War Thunder is the biggest free-to-play game that features military vehicles ranging from the years pre-World War II to the present. Just as real-life battles were fought through aviation, ground vehicles, and naval tactics, the same is required in the game.  

One unique feature of this game is having historically accurate vehicles in terms of appearance and characteristics. They also have physically-based damage models. You will find over 1,500 recreated models of helicopters, ships, aircraft, and armored vehicles (both wheeled and tracked). 


Since its official release last December 2016, the vehicular combat multiplayer video game has received a variety of feedback from gaming forums and communities. Many have been claiming that it’s not safe to use and has many bugs. Up next is a low-down on War Thunder so you can judge yourself.

Is War Thunder Safe to Use On a Computer?
Image Source: War Thunder

What’s in War Thunder?

The game has diverse missions and modes that allow players to pick their desired level of difficulty. There is a simplified Arcade mode for rookie warriors, while Realistic Battles and Simulator Battles are for those who want to experience historical accuracy to a maximum. 

Should you want to participate in combat with different conditions like re-enactments of real historic battles, you can go to the “Events and Tournaments.” Additionally, you can fight against enemies controlled by AI in the Historical and Dynamic Campaigns or with other people in the cooperative PvE Assault missions. 


To add, War Thunder has a special mode called World War for lovers of historical battles.

Furthermore, it has User Missions created by the players themselves; you can download them here. Also, to create all types of gameplay scenarios with the game parameters and available vehicles of your choice, you can go to the Training Ground.

You can assemble a squad with a maximum of four members, take part in battles, and get extra rewards. In most game modes, the maps are designed for 32 players split into two teams. The total number of players may reach 64 members in certain events.


Is War Thunder Safe to Use?

As stated, you are free to download and play the online game right away. It does not come with any restrictions or subscription fees. Most importantly, the game is safe, so you can install it without fear of viruses or bugs. 

Although you may encounter questions and concerns on different online gaming forums and communities regarding its computer safety, many have disproved the false claims. Some have already given their testimonies that they haven’t encountered any viruses or malware in years of play. 

Because it comes with Gaijin.Net Agent, some believe this to be suspicious. However, its sole purpose is to track updates for War Thunder or other Gaijin Entertainment-developed games and refresh them to the latest version to save time and effort. 

It’s safe and harmless because it has no access to a user’s personal files, for it only works with games files. The player database has never been compromised, and they officially stated on their site that any rumors of such are untrue

The breach of any database is impossible because user login data is not grouped in any kind of ‘database.’ Even if a malicious individual could even access any player database, user authorization in War Thunder is near impossible to breach because it is subject to a secure salted hash algorithm.

Is War Thunder Safe to Use On a Computer?
Image Source: War Thunder

Safety Reminders

Because some players keep using the same or similar accounts and passwords in accessing different systems, it gives an attacker the perfect opportunity to steal information from unsecured sources. Thus, it is used to compromise careless players’ accounts

For your War Thunder account, it's advised to use a unique and complex password to improve your personal data security significantly. You can also enable a two-step authorization for your account to increase account protection from attempts of hacking and theft. 

Similarly, anyone pretending to distribute software that is supposed to give you cheating advantages is more likely a fraudster looking to steal your money or compromise your personal data. Avoid using cheats like speed-hack, invulnerability, and anything similar. All movements and player interactions like collisions and damages are calculated on the server side.


Like any other program, online games may contain errors that users can exploit to gain benefits. Doing this is strictly not allowed by their End-user License Agreement. It may lead to permanent blockage of your War Thunder account. 

The developers of this game do their best to fix such problems as soon as possible, but sometimes new ones appear. Should you find a potentially exploitable game bug, report it immediately on the forums via private message to their moderators or administrators.