Have you ever noticed the rise of popularity of live streams all over websites like YouTube? Many content creators nowadays opt for live streaming options when projecting their games. It's a pretty easy way to earn money and in a way that wouldn't require content creators to spend hours on editing as well – seems ideal, right?

It's not all perfect, in reality. There's one major problem; you can have no take-backs or second chances in live streams. If you've said something, everyone heard it. You can't edit that out of your videos, and it will probably have some consequences attached. 


Streamers need to be very careful about their personal information or say something that may offend others because the internet is a very unforgiving place! Nevertheless, this happens almost very rarely because most streamers are professional enough to know what they're saying – but what if there's a slip of the tongue?

Discover Streamers Who Have Leaked Personal Information Live on Streams
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Pokimane Had Her Info Leaked Twice!

Imane Anys, the most widely known female streamer globally and more commonly known as Pokimane, plays games like Fortnight and League of Legends on YouTube. 

While live-streaming, she once accidentally turned her eyes away from the screen and ended up showing her credit card information to everyone. Her fellow creator Fedmyster caught the information and ended up ordering 50 pounds of Cheez Whiz! 


However, Imane could recover from this all thanks to her credit card company's prompt response. But then, it happened again!

Pokimane also accidentally showed her email address while playing Call of Duty: Warzone. It wasn't as bad as her first mishap, but it would've been irritating nonetheless!

Tfue Happened To Leak A lot More Than Just His Info! 

It was just a typical day for Tfue when he mistakenly let his email address go public on Livestream! He was setting up his game to play Call of Duty: Warzone when his email address came quite visibly on the screen – it was hard to be missed, in fact! 


His slip-up was mainly harmless, again. But the next time something like this happened, it was Tfue who ended up leaking Mr. Beast's phone number on his charity tournament. 

He also leaked the code for participant group chat, as if like a cherry on top! Tfue violated someone else's privacy, and that's hugely looked down upon – it was uncalled for, and Ninja attacked Tfue over this in his videos.

PewDiePie Couldn't Keep His Email Address Hidden! 

It is true – you only learn things when they happen to you! Just like Tfue and Pokimane couldn't keep their emails hidden while playing Call of Duty: Warzone, PewDiePie didn't fall behind either. 

While fixing his game settings, he made the same silly mistake and, in a few seconds, his email was out in public. 

Maybe three YouTubers having the same issue is too much! Perhaps, the game developers should take a hint and try to fix this because it will probably keep happening to other players. Other game developers could also take notes from this. 

Pranks Went A Bit Too Far For Asian Andy On Livestreams! 

What started as fun and games became a little too frustrating when Asian Andy decided to open customized text-to-speech messages to donate money to him. He was dying his hair for his viewers on a Livestream but forgot to realize that his Alexa was an earshot away! 

Andy's viewers quickly realized that they should have Alexa do whatever they want – and this went bad just as quickly as the realization. 

The pranks started; some called Andy's mom, other people, added a bunch of NSFW items in Andy's shopping list, and also called Ubers to his door. One person in the audience was also able to ask Alexa where Andy lives!

Discover Streamers Who Have Leaked Personal Information Live on Streams
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Internet is a profound place, and information could go a long way if it reaches the hand of someone wrong! These YouTubers learned their lesson in challenging ways, and now they're probably aware of the precautions one should take before starting to stream: always cross-check to see if you should be streaming this session at all. 

Privacy is a privilege, and streamers do probably value it much to keep making these mistakes again!