Many survival horror games often want you to lean on your survival skills to keep you alive. 

And while some free-to-play games often give you an advantage right off the bat, Unturned wants you to play the game in the most challenging and realistic way possible. This is the main reason why Unturned continues to be very popular amongst many players all over the world.


Many new players often grasp the concept of the game rather easily. However, the game offers more than just gathering and collecting food to survive. There are so many things to do in this game to survive and here are some of the best pro tips to help you survive in Unturned.

  • Knowing Each Zombie Type Is Key to Survival
  • Using Guns Effectively
  • Choose Pine Above Others
  • Riding a Bicycle Is Better than a Car
Unturned: The Best Pro Tips for Surviving in the Free-to-Play Game
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Knowing Each Zombie Type Is Key to Survival

Zombies in Unturned are the most common type of enemies that you can find. The normal zombie is the easiest zombie type that you can kill. Any regular melee weapon can stun them and a headshot can be an effective way to kill them. 

However, there are other more dangerous types of zombies that roam around that want to get a piece of you. Zombies like the Sprinter can come at you with their fast speed while Crawlers tend to be very slow but don't let their sluggish speed fool you. 


The moment Crawlers get to you, they deal more damage and can cause bleeding. They are also very difficult to spot at night as they are often found crawling on the ground. 

The Spitter is another dangerous foe that you need to watch out for so make sure to avoid running into closed areas where they can corner you with their blue acid. And lastly, the Flanker is a zombie that tries to ambush you from behind so always keep an eye out.

Full Strength Zombies During Full Moon

One massive pro tip that you should be aware of especially when the game hits night time is that zombies are far deadlier during the full moon


It is already hard to deal with zombies at night since they are less likely to be seen or noticed but making them even more challenging during a full moon makes things more complicated. Zombies become aggressive and hostile during a full moon and can devour you immediately. 

Avoid loitering especially when it is a full moon. Prepare yourself to fight against zombies at night if you want to explore, however, the best way to deal with them is to avoid them altogether. Start a fire inside your base and try to make sure you have weapons available at your disposal.

Using Guns Effectively

In dealing with zombies, players often use either guns or melee weapons to defend themselves. Melee weapons have the advantage of dealing greater damage but the downside is that you will need to be in close range to zombies and other enemy targets. 

Unturned: The Best Pro Tips for Surviving in the Free-to-Play Game
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It is not advisable for players to use melee weapons when dealing with multiple enemies especially if they are surrounding them. Guns are the most effective weapons in the game whether it is during the early stages or the later stages of the game. 

Guns have the advantage of firing from a distance but the disadvantage here is that it can take a while to practice shooting accurately and you might end up losing a lot of ammo just to take the shot. 

However, when it comes to the longevity of the weapon, it is always best to make good use of your guns and start increasing your accuracy.

Take the Time to Loot Inside the City

The city can be a very dangerous place to visit as zombies tend to flock in metropolitan areas where the possibility of people roaming around is quite high. However, the city also offers a lot of loot and supplies that can help you survive in this game. 

Medicine is an important supply you can get when you venture inside the city. Find a pharmacy or hospital and start looking for medical supplies such as vitamins, cough syrup, purification tablets, and even vaccines. Medkits, painkillers, and splints are also available so grab them when you have the chance. 

While you're still inside the city, check out some mechanics and see if you can find tools that can help you build or repair some items. Make sure to always have your guns ready when exploring the city. It can be quite dangerous especially when night comes.

Choose Pine Above Others

Storage plays a huge role in Unturned. You get to store all of your hard-earned resources, food, and other supplies safely inside crates that you have created. But it's worth knowing that crates do not provide equal amounts of storage space depending on the type of wood that you use. 

Unturned: The Best Pro Tips for Surviving in the Free-to-Play Game
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The type of wood you use in making crates affect the storage size such maple and birch crates often provide only around 28 slots and 24 slots respectively. 

However, one type of wood provides a tremendous amount of storage spaces that can efficiently save even more for your inventory and that is pine

Choosing any type of wood doesn't matter much in the early stages of the game but as you go through to the later stages, you'll need a lot of storage space, and pine crates offer 32 slots making it the most efficient crate to build.

Leveling Up Your Skills 

You will also need to level up multiple skills to help increase your odds of survival. These skills are used to help increase your current capabilities or capacities. One of the most underrated stats in the game is endurance. Endurance helps you jump, run, and do many other strenuous activities longer. 

Upgrading the Marksmen skill will also help you fire more and increase your accuracy. The Warrior skill increases your damage using melee weapons while the Outdoors skill reduces the amount of time the game takes to generate wood or boulders. 

Craftsmen are probably the most important skill that you need to level up as it allows you to craft high-tier items in the game. And lastly, the Immunity skill should be prioritized to avoid getting sick from rotten food, molds, or getting bitten by zombies.

Riding a Bicycle Is Better than a Car

You may have already noticed that you travel around a lot in this game. This is the reason why the endurance skill is vital to level up as soon as possible. If you don't want to increase your risk of getting killed, try to avoid walking to your destination. 

Unturned: The Best Pro Tips for Surviving in the Free-to-Play Game
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There are a lot of different modes of transportation in the game but the most efficient one is the bicycle. Many might not want to take the bicycle with them but it is a much better option than cars. 

Sure, there's a lot of cars to choose from but cars also run on fuels and you'll soon find out that gas is very difficult to find in this game. Even if you do find one, it won't be enough to last you for a long time. 

Save yourself from all the trouble of finding gas and the risks involving the exploration by finding a bike. Upgrading your endurance will also help you use the bike a lot longer than those who don't put a point into this skill.

Live Longer by Trusting No One

In a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world, people can become pretty violent and selfish at times. Every player in the game will always prioritize themselves so if you do get to encounter other players, you might want to earn their trust first before you play by their rules. 

Any person who offers help should be immediately tagged as suspicious. Other players may want to try and help you or guide you in this game but it is much better to leave them and create your own destiny in this game. 

Never trust anyone especially if you think you have a very good base to take care of. Most people will want to try and befriend you for information but then surprise you with a betrayal. Make sure it doesn't happen to you by remaining a bit distant from other players.


This guide will help you understand the game better and become a sharper player when it comes to dealing with the survival aspects of Unturned. Unturned is a great free-to-play game that offers insight into what it would feel like to live in a zombie-infested world. 

Most players want to play the game aggressively but these pro tips will help you to chill out, utilize a, and enjoy the game even more than ever. Unturned is available on Windows PC in Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.