The Walking Dead is a complex and heart wrenching game. Based within the Walking Dead universe, the game is set in the highly infested streets of Washington DC and players must survive the onslaught of walkers as you find a safe place to hide. 

The game is heavily influenced by the nuances of zombie movies and how they typically move and attack you hence combat is rather difficult and sometimes very challenging. To survive, you will need all the basic combat training as well as some tips to make it to the end. The Walking Dead video games are currently available to play on PC and some games offer a co-op experience. 


This makes the game even more complex as you will also have to deal with your team and a horde of walkers all at the same time. Here are some survival tips that will help you play the game much better.

Tips For Playing The Walking Dead Video Games
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Tips on How to Survive

The game offers a lot of variety when it comes to game mechanics and types of walkers. Surviving a horde of walkers does not necessarily mean you'll have to shoot your way through them. It will take a lot of thinking and proper planning to deal with them and hopefully survive until the next time you encounter them.

Mind Your Noise

Everything you do in the game makes a sound. Sound takes a massive chunk of gameplay in the game. This is the reason why the game is quite challenging since sound attracts the walkers.


Make sure to avoid making noise when you walk through corridors or empty streets. Avoid using weapons that make loud noises when you use them. You can even try to keep your voices low so you don't attract walkers nearby.

The noise you make when using your firearms will surely attract walkers and may even jeopardize your mission or may even be a threat to all of your lives. Make sure to use a Suppressor when you have to draw your gun to shoot. This changes the way you play the game.

Act Fast

Always make sure that you keep on moving. Apart from staying silent when walkers are nearby, make sure that you and your team are constantly moving and acting fast. You do not want to stay within an area for a long period or else you run the risk of getting trapped by unseen walkers.


This happens especially when you are looting or on a supply run. Grab all the important items immediately and leave before anything goes wrong and you will have to deal with walkers, run the risk of losing someone from your team, or waste a lot of precious ammo.

Use Firearms Optimally

It is already a given that using your guns and other firearms will only land you in a tough spot especially if you are dealing with just a few walkers. Guns make noises that attract them and if they come in droves, it will be more difficult for you to get away. This is why you need to use your guns and firearms in a meaningful manner.

If there are only a few walkers to deal with, use other weapons to dispose of them discreetly without having the commotion. Only use guns when you have to. Most scenarios that will often require you to use guns is when you are about to be swarmed by walkers in an enclosed space.

When you find yourself in a pickle, go ahead and gun down every walker that you meet until you are safe. Skirt around a few walkers if you must but never use them on a random walker nearby.

Speaking of walkers, you can always run around them if there are only a few of them. there is no need for you to blow their heads off. Players can run around them in circles which is a good way to keep them busy without having to waste any ammo.

Choose Items Wisely

In the lobby, before your missions start, make sure that you and your teammates do not carry the same item. Make sure that each one of you carries a separate item that will help the team like Chem Kit, lockpicks, and wire cutters. These are items that will help you get to your objective fast or get away from being trapped.


The Walking Dead follows the same rules of survival much like in the graphic novel and the show. Surviving the game means having critical thinking and using all your resources efficiently. While the game does become complex and challenging, it is every Walking Dead fan's dream to be smacked right in the middle of the apocalypse and fight hordes of walkers.