Elder Scrolls is a popular role-playing video game with millions of active subscribers spread all across the world. A larger part of the popularity of the game is attributed to its plotlines which are open to interpretation. 

In fact, there are several gaps in the plot for which players have developed several alternatives theories. These fan theories and interpretations add a lot of spice to the game and catch the interests of the players like nothing else.  


In this article, we take you on a ride of some of the most interesting and unimaginable plot theories put forward by the fans of Elder Scrolls. Let’s start! 

Discover the Best Elder Scrolls Fan Theories

Titus Is the One to Have Set Everything Up 

How can you forget this distinctive character called Titus? The emperor’s defeat was a major dent on his reputation. And guess what? This is enough of a reason for many fans to believe that it was Titus himself who orchestrated the attempt to his life, to save himself from humiliation. 

The idea, as they say, was to project himself as a martyr worthy of sympathy, and not someone to be blamed. Well, clever, isn’t it?  


There’s More to The Bug Jars Then What Meets the Eye

Well, the conspiracy theorists among Elder Scrolls’ fan base have no claims to have found suspicion in the manila creatures bug jars as well! These are the objects that often confuse the players for Eons. 

While right now the Bug Jars look nothing more than objects to make the game look more realistic, a popular fan theory says that they have a much larger hidden purpose that will be unveiled as a shocking surprise in the coming versions of the game. Well, it sounds interesting, but we’ll have to wait and watch what happens with the Bug Jars!

What is Hogni Up To

Hogni is a highly underrated character of the game that has not caught the attention of many. But those fans who have observed him closely, have a lot to say! And surprisingly, they are not very positive about the nature and character of Hogni. 


While they say that he can be trusted to a certain extent, but one must never rub him the wrong way! If one does, it will get the worst out of him and he has the potential and the tendency to even end someone’s life. So, beware of Hogni as you do with villains in other games. 

Silver Hand’s Association With The Champions

This one is a widely circulated fan theory about Silver Hand, which are the anti-supernatural zealots in the game. According to this theory, Silver Hands were originally the members of the Companions. 

They branched off from the Champions with the intent of becoming the creatures of the night! No doubt, this theory makes a lot of sense. In fact, it explains the real reason behind the anti-supernatural tendencies of Silver Hand. 

Are Sheogorath And Dragonborn One and the Same? 

This theory, though confirmed by some indications in the game itself, is still a matter of great debate amongst the fans of Elder Scrolls. According to this theory, Dragonborn, the main character of Elder Scroll games and the popular Sheogorath character from the Oblivion games are actually not two.

They are but one single character. No doubt, this particular theory adds a lot of thrill and excitement in both the games, making the fans migrate to and fro between them!.

What Is With The Character M'aiq?

Elder Scrolls is a game with an unusually large number of characters.  Most characters in the game come, do their deed, and then go away one way or the other. But there’s something with the character of M’aiq, as it has been around for a very long time, creating a lot of suspicions. 

The result of this suspicion is a popular fan theory which says that M’aiq is a time traveler that time travels and comes back every time a friend needs help. What more, there’s yet another theory, according to which the character has passed long back, and what we see is actually a spirit of it!

Discover the Best Elder Scrolls Fan Theories

The Bottom Line

Fan theories and interpretations go hand in hand with every version of the Elser Scrolls game. Whether to believe them or not is your choice. But in the end of it all, it is a fantastic competition to be a part of.