Spending time in Mother Nature and hunting off the land is a relaxing way to spend your free time, but lately, it's been difficult to do.

Due to recent circumstances, going out with your buddies to go hunting might just not be possible. So what are the alternatives? Well, you'll be happy to know that hunting video games have got your back.


They give you the feeling of being out in the wild without actually having to be there. Up next we're going to tell you about the best video games for hunters. 

The Best Video Games for Hunters
Image Source: Cauldron4U on Youtube. 

Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts

This title set the bar high, including experienced, seasoned hunters like Jim Shockey, Vicki Cianciarulo, and Wade Middleton. 

These pros will give you some advice on how to step up your game and certainly be used in real-life hunting.


With superb graphics, one might get into a prey stalking mode and end up taking in North America's breathtaking scenery, which is the game's campaign mode hunting ground.

The Hunter

As a part of the game, you as the Hunter have to take care of the surroundings, terrain, wind direction, and other requirements that we're familiar with from our real-life hunting experience. 

The use of ethical guns is a reasonably exciting addition to the game because you can't shoot a rabbit with a shotgun. 


The expansion, The Hunter: Primal, was released in 2015, and as with the original, most people are concerned about the licenses for game hunting, not much else.

The Hunter is a simulation of the Emote Games. Most hunters avoid playing video games since they don't look like the real thing at all. 

However, that can't be said for this 2009 video game as the creators concentrate a ton on the information. The Hunter 2, just came out in July of 2020. 

Big Buck HD

For some of us, gripping a mouse while attempting to search won't do it. Unfortunately, handheld controllers are now still almost exclusively designed for mobile devices, not specifically for different game styles. 

Fortunately, some old school arcade shooting games got an HD remake, one of them being the Big Buck, and it will send you down memory lane without a doubt.

Since it's an arcade game, it may not be easy for all to get their hands on Big Buck but for bars, pubs, and hunting-themed restaurants, consider this a great purchase. 

Getting this bad boy in your local hunters' gathering home might be the best way to end some of those arguments over "who is better."

Hunting Simulator

Being the first hunting game to release on PS4, it was still a refreshing game to get into. And, inside the hunting genre realm, it's not difficult to claim that this game still resides towards the top. 

They make the animals to hear, smell, and see the Hunter in practical ways. There are more than 37 species to catalog for the Hunter. Also, the scenery is great looking and fun to wander in. 

And, the different maps cover such varied terrain and are almost big enough to get lost in. Since hunting video games can be an arcade or a simulation, this is the game for those seeking a more blended experience of both. 

Its arcade elements come from animals that seem to breed in similar locations, and an abundance is to be found that makes for multiple shooting opportunities. 

Although the mechanics are typical of other hunting games, its heightened emphasis on the stalking method and carefully approaching game is where it earns its simulation credentials, as they react in realistic ways. 

The Hunt

Start hunting in 10 popular regions of North America that feature a wide range of animals and maps and choose authentic arms and gear that is only used by the pros to hunt over 20 animals. 

The game, being outdated in graphics, can compensate for giving off a real feeling of hunting. It is one of those games of "so bad it is fine" and not so bad for the price.

Cabela's Hunting Expeditions

Traveling across the world, visiting trees, savannas, and jungles as you hunt many species. Create your set of weapons and pick the right one for the award you want to receive. 

Live alongside with exotic animals like zebras, wolves, tigers, lions, and more in this virtual hunting experience. 

The Best Video Games for Hunters
Image Source: Microsoft. 


There is nothing like waking up, getting into your stand before the sun rises, and watching the whole world wake up after you. And you can get it from a video game.

You hear the birds start chirping; squirrels begin to rustle around and maybe see a couple of large deer going to feed. It may be virtual, but it's a fantastic thing to experience, all brought to you by hunting.