Playing video games is no longer considered a waste of time. Nor do people in general or parents discourage children from playing meaningful games that can add to their children's skillset or help them have a career in games. After all, it is a known fact that international gaming championships have prize money of millions of dollars!

There are different games – strategy games that help kids develop their minds, simulation games that focus on hand-body movement and coordination. Then there is a whole new level of gaming that involves kinesics. Gamers must move their body as if they are playing the game for real. All these games have their benefits. 


However, there is a set of games that parents must make sure that they do not play in front of their kids or do not allow them to play such games. These games ruin the minds of innocent kids and expose them to vices like violence, hatred, blood, and sex. 

Avoid Playing These Video Games in Front of Children
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House Party

The key objective of this deceitful game called House Party is for the gamer to charm the female characters for the sake of having “pleasure.” 

The gamer is required to use deceit, blackmail, bribe, and even encouraged to use all wrongful means to get to the bed with party girls. These girls are also portrayed in a skimpy dress, flat body, and nothing but voluptuous bust and butts. 


This kind of AI-generated motivation towards sex and the view of girls can have a significant impact on children as they watch their parents/family members play, or worst yet, they play themselves. 

Developing such a mindset is degrading and in no way closer to a traditional upbringing.

Manhunt 2

This game is considered not even safe for adults when it comes to violence and gore! The gamer plays the role of a psychopathic killer, who, as the name says, is on a manhunt! The graphics were so violent in the first installment that the company had to mellow down that aspect a bit in the second launch. 


The game encourages the players to kill their opponents as brutally as possible by rewarding higher points for the most brutal kills! Unless you wish to traumatize your kids for life, it is better to play it in their absence or, better yet, not play it at all. 

To make it easier to give up this game, here’s one trivia: this game created a ruckus internationally for its gnarly approach to killing. It was banned in Germany, Australia and one of the murders in the UK was even linked to this game! 

Grand Theft Auto

Anyone who has ever played video games has heard about Grand Theft Auto (GTA). With every installment of the game, the controversies have multiplied. Everything that the game teaches to the player is sinful and full of crime. 

Whether stealing and boosting cars or killing random people, running them over with vehicles, vandalism, etc. The worst part is that the hackers have been able to unlock hidden sexual content in the game and made it public. 

Playing it in front of the kids will have ghastly implications. Whether the gamer is avoiding cops, killing people, destroying property, or ransacking the city, none of this makes sense for the kids to be present in such gaming types. 

If this information isn’t sufficient, then one must know that the uproar with GTA installments was so huge across countries that eventually, the parent company and the distributors got entangled in lawsuits that ran in millions of dollars. Unfortunately, this hasn’t deterred the kids from playing this game at all.

Avoid Playing These Video Games in Front of Children
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To summarize, it is always good to read the reviews, watch the promos before one decides to play these games at homes where kids may be exposed to things that they should not be. For personal satisfaction and addiction, it is always better to keep such games out of the reach of children and keep the PlayStation or X-box in the common areas. 

Monitoring the kids and playing when they are away, or asleep is the best way to have a win-win situation at home that will keep their minds clean!