Unlike traditional games, digital games like Crossout give you an opportunity to live out a fantasy in your brain like it's real. For example, you have games where you can live out your coaching fantasy or your devilish race car fantasy.  

And some of these games have effects that make you feel like you are part of the game. That’s exactly what you get when you play Crossout. This is a vehicular combat game that lets you destroy opponent's vehicles with ease.  


To learn more about this game and about some of the most interesting features of the game, you should read on. Info on how you can play the game among other ideas about the game can also be found here.

The Best Features of Crossout
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Build Your Own Car

Most vehicular games don't let you build your own car, or rather it is highly unlikely that you can build your car. The game already has cars created for you. But with Crossout, you can actually build a car from the ground up. 

The process of building your car isn’t as straightforward as you can imagine though. It takes a lot of getting around and learning for you to be able to build a car here. There are no clear tutorials so building your car is an adventure.


Choosing Your Battle Strategy

Another feature that definitely stands out when it comes to this game is that you get to choose your own battle strategy. How many games allow you this kind of choice today.? With this game your strategy is something that you thought of yourself. 

At times, you’ll need to forgo the winning part of the game and instead concentrate on surviving the tough times. For most games, the idea is all about going for that elusive win. But when it is impossible or you’ll lose much, you can opt for surviving. 

Create Your Own Workshop

These parts that you create in your workshop can be utilized in making your car better. You can build better amour and craft even better weapons. But what makes this feature stand out is that you can sell what you have built. 


When it comes to the selling part of the game, it’s a straight-up auction. If you manage to create a special part, you can sell it on the high. The auction takes place in the in-game marketplace. Ensure that your part looks amazing.

Huge Arsenal of Weapons

The number of weapons that you can get when you play this game is quite astronomical. And the good thing is that you can have them all if you so wish. The variety is from chainsaws, machine guns, power-drills, rocket launchers. 

You also have other advanced weapons such as flying drones and stealth generators which are quite hard to acquire. 

Unique Vehicles

Another feature that gives you access to some of the most amazing vehicles in the game other than building your own is this one. There are a number of vehicles that have been built over time by other players of the game. 

And these are pretty special types of vehicles that are built by experienced players who know the terrain. 

The Best Features of Crossout
Photo credit; Galaktus.prowly.com

Advanced Damage Mode

The last feature that you need to have a look at is the Advanced Damage mode. This mode allows you to cause damage to your opponent’s vehicle. With this mode, you are able to damage the opponent’s vehicle immediately.


Video games are quite the in-thing in the 21st century and for good reason too. They give a chance to be engaged to a point of feeling like you’re a part of the game. Crossout certainly makes that happen for players.