With strict lockdowns in place worldwide, everyone is taking advantage of playing online games safely in the comforts of their homes. Many would want to play complex games, but there is a certain charm about playing simple board games like Ludo. 

Ludo is a trendy board game with its roots in India but is played by millions of people worldwide. Ludo Club is the online version of the game currently available for download on all mobile devices. 


Children and even adults can fully enjoy a game of Ludo on their mobile phone and invite friends over even if they are miles away. Find out more about what Ludo Club is all about and how you can win more games when you are playing with your friends.

Learn How to Play Ludo Club with Friends
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Fun Dice Game

Ludo Club is the online multiplayer version of the board game Ludo. You can move different colored pieces after throwing dice to indicate how many spaces you are allowed to move. The goal of the game is to be the best player and climb the online leaderboards.

Learn How to Play Ludo Club with Friends
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Ludo Club allows you to play with friends and family through social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. The app will need an internet connection to play with friends and family. However, offline play can be done when you are playing against a computer. 


Play with other players in the game and rise to the top in the leaderboard. Steep with strategy and fun to play, Ludo Club is straightforward to understand but difficult to master, especially when you are up against other players. 

Play With Friends

To play with your friends, make sure that both of you are connected to the internet first. Launch the app and slide the options to the left to find the option that says Friends and select either Classic or Rush mode. Choose which game mode you want to play with your friends, and it will create a random code.

Send the invite code to your friends so they can join the room that you have created. Once your friends enter the code, it will automatically put them in the lobby while waiting for your other friends to join the room. 


The host can then press Play to start the game once all players are ready. This will be the beginning of some fun, perhaps the start of a rivalry; remember to enjoy the moment.

How To Download?

To download the game, launch Google Play Store and search the game through the keyword Ludo Club. Tap on Install to begin downloading the game. Once the game is fully downloaded and installed, launch the game by tapping Open.

Learn How to Play Ludo Club with Friends
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After launching the game, Ludo Club will offer you some tips to play the game. Tap on Play Now to play your first game, and after winning ten games, you can unlock Rankings where you compete with other players.

Strategies To Win More Games

Learning how to play the game of Ludo Club is just half of the experience. Getting better at the game will surely make your experience even better. Here are some of the best strategies and fun tricks to use in playing Ludo Club.

To get better, you will need to know the game's basic terminologies to fully understand how the game is being played. Certain terms like Pieces or the objects you move across the board and Endpoint and Den are very important if you are still new. 

Learning these terms will help you understand the game better and help you strategize better now that you know what each piece can do and how it works. Try some of your strategies on your friends to see who rises to the top.

Learn To Play With Risks

Playing Ludo Club comes with its risks and rewards. Players who know when to risk their pieces to get to the Endpoint will have better chances of winning the game. Those who do not calculate their risks with their rewards will find the game quite difficult to win.

Learn How to Play Ludo Club with Friends
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Make sure to put all of your pieces out as soon as possible. The more you place pieces on your board, the lower the risks become. However, if you want to risk certain pieces, make sure to risk those closest to the starting point instead of those already at the Home.

Killing your opponent is always risky, but the rewards are also worth it. To win the game, you will need to know the risks involved in killing the opponent. There are instances where killing the opponent and sacrificing some moves will open up more opportunities to further move your pieces down the line. Everything is all about risk management in this game. 

Avoid Making Mistakes

Mistakes can be made in a game that involves risks. However, avoid making silly mistakes, especially when moving different pieces as intended or forgetting to kill an opponent because you did not pay attention. These mistakes can cost a lot in the game so always pay attention when playing the game.

Look closer and observe your opponent's movement. This will give you hints on what they want to do next to formulate your next move. Ludo Club requires you to avoid mistakes as much as possible while also taking advantage of your opponent's mistake.

One major error that most newbie players make is putting all their efforts into just one piece. This will only increase the chances of that piece getting killed. Learn to invest in all the pieces, so you have better chances of winning the game.

Learn To Prioritize

Note that a piece that is almost near the endpoint is far more important and valuable than those that are near the starting point. Make sure to prioritize the pieces and protect them from getting killed as much as possible. 

Learn How to Play Ludo Club with Friends
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It is always best to risk those that are at the starting point than those that are 3/4 near the end. By learning which pieces to prioritize, you also effectively help yourself earn more victories. 

Be Adaptable

Ludo Club involves a lot of luck. This means that you might get good points, or sometimes, you don't get enough good points, and you begin to fall behind. Learn how to adapt to your current predicament and strategically plan how you can get out of your situation.

Be adaptable and be flexible with your plans. Never leave your tokens alone and use small numbers to move the token. Allow a second piece to protect your other pieces.

Challenge Your Mind

Ludo Club is a great way to entertain yourself and your friends during the quarantine. The social aspect of the game makes it so you can connect with your family and friends even when you are socially distancing from each other. Apart from that, here are some other ways that Ludo Club can challenge your mind and boost your mental capacity.

Learn How to Play Ludo Club with Friends
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Board games, in general, are very beneficial in enhancing your cognitive abilities. This can lead to rapid brain development, where your brain starts formulating different strategies and different ways to cope with a certain situation. 

Ludo Club is all about challenging your mind and stimulating your brain to create different ways to win the game.

Improves Concentration

Playing Ludo Club also helps improve your concentration as you will need to be more attentive than usual. Players will need focus and concentration to increase the chances of winning the game. 

Staying alert helps with mental acuity, therefore, helping you develop a sharper mind.

Develop Coping Strategies

Ludo Club helps you develop proper coping skills, especially with the pandemic causing a lot of stress. Playing games is a good way to relieve the stresses in real life, but the game also teaches you to create your plan in getting out of a stressful situation. 

A couple of minutes into playing Ludo will surely help you relax or relieve you from the outside world's stress.

Playing the game also gives you some important qualities in life, such as sportsmanship, good decision-making, and even teamwork. These attributes are essential and are very necessary in today's world. 

Developing these characteristics through playing the game will surely make you a better Ludo player.

Keeping You Safe At Home

Lastly, playing Ludo Club online keeps you away from crowds and exposure to the virus that is rampaging throughout the world. 

The app lets you play with your friends and family safely within your home. You get to enjoy the quality time together without having to gather in large groups to play the game.


Ludo is a very popular board game that requires a lot of attention and skill to win games. Ludo Club lets you play the game in a fun and interactive way now that it is available for download through mobile devices. 

You can now play the game without going out and still enjoying the same board game you have come to know and love throughout the years.