Everyone will agree that Minecraft is one of the best games globally that lets you express all of your creativity and tap into your imagination. 

The game allows you to craft items, use those items to collect resources, and even build structures like houses. One might think that houses in Minecraft don't need a bathroom. 


If you feel like building a working bathroom in the game, here are some steps and tips to help you achieve a fully functioning bathroom with all the necessary fixtures needed.

  • Why Make A Working Bathroom
  • Gather The Right Materials
  • Add The Walls And Dividers
  • Shower Time
  • Finish Off With The Ceiling
  • Tips For Building Minecraft Bathrooms
Minecraft - How To Make A Bathroom That Works
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Why Make A Working Bathroom

Many players would want to ask why would anyone want to make a bathroom when you don't need one in the first place? A working bathroom in a game such as Minecraft is already a huge architectural feat. 

Minecraft - How To Make A Bathroom That Works
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There aren't many players who have the creativity needed to create their own bathroom, let alone make a working bathroom that you can stay and chill in for a while. You can even stay in the fully functional bathroom and enjoy your time in the bathtub. 


Many players feel that the bathroom is still an important part of the modern house, so making one should still be a priority.

Start With A Plan

You may have thought this over for a couple of hours, and now that you have finally decided to make a bathroom in Minecraft, the very first thing that you should know when it comes to making a working bathroom is to have a plan. 

A plan can be a blueprint or simply a layout of what the bathroom would look like if you want to go and make one immediately. It is easier for some to have a blueprint by drawing it first and then working on making it. 


Others want to let their creative juices flow and do it on the fly. Whatever option you choose, it is always best to have a plan so you won't have to go back and forth with your decisions later on, which can cost you a lot of time and resources.

Gather The Right Materials

Depending on the type of bathroom you want, you will need to have specific materials to make a functioning bathroom work. Gather several tools used to chop wood and mine ores as you will need one as well as an iron shovel. 

Minecraft - How To Make A Bathroom That Works
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Collect as many granite blocks as you want, and don't forget a few pieces of wood and water. Having the right materials will help you make the bathroom much faster, so you won't have to go out and gather the resources that you might need while building. 

Ensure you also have a toilet ready, the bathtub, shower, and a few other items needed inside the bathroom.

Choose The Proper Floor Layout

Building a working bathroom means building an entire room for it. If you are starting from scratch, use your iron shovel to dig the area for the foundation of the room. 

Dig through the area according to your blueprint and once that's done, fill it up with blocks. You can choose either granite blocks or any other blocks depending on your design. 

This will be the foundation and the floor of the bathroom. It is better to start with a 12 by 12 square so you'll have enough space to work with. 

Add The Walls And Dividers

Once you have finished the floor, start adding more blocks to make the walls. Make sure to leave some room for the windows and glass if you want to include them in your design. Finish your wall off using a different type of block at the top. 

Minecraft - How To Make A Bathroom That Works
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The best example would be to use a quartz block to make it more modern. Don't forget to leave some space for you to make a door for your bathroom. 

When it comes to partitions, you may create a small wall within the bathroom, but it is all dependent on your design; it would be best to either use dividers or leave it as is so you can have more room to work with later on.

Start Building Inside

Now that the foundation and the walls are up, it is now time to build the smaller structures found within a working bathroom. Start by building a simple toilet first. Position the toilet near the entrance or at least adjacent to the entrance of the bathroom. 

You may want to build a partition around this specific area for privacy, or you may want it all open. Use the quartz stairs to make the toilet. Use the same quartz stairs to make the bathroom sink. 

The bathtub can be quite tricky as you will need to dig through your floor and add a dispenser in the middle. Add a button nearby. Surround it with blocks to make a tub and add water. Push the button, and the dispenser will automatically add water into your bathtub.

Shower Time

Your bathroom wouldn't be complete without the most important area of them all - the shower. To start, dig through the floor and add a dispenser within the floor. 

Minecraft - How To Make A Bathroom That Works
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Add a few slabs of quartz at the top and add another dispenser. You may want to add a glass partition for privacy or leave it open if you feel that you are secured within your bathroom. Add a button near the entrance of the shower. 

Next, add water to the dispenser found at the top of the shower, so every time you tap on the button, water will start flowing just like a working shower would.

Add Some Shelves And Decorate

Now that you're almost done with the bathroom, you can start adding some shelves and a few cabinets inside. The shelves will serve as either area where you can add plants or flowers or place some bathroom fixtures. 

Then add wooden cabinets if you still have enough space. This is where you can store your towels and other dry sheets to be used within the bathroom. Add some ornaments near the sink. 

You may also place a mirror nearby. Place some rugs on the floor to keep your feet dry when you step out of the bath or shower and avoid water all over the floor. Finally, add some lamps inside so that it feels cozy and comfortable enough.

Finish Off With The Ceiling

Lastly, make sure to use the rest of the quartz block to seal off the entire bathroom ceiling

Minecraft - How To Make A Bathroom That Works
Image Source: The Architects Diary

You may also want to leave a few spaces empty and add glass into them for natural lighting

If not, you can still use the lamps found inside to illuminate the place.

Try Using Different Blocks And Block Types For The Exterior

When it comes to finishing off the ceiling and the exterior areas of your bathroom, try to use a different set of blocks but choose those that are still within the color scheme of the entire bathroom. 

Avoid using a contrasting color. You can use half-slabs, lanterns, and even glass panes on the exterior to make the bathroom great to look at even from the outside. This way, it will make your bathroom more inviting. 

Never forget to decorate the exterior as well but don't overdo it.

Tips For Building Minecraft Bathrooms

Apart from the steps given above, building bathrooms in Minecraft can be very tricky, especially for new players who want to experiment. The first thing you should keep in mind is learning how to use Minecraft building tools. 

Minecraft - How To Make A Bathroom That Works
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These tools are essential in almost all aspects of the game. Get yourself familiarized with how these tools work, and you will be more efficient at building different structures in this game. 

Next, you need to pick and choose a good color scheme. Having different colors in your bathroom would only make it look messy. Choose a few colors that are in similar schemes, and you can play around with them.

Explore Your Imagination

Probably the best advice that any player can give to you is to explore your imagination and creativity. The best part about playing Minecraft is that it allows you to build and test what you've done to see if they are good or not. 

Don't limit yourself to just having a single plan. Go ahead and try to infuse a bit of your personality into the bathroom you like to make. Use some paintings or any other ornament that you have. 

Play around with the details of the bathroom. You may even try new designs of your bathtub or shower if you want. Let your creative juices flow and get rewarded for doing it.


Having a working bathroom in Minecraft may not be the most obvious thing to do when playing the game. However, if you genuinely want to express your building skills in the game, you can always build one through the steps and tips given above.