New games pop out all the time. Some of them bring something very special and some are truly genre-defining. One perfect case of a genre-defining game is Auto Chess.

Auto Chess is one of the few first "auto chess" games that was made available in public. Born out of the Dota 2 custom map, Auto Chess became a standalone game developed by Dragonest Game. The strategic game has regular updates and is highly competitive that it soon established a very robust e-sports scene after its release.


Now, fans of the genre can play the game over on their mobile devices and soon on PS4. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, make sure that you know the basics of Auto Chess, how it is played, and what is the most effective strategy to win more games.

Downloading the Game

Getting started means downloading the game. You can download the game through the Google Play Store or the App Store as well the PlayStation Store. Once you have finished downloading the game, you can log in by creating a Dragonest account or simply log in using your social media account.

At the homepage, you will be required to play through the tutorial to know the basics of the game. The tutorial provides some simple knowledge to help you understand the concept of the game and how to play it. If you are new to the game, it is highly recommended that you focus on learning the game through the tutorial.

How to Purchase Auto Chess Now that it Is Available for PS4
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The Basics

Auto Chess is played against 7 other players with each having their board. Each player will go through different rounds and fight against each other using pieces placed on the board. The objective is to be the last player standing however, winning is not easy especially when you are up against other players.

The game starts with each player having 1 gold. You will be going up against an NPC for the first three rounds in the game. Each round has two phases - preparation and battle.

Once the round starts, players are placed in the preparation phase where they get to choose 5 random pieces and each of the pieces is replaced after each round. The pieces or units can cost from 1 gold up to 5 depending on their capabilities and how rare they are in the game.


This is the time when you will be building your team and strategize how you would be playing the game so make sure to synergize each unit on your team very well. The battle phase begins when the units start to battle. They are done automatically so you won't have to do anything else after that. All you need to do is watch as the battle plays out and see which team wins.

Units and Items

Items are dropped by monsters during the first three rounds of the game as well as every fifth round afterward. Check your loot after these rounds and see which items you can use for your units. To equip them to your units, simply drag the item to the piece and it will automatically use it on the next round.

Each player will have 100 health at the start. Every round you win, you can gain gold and experience. A match lasts for 50 rounds but sometimes, matches only last up to around 30 rounds or so.

Winning a round will reward you with an extra gold apart from the five gold that you collect each round. This will help you level up and select more units in the process. Gold can also be used to gain experience so you will have to choose wisely if you want more units or experience when playing each round.

Chess Pieces are categorized into races and classes. These will help you build and synergize your team very well. Units that are under the same race and using different classes will help you net a better win condition than just mixing all races.

How to Purchase Auto Chess Now that it Is Available for PS4
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Winning the Game

To win the game, you must be wise in choosing which pieces you want to play. Familiarize yourself with all playable units in the game as well as their stats and abilities. This will help you gain more knowledge and prepare good synergy for your team when playing.

Save some gold whether you are winning or losing. Gold is a valuable commodity in this game and it can help you net an overall victory by the end of all the rounds. Save up on gold and play around with the gold markers by tens.

Having more gold means you can purchase more items or perform more or deny combos in the game. If you are on a winning streak, you might be tempted to shell out all your extra gold but hold off on spending gold until you reach the late game where you have access to more powerful units and end the game strong.

Some players might not know this but you can take a peek at your opponents and see how they are doing. Simply tap on their portraits at the side of the screen to see their boards. You can see all the important information which helps you gain an advantage in the succeeding rounds.


Auto Chess might be a tad bit complicated at first but at its core, it is a very simple and enjoyable game that requires a little bit of strategy. The basic concept of this game is synergy and economy. Understanding how these work will help you reach higher levels where you get to challenge masterful players in the game.