It has been years since a great action-adventure video game has graced our screens. Ghost of Tsushima has set a standard for up and coming video games now that it has been released. With its highly-detailed open world and a historic take on the invasion of the Mongols in Japan, the game elevates in almost every aspect.

This action-adventure game is one of the most beautiful-looking games in recent years. The game not only offers strikingly gorgeous landscapes and highly-detailed characters, but it also provides a hectic combat system, an engaging storyline, and good fun for such a complex game. Find out more about what is Ghost of Tsushima, how to play the game, and learn more tricks and tips when playing at a higher level.

Ghost of Tsushima - Discover this Game Inspired by Japanese Mythology
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Welcome to Feudal Japan

Ghost of Tsushima is set in a fictional feudal Japan in the late 13th century during the Mongol invasion of the island of Tsushima. Jin Sakai leads the game as a samurai warrior as he quickly learns that the honorable way of the samurai might not be the best way to conquer the looming threat of the Mongols. He soon begins a quest to liberate the island alongside his friends and begins to confront the demons within him.

Developed by Sucker Punch Production, Ghost of Tsushima was released in July of 2020 for the PlayStation 4. The game has been lauded for its action combat system and has been nominated for several awards including the Game of the Year award.

In August 2020, the game released a multiplayer expansion called Ghost of Tsushima: Legends where it takes on a supernatural approach using Japanese Mythology and folklore. Players get to choose from four different classes and participate in raids, story-based missions, or solo-based missions. The expansion has over three chapters to play with.


Gameplay and Features

Ghost of Tsushima features an open-world where players can travel around with the use of a horse. The third-person perspective offers a more active approach to the combat system. This allows players to perform fluid movements and strikes through the use of the technique.

Speaking of combat, players can engage either with the use of a tachi and any other weapon available. Active combat can be done through a series of fatal strikes. Meanwhile, stealth can also be used to avoid enemies and strike them from behind.

The game also has different levels of difficulty. The highest being "Lethal" with enemies being able to do more damage instead of them being especially difficult to deal with. This difficulty setting could mean that enemies can strike you down in just one or two successful attacks.


Tips to Play

The combat system in Ghost of Tsushima is somewhat tied to your skill in successfully landing all of your strikes. Through techniques and the choice of weapon, players can deal more damage and execute enemies immediately. However, there are more things to do in Ghost of Tsushima than just brandishing your Tachi and slash your way to the end of the game.

Ghost of Tsushima - Discover this Game Inspired by Japanese Mythology
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Exploring can be a very rewarding experience for players. Discover different locations and you might find some weapons or upgrade the ones that you own. You might even get to meet some interesting characters that will help you learn a new technique.

One good way of exploring the open world is by following the yellow birds. The island is riddled with birds and if you follow them, it might lead you to some secret area in the game.

Take the Time

Your patience is greatly rewarded in Ghost of Tsushima. Just like Jin, you also begin to transition from being an honorable samurai to a stealthy assassin in the game. With this, you begin to learn new techniques to become stealthier and sneakier.

The game will not be the same game you will play from the beginning. Slowly, the game transitions into an action-packed stealth game that you should learn. Pick up side missions to learn more techniques and abilities and take the time to get to know how to play the game.

Engaging in Combat

Combat is very different in Ghost of Tsushima. It is not wise to enter combat and hack and slash your way into a group of enemies. There are a lot of things that you need to consider first before you dive into combat.

Ghost of Tsushima - Discover this Game Inspired by Japanese Mythology
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Make sure that you have the proper stance when engaging in combat. This means that you will need the perfect technique and the proper timing when you try to fend off enemies. Much like in a real swordfight, you will need to time your strikes correctly to deal massive damage and end the fight as soon as it starts.

Players may not be ready for this kind of combat system but it is always best to pay close attention to your enemy's stance instead of rushing into combat. Patience is key to defeating the enemy and once you have the right opportunity, you can take down an enemy in just one or two strikes.

Proper Stance

As previously mentioned, you need to study your enemies first before engaging them. Learning different stances will help you in combat. Different enemies will require you to learn different stances in the game.

There are about four different stances in the game - Stone, Wind, Water, and Moon. Each of them has specific attributes and affects different types of enemies including those with spears, shields, and swords. You can learn new stances in the game by properly observing the Mongol leaders before you engage them in combat or perform the killing blow.

The deeper you go into the game, the deeper you also need to go through your well of knowledge in learning the proper stances for specific types of enemies. One stance might be good with defenseless enemies while another stance is highly advisable for enemies with shields or ranged attacks.

Take Down Archers

Archers are one of the most annoying enemies that you'll encounter in Ghost of Tsushima. Not only are they highly accurate with their aim, but they can also deal massive damage to you. They are also a very pesky enemy especially when you're fighting with multiple enemies.

Ghost of Tsushima - Discover this Game Inspired by Japanese Mythology
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When you're up against archers, make sure to deal with them first. Make it your priority to take them down before a fight even breaks out if you have the chance. For those that are already embroiled in a melee together with archers, take cover first and use ranged weapons to take them out as archers are quite vulnerable to ranged attacks themselves.

Use Your Weapons

Speaking of archers, you can also deflect incoming arrows as a defensive stance against them. Learn the technique especially during the early stages of the game so you can have a better chance at surviving brawls later on. Time your blocks correctly and you should be able to deflect incoming ranged attacks properly.

You may then use your ranged weapons such as the kunai knives to eliminate the archers. These throwing knives are also great during stealth missions. Use them effectively in battle by throwing them at the enemies to expose them and then strike your killing blow.

Complete Quests and Missions

Ghost of Tsushima - Discover this Game Inspired by Japanese Mythology
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There are three types of missions in the game. The gold ones are the main missions or the narrative quests while the white ones are the side quests. You will also encounter blue icons that are mythic quests.

Apart from doing the main and side quests, mythic quests are also a great way to distract yourself from the main storyline if you want to find something new in the game. Mythic quests reward you with game-changing items that will provide more power to your combat skills. Always make sure to finish these mythic quests if you encounter them so you can be stronger and more able to continue the main storyline.

Completing these quests also give you gear such as new outfits, ranged weapons, and armor. These will help you learn new combat skills as well as protect you from deadly blows. These items can be very powerful in certain areas in the game so always take them when they are available.

Upgrading Your Gear

Ghost of Tsushima has a very complex upgrading system. It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for players but the basic gist is that resources can be used to upgrade only certain types of weapons. These resources include wood such as bamboo, metals like gold, steel, and iron, and cloth such as leather and linen.

Use wood to help upgrade your bow while metal will make your sword stronger. Upgrade your armor and other gear with the help of cloth such as leather and silk. Use all of your metal supplies and upgrade your katana and tanto to make quick work of your opponents.


Ghost of Tsushima is an epic samurai adventure that will soon become a classic in the gaming realm. Its open world is filled with oriental aesthetics that your eyes can feast on for hours. The game's combat system is something to uphold and should be the standard of many upcoming action-adventure games.

Challenging and rewarding games like this are the reason Sony is one of the most successful video game companies n the world. It is one of those games that only come by once in several years but deliver a spectacular experience.