Imagine playing a game with all the horror movie icons such as Ghostface and Michael Myers. Dead by Daylight is the perfect horror survival game for fans of the genre. 

I can play either as a Survivor who must remain alive until the end of the round or a Killer who hunts down the Survivors to win the game.


Those who have never played Dead by Daylight will surely want to try this out. Here are some tips, including how to survive, the best maps, and more with the guide below.

  • Walk, Don't Run
  • Avoid Getting Detected
  • Play The Killer To Understand The Game Better
  • Learn To Drop A Chase
  • Never Go Out On Your Own
  • Don't Stay In One Spot
Dead by Daylight: The Best Maps And How To Access Them
Image Source: Venture Beat

Walk, Don't Run

Usually, in horror movies, I would see the victims run for their lives when the killer is chasing them. Some would rather fight to the end, but running is the reason why they survive. 

Things are a bit different in Dead by Daylight. Running leaves scratch marks that will make it easier for you to get detected by the killer. 


Bloodstains and scratch marks are just some of the different ways that a killer can detect you. I suggest walking fast and knowing where you want to go instead of running. 

Running is only applicable if you still have other players in the game.

Look Behind You

Running is still a good way to evade getting caught or dying in the game. And if I have to run away from the killer, there is an option that would allow me to look behind my character. 


I only see what's in front of me when I'm running, but using the option to look behind does help. I can see if the killer is still trying to chase me or if he has already given up. 

This gives me the time to either look for an excellent place to hide or try to set up an ambush.

Avoid Getting Detected

As I've mentioned before, there are many ways for killers to detect you in the game. Bloodstains and scratch marks are the most common ways for killers to immediately detect your presence. 

Dead by Daylight: The Best Maps And How To Access Them
Image Source: Polygon

Ensure to avoid any form of damage, so you don't reveal a path of bloodstains on you. Avoid getting detected by crouching behind obstacles. 

I also tend to take cover in tall grasses, especially when I'm out in the wild. I also hide in the shadows or even go inside lockers and wait until the killer is as far away as possible to buy a bit more time.

Use Your Flashlight

There are a lot of ways for you to use the flashlight in Dead by Daylight. The main purpose of the item is to light up your path as you make a run for it or find a good hiding spot. However, it can also be a good way for killers to know where they are. 

Flashlights can be very bright, so try not to use them in very dark areas, or else you run the risk of creating a smoke signal that you're in the area. Many players do not know that the flashlight can also be used to blind the killer for a couple of seconds. 

I do this in aggressive mode, especially when I know they are near my hiding spot and if I'm about to be discovered. I blind them with the burning brightness and run to the next best hiding spot.

Play The Killer To Understand The Game Better

There are certain times when I find myself having many difficulties with how each Survivor or Killer works. This is one of the many problems that beginners have in the game. 

Dead by Daylight: The Best Maps And How To Access Them
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My best take on dealing with this is to play the Killer to understand the game better. Playing the Killer allows me to know how Survivors work, what they do, and how they can manage to escape Killers. 

Then, I would apply what I've learned from them to my games to be a better Survivor. Playing the Killer is also very fun, which I suggest you try to do once in a while.

Use Your Headphones

Playing as a Survivor is difficult. I need to make sure I get to the end in one piece and clear the objective before the Killer eliminates us all. However, playing the Killer is even more difficult. 

I need to hunt down four other players on a huge map, which can sometimes get frustrating. When playing the Killer, you will need all the help that you can get. I always use my headphones whenever I play Dead by Daylight. It helps me listen to my surroundings. 

Every hustle of the trees and bushes means there is movement and every noise made in the game is information. Information is key to surviving if you are a Survivor and key to hunting down Survivors if you are the Killer.

Learn To Drop A Chase

Killers are forced to play against time. Time is the main opponent of any Killer in the game, while Survivors try their best to stay alive during that time. Whenever I see a Survivor, I always make sure that I deal with him in the fastest way possible before searching for the next victim

Dead by Daylight: The Best Maps And How To Access Them
Image Source: PC Gamer

Sometimes, I chase an outstanding Survivor who is well-equipped and knows the map very well. Always remember to know when to drop a chase and target the other Survivors who are trying to fix the generators instead. 

A good team of Survivors knows how to use their strongest member as a decoy so they can work on the generators to win the game. Please don't fall for this bait and drop a chase when you realize they are using this strategy.

Know The Best Maps And How To Unlock Them

Understanding the map is a key way to winning the game. Whether I'm playing the Survivor or the Killer, knowing the best maps will help me get the victory. Some maps are geared towards Survivors, while other maps are harder for Killers. 

The size of the map and the obstacles within the map will determine whether the map is good for Killers or Survivors. However, understanding the layout will surely help you get around the map quickly. 

This is highly advantageous to both parties as knowing the type of map you're playing gives you the information on where you can hide or where the shortcuts are. Fractured Cowshed, Mount Ormond Resort, and Temple of Purgation are some of the game's best and most balanced maps.

Never Go Out On Your Own

Just like in horror movies, having the numbers advantage is key to survival. I prefer to be with another player or a friend whenever I am playing the game. 

Dead by Daylight: The Best Maps And How To Access Them
Image Source: Polygon

This allows us to work together to achieve the goal, which is repairing the generators. I prefer to be the lookout in case the Killer is hovering nearby while my friend or another player is working on the generator. We then move on to the next generator and keep using the same strategy over and over. 

While this is the ideal scenario, going rogue or going solo is never the best strategy. You risk dying much earlier in the game if you tend to go out on your own.

Play With Your Team

Dead by Daylight will always be a team-based game. Each Survivor has their own set of skills that can help win the game. As a team-based game, certain objectives need to be completed. 

One of the major objectives of the game is to get the generators running. I always ensure that the ultimate goal is to have the generators up before time runs out or the Killer takes us all out. 

This is the only way to win the game, so I make sure my team knows the goal and avoids killing time. 

Don't Stay In One Spot

One of the best ways to survive in this game is to remain mobile as much as possible. I always make sure that I do not stay in one spot for a long period or I risk running into the Killer. 

Dead by Daylight: The Best Maps And How To Access Them
Image Source: Pocket Tactics

Killers have many ways to detect your spot in the game so make sure to keep moving. 

Moving around also keeps me from getting killed while also completing the objectives at the same time.

Enjoy The Game

And lastly, enjoy the game. Dead by Daylight is much like living in your horror movie. I run around scared while playing with my friends, and it is a lot of fun to act as if we were in a horror movie. 

With so many Survivors and Killers to choose from, different strategies to use, and maps to unlock, the game is always interesting to play.


These are just some of the best tips that I can provide to players, especially those who are still new to the game. Dead by Daylight is by far one of the most scary games I've played in a very long while. It's a unique take on the horror survival genre that everyone should be playing today.

Dead by Daylight is now available on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.