Borderland 3, developed and published by Gearbox Software and 2K Games, is a first-person video shooter action game released in September 2019 with new additions, including Diamond KEys.

The addition of Diamond Keys and armory is one of the most interesting new amendments to the Borderlands 3 base version with the new Director's DLC Cut.


In this article, we'll be talking about how one can get Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3. It's not too difficult to understand once you get the hang of it – so without further ado, let's get going!

  • About Borderlands 3
  • Equip A Variety of Weapons
  • Equip Class Mods
  • How to Get Diamond Keys
  • How to Use Diamond Keys
  • Check Your Mail for Loyalty Rewards
Find Out How to Get Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3
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About Borderlands 3

The narrative focuses on four new hunters from the Crimson Raiders from Pandora who must stop the twins from using the power of the alien Vaults distributed throughout the Galaxy by Troy, Tyreen, and Calypso.

Find Out How to Get Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3
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Players accomplish searches and side objectives as one of four classes, either in one person or multiplayer.


Borderlands 3 allows the player to enjoy the game in a single-player mode as well as a four-player party mode in which you can play with your friends as a team of 4 different characters.

In Borderlands 3, you fight your enemies, collect bounties and loot, accomplish various tasks, and win amazing awards and prizes.

How to Play

In addition to characters' powers and weaponry, player characters have unique fighting moves and talents, such as mechanic-influenced crouch-sliding in the Titanfall and Apex legends. Players and their foes can cover temporary barriers, which after continuous weapons attack, can be destroyed.


When the game opens on Pandora Planet, the player gets early access to a spacecraft, Sanctuary III, which is the central hub between missions and where Vaults can be identified. It is also used to select destinations for new worlds.

Players can manage their inventory onboard Sanctuary III, recover arms they left on the field, repair their tree and buy new arms and updates, as well as complete optional missions.

Equip a Variety of Weapons

In Borderland 3, there are more than one billion weapons, however, there are only six different types of ammo: Pistol, Assault, SMG, Shotgun, and Heavy. To ensure that your ammo stores are not emptied at the worst possible moment, always bring a variety of weaponry.

Find Out How to Get Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3
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You can travel in Borderlands 3 from anywhere by using a hand-held cellphone-looking gadget called the ECHO device via a map to any previously found Fast Travel Station or even to your most recently used vehicle.

This also includes stations of Fast Travel on other planets. If you find a station elsewhere in the Galaxy, you can get there immediately without having to first warp back to Sanctuary III.

Choosing the Correct Elemental Damage Type

In Borderlands 3, there are five basic types of damage: fire, shock, corrosive, cryogenic, and radiation, represented by different colors.

Fire damage is represented by red medical bars, electric damage is shown with blue health bars, and corrosive melts are characterized by yellow health bars. This is very practical when you wish to isolate an enemy for some fire or to keep a melee attacker in a distraction.

Cryo guns cause cryogenic damage and cause your opponent to freeze in place. Finally, radiation damage causes long-term health effects to opponents whom you use radioactive weapons on.

Equip Class Mods

Class Mods are class-specific gear parts with several perks. These benefits are typical in the form of points on talent trees which enable you to acquire skills and buffs in which you have not invested points in or over the regular skills you have already exceeded.

Find Out How to Get Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3
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Note that after a particular mission to Promethea, it is only possible to equip Class Mod, therefore, if you find one in the past, deposit it at the crew quarters of Sanctuary III for safekeeping on your player bank.

Borderlands 3 is integrated with Twitch streams so viewers can explore the inventory of the streamer and the tree of skills.

Special chests in the game allow viewers to receive the same weapon/item that the stream finds in their own game via the Shift Code, scaled to their level.

How to Download

To download Borderlands 3 onto your PC, you need a Steam store, which you can obtain easily from the official Steam website. After the steam has been downloaded, create a profile to make the stages run smoothly and efficiently.

Once your Steam profile has been created, start the Steam application for the type ‘Borderlands 3’ on your PC in the search bar on the shop table. To purchase with your credit card, click "Cart Add" and make an online purchase. Select the installation path for a particular drive when the transaction has ended and wait until the game is installed.

The price for Borderlands 3 is $14.84 as of May 2021. Three deluxe digital editions and the last edition of Borderlands also come with a number of unique goods, a season pass, skins, and arms.

How to Get Diamond Keys

Players of Borderlands 3 have to level up and get XP. This can be done by performing any task and killing any adversary, but the Vault Cards can also be used for challenges every day and week.

Find Out How to Get Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3
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Once the players advance, the new lower bar will fill up and provide Vault Card Crate with access once they have been filled.

There may be numerous goods in these crates, such as random equipment, Eridium, a cosmetic Vault Card, or a Vault Card Key, containing a key that enables players to unlock cosmetics or weapons. Diamond keys can also be found in crates.

Other Rewards Found in Vault Crates

These crates can also contain all types of high-level plunder, save Diamond Keys. It enables you to unlock legendary equipment and cosmetics of the Vault kind.

A total of 28 awards are paid for each Vault Card in Borderlands 3, including 24 themed cosmetics and four new legendary gear drops.

This new mechanism allows gamers to earn heaps of great goodies with a lot of luck. The rewards that you receive are scaled to your level.

How to Use Diamond Keys

In a specified place at Hall 3, you are able to use the Diamond Key. Once you have gone down the bridge, utilize the diamond symbol on the podium key.

Find Out How to Get Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3
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Once the key has been used, the loot room opens on each wall with rewards. One prize for each category can be chosen. However, be quick because a timer tells you how long you can be plundering for these items.

If you have forgotten to choose an item from any of the walls, then an arbitrary object will be dropped when the timer runs out.

A final item, guaranteed as a legend, is dropped off the chest. Thus, you always have four items with every diamond key, and one item is legendary.

Tips for Success

All Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3 can now roam the FFYL and give them a better chance to take the perfect shot, which eventually saves their lives with a second wind recovery. Friendly NPCs can also relieve you to help those in the vicinity boost their survival.

The Mark Target option is very beneficial if you want to gather company against a strong enemy, highlight an ammunition box, call a loot box, or briefly mark your surroundings.

You may always explore Borderlands 3 on foot, but taking a set of wheels is a speedier approach to achieve your search goals or new places. Any Catch-A-Ride station can always provide a vehicle, although you may also quickly hijack one if aggressive drivers come too close. In certain worlds, you may even find some elusive cars, which appear as purple models.

Check Your Mail for Loyalty Rewards

There's a fair chance that you'll be rewarded your brand loyalty with a little Thank You contribution sent through the in-game mail system if you accomplish some milestones utilizing your equipment.

Find Out How to Get Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3
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To get your award, go to the Pause menu social area, then choose the Mail tab.

The mail system in the game is also how you get weapons via the Vault Insider program.

Scale Your World With Mayhem Mode

When trying to stop the Calypso Twins in your space-faring search, you will find many alternative side missions with additional XP and valuable loot stories with unforgettable characters.

If you miss or skip some of these objectives on your path only to realize that you are outsourcing them later, don't worry – you can scale the whole world accordingly while Mayhem Mode is working, ensuring that all missions are a good challenge.


Borderlands 3 is a brilliant game to play, with mind-blowing graphics and gameplay that'll keep you occupied for hours! Play it today and find out what all the hype is really about.