At first glance, no one would have thought that this very simple game of social deduction would become one of the most popular and most played games in the past few years. 

Among Us truly took off in 2020 when everyone was stuck inside their homes and wanted to connect with friends by playing the game. Launched in 2018, the game became a global phenomenon and has been downloaded more than 100 million times with over 60 million players all around the world. 


The game features different characters inside a map where they try to find out who is killing them. Among Us also features in-game purchases for cosmetic items such as skins, pets, and hats but you can always get them for free if you know how to.

How to Play Among Us on PC and Get All the Skins for Free
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What Is Among Us?

Among Us is a murder deduction game where a group of players must decide who among them is the Imposter. The game is all about finding out who the Imposter is and making sure you survive the game and avoid getting killed by the Imposter.

How to Play Among Us on PC and Get All the Skins for Free
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The game is a fun party game to play and is highly recommended to be played within a LAN or WiFi party alongside a voice chat.


Developed and published by Innersloth, Among Us features cross-platform play for PC and mobile devices. PC players will have to purchase the game and receive almost all the in-game features for free while the mobile version is free-to-play with some restrictions in cosmetics.

Set-Up of the Game

The game is set within a map where players are assigned randomly to be the Crew or the Impostor.

How to Play Among Us on PC and Get All the Skins for Free
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The Crew's objective is to complete different tasks that are shown on the screen while also looking for suspicious players that might be the Imposter. The Imposter's objective is to eliminate all the other players without getting caught.



Every once in a while or if a player is murdered, every player is called into an emergency meeting where they trace actions and decide who the Impostor is. Every player will have to vote who to eject from the map. 

How to Play Among Us on PC and Get All the Skins for Free
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If the Impostor is ejected, the game ends. However, if a Crewmate is ejected, the game continues and the Imposter is one step further to their main goal. So, the Crewmembers want to quickly find the Imposter and the Imposter wants to go undetected while messing with and killing the crew.

Gameplay and Features

Starting the Game

The game starts in a lobby where players can pick the color of their avatars for their character. Most of these avatars are simple recolors with a few cosmetic items thrown in between. 

Once the lobby is full or if the owner starts the game, the system randomly selects players to become the Crew and the Imposter.

How to Play Among Us on PC and Get All the Skins for Free
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The number of Imposters in a single game can be determined by whoever creates the game. Among Us features different maps as well. 

The Skeld is the first map that featured the iconic spaceship where the Crewmates travel across outer space. In this map, the players will have to complete the tasks while also figuring out who the Impostor is.

The second map released for Among Us was MIRA HQ and was released as paid content. This map features a sky base instead of the spaceship and the map allows Impostors to use the vents freely as opposed to the mechanic found in the Skeld map.

How to Play Among Us on PC and Get All the Skins for Free
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The third map was released in November of 2019 and was named Polus. The map is centered around a research base within a purple planet called Polus. The map does not feature any vents, however, it is also one of the largest maps in the game.

The latest map released was The Airship which was based on the Toppat Clan Airship. The Airship was released in September of 2020 and currently holds the title as the largest map in the game with complex pathways and interesting infrastructures that will turn the game upside down.


Cosmetics are used to modify the character's appearance in the game. Cosmetic items include skins, pets, hats, and much more. In the PC version, all skins and hats come for free except for a few that are included in the Polus and MIRA HQ bundles.

Take note that all purchases done in the paid PC version will not be transferred to the mobile version of the game. To purchase the cosmetic items, players would have to go to the main menu store and purchase them and then, worn in the lobby before the game begins.

How to Get Free Skins

While many of the skins in the game come for free, especially with the paid PC version, the mobile version of the game will require in-app purchases. Here's how you can get free skins from both the PC and mobile versions.

How to Play Among Us on PC and Get All the Skins for Free
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Follow Streamers

Most streamers nowadays offer some form of compensation to their followers and audience. If you want to earn free skins in the game, streamers tend to give skin codes or gifts to their loyal followers so be sure to watch them play. 

You might also learn a thing or two about how to play the game better when you watch them apart from the entertainment they provide.

How to Play Among Us on PC and Get All the Skins for Free
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You can even try to become a streamer yourself and once you start earning from your channel, you can then purchase all the skins and pets that you want in the game. While this may take a while, it is a fun way to do it while we spend more time indoors and on our computers.

Purchase the PC Version

As mentioned before, the PC version of the game offers almost all of the skins for free. For only a few bucks, you can get the skins and play with them as you like. You may have to shell out some money but it will all be worth it.

Participate in Events

All year round, Among Us holds different types of events especially when it comes to holidays. Holiday events such as Christmas and Halloween often have exclusive for free so watch out for those when they come. 

How to Play Among Us on PC and Get All the Skins for Free
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The game gives out free hats, skins, and other exclusive items as rewards for players who participate in these events.

Strategies to Win

Among Us has a very simple premise but the execution relies heavily on the player's skill and how well they can manipulate the scene to their advantage.

How to Play Among Us on PC and Get All the Skins for Free
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Impostors mostly have all the fun in the game while Crewmates will have to contend with trying to figure out who is killing them one by one. Here are some strategies to help you win more games in Among Us.


One very good strategy for Impostors to increase their chances of winning the game is to keep sabotaging. Sabotage can happen at any time and any place within the map. This will keep the Crewmates busy as you pick off a lone Crewmate.

Keep on doing this and you will soon realize that it is an effective way to win the game. Kill the lights or lock the doors to isolate them and begin your murderous rampage. 

How to Play Among Us on PC and Get All the Skins for Free
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Afterward, make sure that you get into the sabotaged location and pull out your best Academy Award-winning acting so no one would suspect you.

Another great way to win more games as an Impostor is to try and make it seem like you are doing a task. Fake as many tasks as possible and when the right moment comes, strike fast and make sure to always have an alibi ready in case someone is nearby.

One trick to avoid becoming one of the main suspects in the game is to self-report the kill. Once you have the player cornered, take care of it immediately, prepare your alibi, and report the kill. This way, you take the heat off yourself and put it on someone else.


Crewmates will have to contend with their deductive skills when it comes to naming the Impostors in the game. The first tip that you need to know to win more games is to never ignore sabotage events

Fix any malfunction immediately but do try to go with someone else so you can always have an alibi in case someone accuses you of being an Impostor. 

How to Play Among Us on PC and Get All the Skins for Free
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Call an Emergency Meeting as soon as possible. Meetings will help give you an idea of what happened and this will often expose who the Impostor is. This is the time that you should rely on your instinct as well as fact-gathering skills to deduce who is the Impostor.

Lastly, don't forget to complete your tasks. The tasks can be very easy at times but it can distract you so make sure to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity from another Crewmate. Keep your eyes peeled when certain movements don't exactly bode well with the overall pace of the game.


Among Us is a social game where people can have fun but at the same time, learn a thing or two about themselves. The game takes deception and teamwork to a whole new level but the most important aspect of this game is the proper deduction.

How to Play Among Us on PC and Get All the Skins for Free
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To enhance your experience with the game, make sure to have skins, pets, and hats so you can always go and play in fashion. Purchasing them or getting them for free will help support the game.