Released in 2015, Dying Light was one of the most unique survival horror games as it introduced the day and night cycle into its gameplay. Players were able to roam the streets of Harran during the day without too much interference from zombies, but at night, the terrifying creatures are much deadlier and more dangerous.

There are two ways to enjoy playing Dying Light. You can either play the game solo, or you can play with friends in co-op mode. 


The game is much more fun when you have friends who can help you along the way and increase your chances of survival, so here are some tips to help you play the game.

  • Move Around As Quickly As Possible
  • The Night Is Dark And Terrifying
  • Unlock Co-Op And Have Fun
  • Complete Side Quests
  • Dodge As Often As You Can
  • Set Some Traps
Dying Light – Find Out How To Start A Co-op Session
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Move Around As Quickly As Possible

If the first few minutes in the game have taught you anything about Dying Light, it is that the game is all about quickly moving around or running away from danger. 

Moving around is key to surviving in this game. You can use your mobility to great advantage by keeping yourself safe as you travel through the streets. 


You might want to take shelter in a safe place while you craft an item, or you might want to get away from the carnage to heal up. 

The only way to do this is to move around as quickly as possible. It is even highly recommended that you learn the art of running, especially when the sun sets and everything moves even faster.

Take Advantage Of Safe Houses

Safe houses are the only places in Dying Light that can provide shelter, especially during an onslaught. You can always seek shelter within a safe house and spend the night there to wait until the sun comes back up again. 


You can also make use of safe houses if you feel like you don't have enough time to finish a mission, especially when it's about to go dark outside. While spending the time inside a safe house, you can swap your damaged weapons or pick up some gear from your stash. 

You can also restock some of your resources, such as medkits and ammo. Make good use of your time in safe houses as there aren't many available in the game. 

The Night Is Dark And Terrifying

Nighttime in Dying Light is one of the most challenging aspects of the game. Rarely do you see a player bold enough to go out in the open at night where creatures come at you from every angle?

Dying Light – Find Out How To Start A Co-op Session
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Every move you make can be your last. If you do find yourself having a mission at night, chances are you might want to stock up on other items that will help you keep safe. 

UV torches, flashlights, and Molotov are items that you will need to see through the dark. However, they will also attract the attention of all the creatures lurking nearby. Always be on the move when you do night missions and keep track of your goal on the map. 

Be ready to fight for your life wherever you go out at night; the night is definitely scary.

Double Tap

It comes as no surprise that many zombie movies have taught us the art of double-tapping. Double-tap is a move popularized by shooting a seemingly dead enemy in case he comes back up again. 

This is true and a good way to avoid getting a surprise attack in Dying Light. Not all creatures that are on the floor are dead. Some might just be pretending to die and give you the surprise of your life by biting a chunk off your foot. 

Practice double-tapping, and you'll have a better chance at survival in this terrifying game.

Unlock Co-Op And Have Fun

Playing Co-Op is one of the best experiences that any player can attest to while playing the game. This allows you to invite your friends and play the game together as a team. 

Dying Light – Find Out How To Start A Co-op Session
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You can finish missions and level up together. However, the option is not available immediately. You have to unlock this feature by finishing the prologue first then finish a quest called First Assignment. 

Once done, don't forget to set the game type and make it public so you can unlock the co-op mode. The game will then notify you that the mode is now available. You can invite your friends or join others in their game with the co-op mode.

Work In Groups During Co-Op At Night

Playing co-op mode is much more fun, especially when you are playing with friends. There are also different perks when you play co-op. You have someone watching your back as you try to figure out a way to complete a mission

Additionally, the game also rewards you for playing this game mode, especially during night missions, where the game gets a bit more complicated. Finishing missions in co-op grants more experience points, so your team level up much faster. 

There are also different challenges that make the game even more rewarding for players who choose to play in a co-op mode.

Complete Side Quests

Most of the main missions in Dying Light are all about killing zombies. However, if you genuinely want to experience what it's like playing Dying Light, try to complete as many side-quests as you can. 

Dying Light – Find Out How To Start A Co-op Session
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The game truly has so much more to offer with its side quests. Apart from gaining experience, you also get to understand how the world works and receive rewards in doing so. 

You also get the chance to receive interesting and unique weapons that you can use throughout the entire game. So when a new side quest pops up on your screen, please make a point of it to complete it before you move on to your main mission.

Learn Item Quality Early On

Item quality is an essential aspect of Dying Light. You do not want to have a bad item, especially when you are fighting off a horde of zombies, only to end up dying because an item broke in the middle of a fight. 

Determine the quality of your item by its color. By identifying the quality of the item, you can know its value. Gray means that the item is at its weakest, while purple and orange have the highest quality. 

Having a lower item quality means the item breaks a lot faster, has lesser durability, fewer upgrades, and overall has less value for you.

Dodge As Often As You Can

There are many different types of enemies that run at you during the day. There are even more strange creatures that come out at night. Some of them want to take a bite out of you, while others want to immediately kill you.

Dying Light – Find Out How To Start A Co-op Session
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There are bombers and demolishers which can immediately tear you apart. Certain enemies launch projectiles at you from different directions, so dodging is one move that you need to master early on in the game. 

The dodge mechanic is one of the most effective methods of preventing death. With so many things that can kill you in this game, this move will guarantee your safety. 

Save Civilians Along The Way

Along the way, you'll encounter different civilians, and sometimes, they end up getting eaten alive by the zombies. 

You might not want to trouble yourself by saving civilians and complete the mission, but it is highly recommended that you try to save them once in a while. 

Civilians offer a good amount of cash if you can save them from imminent death. While money isn't that hard to find in Dying Light, it does pay to gain a little bit of income from saving civilians along the way.

Set Some Traps

Sometimes, you also want to be aggressive against these zombies, especially if you are on a specific mission and they are in the way. 

Dying Light – Find Out How To Start A Co-op Session
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Setting traps will help you keep safe in the game while also eliminating a huge number of zombies. Traps are highly advisable if you are caught in a corner or trapped within an area. 

Traps make quick work of zombies so you can always get away from these situations.

Save Your Ammo

Ammo is essential for your survival. While you may think that ammo is easy to find in this game, you'd be surprised to know that they are not that common. 

Make sure to conserve the use of ammo and use it only against dangerous enemies. You can dodge or make a run for it if you have the chance. 

If you have to fight your way out, make sure to scout your surroundings and see if you can use it to your advantage, like shooting at gas tanks or setting afire.


Not all players will survive until the end of Dying Light. However, the tips mentioned above, especially with playing the co-op mode, will surely help you get to the end and finish the game. 

Dying Light is a highly entertaining, fast-paced, survival horror game that will keep you on your toes. The game is available on Steam for PC.