Japanese culture has taken the world by storm with its major influence in the gaming market. With manga and anime video games popping off, they are all set to dominate the entertainment industry with top-notch content for gamers around the world. 

One game that has been recently making way into every action lover's home is Elsword. An online action role-playing game that uses traditional side-scrolling game mechanisms, Elsword is set in an immersive and complex manga-inspired universe. 


You can explore several options to access the game, but the most convenient one is through the Steam service. Steam is a digital service by Valve that distributes video games to consumers. Here is how you can access Elsword on Steam. 

How to Access Elsword on Steam

About the Game

Elsworld is a manga-based, 2.5D action-packed game developed by KOG Studios. It features real-time gameplay having multiple game modes like player vs player and player vs environment with 13 unique characters.

Elsworld provides many role-playing elements to players along with built in community features like chats, item trading, and guilds. The game can be played either using a keyboard or a console. The players have to execute skilled combat and move within the range of their characters to fight.



Elsworld comes with some fantastic features that keep players hooked. Some of them include Co-Op gameplays, strategic PvP matches, unique storylines, and customization. You can join forces with your pals and explore more than 50 secret levels, towns, and dungeons. 

You can also customize your character based on looks, job, and power skills, thus making it unique. Moreover, Elsworld has amazing community support with regular PvP tournaments, game updates, content expansions, and Livestream sessions for players.

What It's Like to Play Elsword in Steam

Steam has a vast gamers' community online because of the magnificent gaming experience the platform provides. Elsworld players on Steam can get exclusive deals on in-game purchases, automatic game updates, and many other perks.


While accessing the game through Steam, you can play the version available to people in Latin America, North America, and Oceania. The platform also supports more than 28 languages so you can interact with gaming-buffs all around the world.

The gaming experience is smoother and more convenient as compared to most game clients. However, you might notice some changes in client download, linking accounts, and loading up on K-Ching.

How to Download Elsword On Steam?

To download Elsword directly on Steam, you can follow some simple steps. First of all, install Steam on your PC and sign in to your account. Visit the Elseworld game page on Steam and click the 'Play Game' button.

Next, you have to select the location from the directory where you want the game client installed. Choose shortcuts if you'd like shortcuts created for the game and then move ahead by clicking 'next'. You'll have to wait for a few minutes for the completion of disk space allocation.

Once your system confirms, the download will start, and you can check the status in the steam library. After the download, go to the Elsword page and click 'play game' again. The login window will open, and you can register a new Elseword account. If you already have an Elsword account, see how to link it with Steam below.

How to Link an Existing Elsword Account to Steam

If you're an existing Elsword player, the chances are that you will lose all your progress in the game if you register a new Elsword account via Steam. But worry not, there's a way to link your existing Elsword account with Steam and continue your game. 

Just log in with your existing Elsword username and password when you launch Elsword from Steam the first time. But remember, you can only link one Elsword account to your Steam account. Once you link an Elsword account, Steam will automatically log you in whenever you launch the game. 

Note: You can still use the same Elsword account even via your regular game client.

How to Access Elsword on Steam


With the power of Steam, you'll have a thrilling gaming experience in Elsword. The user-friendly interface and multiple features of the platform are all an Elsword fan can ask for. You can also ask your Elsword-fanatic friends to join you on Steam and create a lively gaming community for yourself online.