Gears 5 or also known as "Gears of War 5" is the game that video game developer, The Coalition, boasted to be as good as any of the Epic-made titles. The game offers a new story idea for the franchise, turning the linear cover-based shooting game into a larger, open-world game with a great backstory.

The game is largely focused on the story of the Swarm-kicking heroine of Gears 4, Kait Diaz. However, the entourage of the Gears 5 character ranges from many familiar characters like Marcus and JD Fenix, and friendly faces like Baird and Cole. 


Today, we will be focusing on the huge trapezius-muscled guy JD Fenix, and give you some backstory and history about the character before you jump into the game. All of that is up next.

Gears 5 - Learn About the Storyline of JD Fenix

About JD Fenix

The character Captain James Dominic Fenix, also known as JD Fenix was brought into life in the Gears of War 4, in the form of Marcus Fenix's son. JD was born to Marcus Fenix and Anya Stroud on the Stroud Estate after the Locust War. 

From a very young age, JD Fenix was surrounded by stories and the legacy of his parents who were war heroes and had helped to bring a war to an end. Other war heroes and Marcus Fenix's former squadmates Augustus Cole and Damon Baird also played a major role in JD's upbringing. 


As time passed, JD's rebellious nature mixed with the grief of his mother's death and his separation from his father. At some point, JD was sent to an elite boarding school where he met Delmont Walker, who he became fast friends with due to wounds in common and a similar nature.  

Joining the COG as a Gear

After graduation, JD decides to join the Coalition of Ordered Government Army as a Gear. Marcus objected to the decision as the COG now had shifted its focus from civic-minded rebuilding to authoritarian control. 

This proved to be the final straw between father and son, and JD ran away from his home to get enrolled in the COG. During their time in the COG, both JD and Walker reach the rank of Lieutenant and engage in several combats for the COG. 


In the turn of events, JD and Marcus clear their differences and put together their forces to find Kait's mother who is abducted by the outsiders. 

Character and Insights of JD Fenix

Contrary to father Marcus, JD Fenix is an absolute idealist who believes and wants to live his life with a purpose. JD is also very loyal and protective of his friends and family. He left the COG just because JD trusted his long-time friend's judgment about the COG.

Additionally, he was also there for Kait to find her missing mother. 

On the other hand, despite the differences and having a sour relationship with his father, JD always cared for his father and raced to find his father when he was captured by the Snatcher. As a soldier, JD has similar genes like his long-time war hero father, Marcus. 

He is a true and natural leader, who can keep his soldiers calm with ease, and stick to the objective of the mission whatever the situation will be. In Gears 5, Captain JD has a beard, shaved head, a facial scar, and his arms appearing to be injured. 

He has some kind of medical device attached to it that administers medicine whenever needed. This is a bit of a mystery, and we like that about games.

Skins of JD Fenix

Captain JD Fenix is a multiplayer character for the COG in the Gears of War series. The character has six different unlockable character skins, excluding his armored skins: Color Blast, Lieutenant Fenix, Outsider, Zombie, and Ugly Gearsmas Armor. 

The Lieutenant Fenix skin is only available in the COG Officer Gear Pack, Ugly Gearsmas Armor is available in Gearsmas Gear Pack. Plus, the Zombie skin is exclusively available as a promotional bonus on Totino's Pizza Rolls. 

Gears 5 - Learn About the Storyline of JD Fenix

The Bottom Line

When we look at the story side of Gears 5, it is actually very similar to that of the Gears 4. It is about Kait's story and JD Fenix is just there to help her. And, we believe that JD Fenix is a man with principles, very much dutiful and driven by his loyalty and love for his friends and family.