In the old days, snake games were one of the most popular games around. The only reason was that these games could be played by people from all age groups, from children to adults and old people. 

Do you miss those old days of childhood, when you spent days playing your favorite snake game? If yes, then you are lucky that the Google Play Store offers you some great Snake games. 


These games are exclusively available on the Google Play Store and that too for absolutely free. You can play these games to divert your mind from the daily routine and get relaxed. Next, we're going to give you the low down.

Play Snake With These Apps From The Google Play Store

Snake Game

Is it just us or everyone here feels nostalgic about the classic snake games on the Nokia phones? If yes, then here is the Android version of the Snake Game with the same look and feel of the classic snake game. 

This game will surely take you to the world of retro snake games. Players can choose to play in the same old yellow, Nokia-styled background. 


This fun and addictive game features four play modes, three playing ways, option to rewind the snake, and boosters that will help you progress. 

The game is all about how long you can last before your own tail becomes your dinner for the day. You will have to take all the challenges, and eat all the apples. Just make sure you don't eat yourself! 


With more than 4 million downloads, Slither is currently the most popular snake game on the android platform. The game has amazing graphics and comes with a multiplayer mode. 


In the multiplayer mode, you can play with your friend and show them who the real king of snake games is. The game has a pretty easy user interface and is very easy to play. 

You control a snake that feeds on multicolored pellets. The rule is also very simple; you slither around the screen until your head touches other snakes' bodies. 

The moment you touch another snake, you die. The game is very simple, yet very addictive in nature. The free game also allows some customizations to equip the snakes with a variety of skins. 

Talking Snake

If you are one of those people who dare to have a pet snake, then this game is absolutely for you. In this game, you get an adorable snake as your pet that talks and repeats whatever you say with a hissing tone. 

Besides, you can also wash your snake, dress them up, and decorate its home. 

Snake vs Block

Snake vs Block is another fresh concept in the world of snake games. The snake in this version is made up of balls that feed upon other balls, in order to grow. 

The obstacle in the game is the blocks made up of bricks that tend to stop you. All you need to do is break as many blocks as possible while you eat the balls. 

Once you break the blocks, you get more balls and continue to get longer. The game gets over when the snake cannot break the block and all the balls of the snake get wasted. 

Snake and Apples

As the name suggests, the game is basically of a vegetarian snake that feeds on apples. What's more unique about Snake and Apple is you have to guide and feed the apples to the snake in their correct sequence. 

The game comprises hundreds of levels for you to enjoy and various obstacles to cross. Besides, you must also guide the snake to crawl and slither all over the place in order to spend the energy gained by eating lots of apples. 

Play Snake With These Apps From The Google Play Store

The Bottom Line

These are some of the most amazing snake games that are available on the Google Play Store. With colorful graphics and great soundtracks, you can make the most out of your leisure time and relax.