Are you a fan of Battle Royale games? Well, here is good news; Apex legends is the latest battle royale game developed by Respawn. It features a variety of different classes of character called legends. Each legend has its own unique abilities. Also, it features a respawn system that recovers your entire squad even after being eliminated from the game.

At its heart, it’s very much a Battle Royale game with the basics of what you expect from the genre. However, it has different characters and guns and plenty of things to separate it from the competition. 


At the beginning of the game, look for these differences, especially regarding the legends, and explore ways to use their abilities to your advantage. These kinds of strategies will help you and your team to be the last team standing. Still, playing with me? This is just the beginning. Read on.

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Remember Apex legends is still a Battle Royale game, so the genre’s rules about positioning still apply. In this game, positioning is what will bring you the results you want. For instance, you have to be careful about your position on the map compared to the ever-shrinking ring.

If you want to come into a circle, do it from an angle with very few players. Remember which direction the ship flew in to commence the game and you’ll know which point is likely to have few players.


If a particular side was underneath the ship’s path, then chances are, there is a team there. The same applies to large cities when they are at the edge zone; they are likely to always have an action in them.


Looting is another feature that is essential in Apex legends. It is important to always be in pursuit of defensive gear. These will be your shields against your opponent’s weapons. Defensive gear slots can either have a helmet or vest that vary in quality from common to rare and legendary.

Common takes the least damage. The armor is like your shield, so you can restock and be ready to take more damage. Opt for armor packs for healing because they are quicker than regular healing.


Collect A Lot Of Ammo and Experiment With Guns

This game has a lot of different guns that are decent, save for SMGs, and puny pistols. You should play your first games trying out the different guns to learn which one does what. Also at this point, you get to choose which one you like and therefore will be using more often.

The training simulator allows you to try each gun but it’s also advisable to test the guns during a match too. This is because the training simulator doesn’t retaliate. One sure thing is all the weapons take a lot of bullets to kill your opponents. Your opponents have tough skin, so it will take several bullets to kill them, not just target shooting.

Apex Legends - Learn About the Game Story
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Learn the Legends’ Roles

Remember at the start of each game round, you pick legends. Each legend has a different ability that can fill a different role. You must acquaint yourself with their abilities so you know which one to pick.

Remember each character has unique abilities that can turn things around to your team’s advantage. Some of these legends include Gibraltar, Pathfinder, etc.

The Final Word

In any game, you need to master the tricks and strategies involved to win. In Apex Legends, you need to position first. Then master your weapons and legends. Remember you need a lot of bullets to kill your tough-skinned opponents.

Also, keep pursuing weapons. You can never have enough. You keep refilling ready for more damage.