Over the course of a few years, Xbox has added premium choices for their Game Pass. Often referred to as the ‘Netflix for gamers’, the Xbox Game Pass has truly redefined how gaming and streaming have become. 

The advantages you get from subscribing to different subscription plans remain top-notch especially if you are a hardcore gamer or if you just want to discover new games to play. But how does Xbox Game Pass work and why would any gamer choose it over its competition? 


In this article, we take you through the awesomeness that is Xbox Game Pass and how you can upgrade your plan to have even more incredible features and access to even more content, and for a limited time, it's all just $1. Find out more about the Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate below.

Why Xbox Game Pass Is So Worth Paying Only $1
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About Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft's answer to the ever-changing demands of gaming. At times when gaming has become a source of entertainment, people are seeking many ways to obtain games and play them as much as possible and even get to stream them on mobile devices. 

What better way to get full access to a wide variety of games and even more perks than having the Xbox Game Pass. At a monthly price, you gain access to a huge library of games and allow players to stream their games to different mobile devices. 


One major feature that everyone is excited to talk about is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate currently offers a three-month $1 subscription for a limited time only, so subscribe now before the promo runs out.

Ultimate Pass gives you access to PC, console, and mobile games with new games added every month and more titles being added from EA including exclusive rewards and additional content. You also get a subscription to Xbox Live Gold for free and get the latest from Xbox Game Studios.

Subscription Plan

Microsoft currently offers four different passes for different types of players. This includes Game Pass Ultimate, Game Pass for PC, Game Pass for Console, and the Xbox Live Gold


The Xbox Live Gold gets you 2 free games every month and allows you to connect to a community of gamers and experience the highest quality online console multiplayer scene.

The Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC gives you access to over 100 PC or console games including new games that are being added monthly. The console version is currently priced at $9.99 per month.

Navigating the Game Pass

You can check out the Game Pass through the Xbox dashboard. Upon purchase, you can filter out different categories of games that you like such as recently added, suggestions, and even a shuffle option where the system randomly suggests a game for you. 

Why Xbox Game Pass Is So Worth Paying Only $1
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You also get a section that features games that are about to be replaced by new ones so you can plan ahead of time.

Players can check each game's description and even watch previews or trailers as well as screenshots so you'll know which game you would like to play next. 

Explore more games and discover new titles from major game studios or indie companies.

Consider the Ultimate Plan

When you think about getting the Xbox Game Pass, always consider getting the Ultimate Pass instead. You might be wondering why would you ever get the one that's pretty expensive? First, the Ultimate plan is currently being offered at $1 for the next 3 months for new users.

The main advantage of getting the Ultimate Pass is the savings you get from not having to purchase each game you want to play. If you do the math, you immediately get all the games that you want within the month instead of buying them at $60 apiece. 

With the Ultimate plan you also receive free access to anime-related content. The service will truly benefit those who want to try out different games as opposed to those who just want to play a single game all month-long. 

Gain Access to a Library of Games

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the premier pass that offers you a wide selection of games from the studio. 

Why Xbox Game Pass Is So Worth Paying Only $1
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From third-party titles that offer single and multiplayer games to indie games that spin their unique take on games that we love, you gain access to all without purchasing individually.

You can even swap some games and play the classic ones if you want or check out the smaller indie games that don't take up a lot of space in your device.

The addition of EA titles into the Ultimate Pass not only expanded the choices for different gamers out there, but it also increases the chances of players exposing themselves to different titles that they haven't known before.

Weekly and Monthly Quests

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate features different quests for users to achieve and earn Microsoft reward points. Some quests involve completing daily quests or earning an achievement while using the Game Pass. 

Other objectives for weekly quests involve playing a certain game and achieving a certain requirement in the game such as getting the best squad. Monthly quests are far more interesting as the reward points are higher. Some quests require you to play a certain number of hours in a game or complete several matches to earn points.

You can get as many as 1,000 reward points for completing just one quest. Use these reward points to get gift cards, more Xbox games, or donate to non-profit organizations. You can also save up these points to get even bigger rewards.

Access to Cloud Gaming

One of the main perks of getting the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the ability to access Microsoft's cloud gaming service. This service can be accessed through any Android device and lets you play any game that is being offered by the service right on your phone. 

Why Xbox Game Pass Is So Worth Paying Only $1
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With the service running on Microsoft's servers, you get all the detailed graphics and sounds from the game without any hitches.

All you need to do is to connect your Xbox Wireless Controller to your phone via Bluetooth or you may use any compatible gamepads. Make sure that your phone is updated to Android 6.0 or higher and has a very fast connection to avoid any laggy experience.

You can also save your progress in both cloud gaming and on your Xbox console or PC. This means that whatever game that you play using the Ultimate Pass will be saved and you can continue playing it on any platform that you want.

Preload Upcoming Games

With so many games currently in development, it is only a matter of time before players want to get previews of the game or even allow them to download the game before it is released. The Xbox Game Pass has a feature that will allow you to preload upcoming high-profile games.

This way, you will never have to wait hours to download a 50GB game and instead go straight into playing and streaming it immediately the moment it gets released.

How to Get the Xbox Game Plan Ultimate

Getting the Xbox Game Plan Ultimate offers the best value for your money with all of the perks and benefits you get. To get the Ultimate pass on our Xbox console, simply go to the Store and choose Memberships and select the pass. 

Why Xbox Game Pass Is So Worth Paying Only $1
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You can also get the pass online by going to the official website. You can also upgrade your current Xbox Game Plan to Ultimate by simply purchasing the Ultimate Pass. 

Get all the benefits from your previous plan when you upgrade to the Ultimate Pass. When you do so, it will automatically convert your previous subscription into time for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Xbox Compatibility

The Xbox Game Pass is compatible with Xbox 360, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and all original Xbox titles. However, there are also limitations to the service. 

Cloud gaming is currently only available to Android devices and it may still take some time before the feature is available for iOS devices.

Players can use the subscription to sign in to any Xbox profile including your Windows PC so you can always play whenever or wherever you like.


For those who want to play more games while also saving a lot of money, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is your access to cloud gaming, quests, and a wide variety of single and multiplayer games. And while the cost is only $1 to try it out, why not take advantage of all that it has to offer?

Gain access to a large library of games, discover new ones, stream them online, and even build a community all within a single subscription of the Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.