PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile) rolled out a new version of the game in November 2019, and this new version came with plenty of new features alongside the Royal Pass Season 10.

One of the new features to be unveiled is the new Falcon Companion. This is a bird that usually sits on one of the player’s shoulder and flies alongside them as they move throughout the game. This bird really doesn’t do much, other than follow you around.


As per an in-game description of the falcon, it will only be visible to you and your teammates. You, therefore, do not have to worry about being exposed to enemies because of its appearance. Read on to learn how you can get the falcon in PUBG Mobile.

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Can You Get the Falcon for Free?

There are ways of getting the falcon for free. One of the ways is by clicking on the gift box icon that is on the bottom right part of the screen. This will open up a themed section. You must collect 50 companion shards, in order to receive a free falcon.

The first section on the box will be “Summon Companions”. This will give away companion shards when you finish missions such as 3-5 matches, logging in, etc. You can also buy the shards by use of the BP from the redeem section of the Royal pass.


Another way of getting a free falcon would be by locating the “Falconry Manual". This can be found in the event menu. You will be required to go through the manual and then locate the 3 tips that are hidden on the edges of the booklet.

Once you have explored the notes in the handbook, then you can claim 2 companion shards, and a Falcon Avatar Frame. These will be rewards on the third page.

What Can the Falcon Do?

Well, as mentioned above, the falcon will sit on your shoulder and move around with you as you play the game. It can do some flying occasionally, and it can do some flying animations.


Some players have been afraid the falcon may cause them to become visible to the other players, but this is untrue. You will only be visible to yourself and your teammates. All the other people in the match will not see you, so don’t worry about that.

This falcon is like clothes or skins in the game and it makes the game look more fun and interesting. It is also amusing to have the falcon by your side while it’s flying around. It also makes it less boring when you are making your run across the map.

Apart from that, it really doesn’t add any advantages to the game, but it can give you some stat boosts in the mobile character. You can also be able to reload the SMGs much faster. These perks can however only work when you are playing the EVO Ground and not the Classic mode.

Other Ways of Adding the Falcon Companion

Buying From the In-Game Shop

This is one of the simplest ways of getting the falcon. You can find it under the treasure tab “the falcon”. It shall cost you around 1,500 UCs to buy it.

Find Redeeming Codes

This is another method of getting the falcon companion in PUBG. The redeeming codes are usually free, although they can be hard to find and active code that will give you a companion.

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The falcon will make the whole experience more interesting as it follows you around wherever you go. Seeing as it’s a pretty new addition, most people do not understand much about it, and we hope that this review has given you some much-needed insights.