here is very simple and can be attributed to a lot of issues surrounding electronic devices - install the latest update

Make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest updates for your console to ensure that there are no software issues at hand. 

If the problem persists, the main thing to do is to perform a factory reset. This will determine whether you're having a software or hardware issue.

Avoid Opening Your Console

Speaking of hardware issues, we're often tempted to open up our console to either investigate the issue or to see what's wrong with the console. It may need some replacement or general repair. 

While keeping your console clean all the time is key to maintaining the integrity of its hardware, it can still succumb to natural wear and tear. However, if you find yourself some hardware issues, it is best to avoid opening your console to investigate. 

Leave that to the experts. It may even void your warranty and can even lead to user error. Open your console only if you are 100% sure of what's going on. If not, call for help.

Improve the Performance

One of the many reasons why consoles begin to feel slow is that there is a lot of junk data within the system. Many don't know that your PS4 is still a computer and as you play or browse the internet, you also begin to amass junk data which slows down your PS4. 

PS4 - How to Change the Profile Avatar and More
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Whenever you feel like your PS4 is suddenly very sluggish, it's time to remove this junk data and see if it improves the performance

To do this, you will need to boot your PS4 in Safe Mode by turning off the console then holding the power button until you hear two beeps. Once you hear the second beep, plug-in your controller and press the PS button to activate Safe Mode. 

Once in Safe Mode, choose Rebuild Database to automatically remove all the junk data that has accumulated throughout the years.

Enable Back Up

One of the most frustrating things when dealing with software and hardware issues in consoles like the PS4 is the loss of game data

All those weeks and months of playing are all lost but there is a way to deal with it. Saving your game data is the best option to avoid this kind of a mess. Fortunately, Sony has made it very easy for players to back up their data. 

You can save your game data through external storage or if you have PlayStation Plus, you can enable cloud storage so you can automatically save all of your game data there.

Changing Your PS4 Avatar

Your online persona is one of the best ways to connect with other people over the internet. Whenever you go online through your PS4, the very first thing that everyone sees is your avatar. 

Having an avatar that depicts who you are and what you want to portray is key to having a good impression online. This is why knowing how to change your profile avatar is important. 

There are two ways to do this. The first option is to change your avatar through the console by logging in to your account, select Settings, then Profile, and selecting Avatar. 

You can then select from a wide variety of avatars to choose from and press the X button once you've made your choice.

Using the PC to Change Your Avatar

Another way to change your avatar is to log in to your PlayStation account through a desktop computer. Click on your profile picture situated at the right side corner of the screen and choose Account Settings. 

There will be a dropdown menu that says Edit Profile. Select that option and click on Edit to choose your avatar picture. This will automatically change the avatar picture on your profile

The next time you log in to your PlayStation account, your avatar picture will be updated.

Take Advantage of Share Play

Many of us would want to enjoy playing with friends but there's not a lot of options to do so with console gaming. 

PS4 - How to Change the Profile Avatar and More
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Fortunately, PS4 has offered us a feature that would allow us to share games from our library with our friends even if they don't own the game itself. 

Through Share Play, you and one of your friends can spectate and even play the game that you like. If the game has a co-op play option then it is best to take advantage of this feature to enjoy some quality time together. 

Make sure that both of you have the PlayStation Plus membership to enable this feature.

Use Spotify on Your PS4

Sometimes, gaming is not enough on your PS4 and you want to enjoy some music. Music has always been used while gaming. PS4 has a built-in media player where you can listen to music or play videos. 

If you have a Spotify account, you can download the app to your console and listen to your playlist directly on your PS4 while you play. It's a fun and cool way to listen to your favorite songs while you play. 

You can even use your playlist of songs when you want to take a break from playing and just chill out.

Stream Your Games

Streaming has become one of the best forms of entertainment in the world of gaming. You can share your games with your audience and grow your channel to become a streaming superstar. 

PS4 - How to Change the Profile Avatar and More
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Streaming is currently one option to share your experience with others. Of course, that won't happen unless you have downloaded the PS4 Remote Play app for your PC or Mac. 

Connect the app to your computer while you play on your console to start streaming your games. Make sure you have high-speed internet to have a smoother gaming experience.

Plug Properly

Power is surely one of the most important aspects when taking care of your console. Having adequate power means your console can function properly and you get to play without any hitches. 

One of the reasons why players tend to experience some glitches with their PS4 is that the console itself is not receiving enough power to work well. 

Always make sure that your console is getting enough power by plugging it into an outlet properly. Any device that does not receive enough power will surely experience crashing or can even result in power issues.


Maintaining your PS4 should not be difficult. There are a lot of simple tips mentioned above that you can do to enjoy playing your PS4 console for many years to come. Be sure to update your PS4 avatar as well so your friends can recognize you.