The Legend of Korra video game is a worthy sequel to one of the most beloved animated series in Avatar: The Last Airbender. It tells the story of a young Korra who becomes the chosen Avatar that links the physical and spiritual realms. 

Within the franchise, people can control or bend elements such as fire, water, earth, and air to their will. The Legend of Korra video follows the same principle but delivers an action-packed adventure game suitable for teens.


This third-person action game follows Korra as she tries to fight the chaotic entity known as Hundun. She does this while trying to master all the elements before chaos devours the entire world. 

Fun Facts about the Legend of Korra Video Game
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The game was released in October of 2014. It is currently playable on PlayStation 3 and 4, PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. 

There is more to The Legend of Korra than just an action-adventure game. Here are some fun facts about The Legend of Korra video game.


Connection to the Show

While the entire storyline of the game is new, it is still embedded into the entire lore of the series. The game takes place between the second and third seasons of the show.

This is where Korra happens to release Hundun to the physical world after opening the portal to the spiritual realm in the second season. 

The game begins with Hundun causing chaos and it is up to Korra to find a way to stop the entity from destroying the world. The game is pretty much still within the realm of Avatar in the sense that it uses the mythology of the series. 


It makes good use of a villain which drives the game's narrative forward and causes our main hero as well as the player to be connected to the game.

Bending Elements

One of the major draws of The Legend of Korra video game is for the player to have the ability to bend different elements. Waterbending will be the first skill that you can master in the game. 

This should be great for ranged attacks and keep you safe from your enemies. Earthbending is the next elemental skill that you can acquire. Your attacks begin to hit a lot stronger and they also cannot be blocked by the enemies. 

Firebending comes next and it features fast combos that will dispose of all of your enemies at once. Airbending is the last to be acquired in the game. 

With airbending, your attacks become fast and powerful. This gives you the ability to deal damage to all the enemies within range.

Gameplay Mechanics

The best thing about the game's gameplay is the ability to counterattack. Counterattack rewards players who have great timing. Wait for the perfect time to block an incoming attack from the enemy just before it hits your character. 

Learning how to counterattack will help you defeat enemies faster as bosses are more vulnerable to counterattacks than direct attacks. Combat is also very smooth within the game. 

It is fast-paced and the elemental combos that you can use offer spectacular visuals. You also have a dodge mechanic where you can evade enemy projectiles or attacks.

When Korra can reduce the enemy's health bar down to a certain level, a prompt will appear on her head which allows you to perform a finishing combo to your enemies. This makes for a fun and satisfying combat for the game. 

Fun Facts about the Legend of Korra Video Game
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Game Aesthetics

The game offers a lot of nods and easter eggs to fans of the show. One of the main draws of the game is its accuracy and faithfulness to the show's aesthetics. You can immediately see and feel that the game has the show's graphics.

The voice actors from the show are also doing the voice acting for the game. The game also features many locations that fans of the show will be familiar with. Look for Air Temple Island and Republic City to look the same as the show.

Korra interacts with the characters in the show as well. On some levels, you will have to talk and seek help from other characters such as Jinora to help fulfill a quest. 

This anime game does very well in incorporating all the elements of the show into the game's storyline.


The Legend of Korra offers a lot of things that fans of the show will truly love. The different locations, the artistic style, and the overall experience of the game are like watching the animated series but this time you're in control. 

The game's difficulty level is also very interesting. While the controls are very easy to grasp, the mechanics in the game makes it difficult to master. Players need to be mindful of their combos and make sure their attacks land perfectly,