One of the most-played games today in the virtual community is 8 Ball Pool. With an online and mobile-based gaming community, this game boasts of several tiers and tournaments everyone can play and enjoy against players from all over the world.

The game has already amassed quite a large following over the years thanks to its interesting gameplay. However, in more recent times, the free cash that you can earn also invited more players to come and see what this has to offer. 


So if you're an 8 ball player or just getting into the game and want to know how to earn free cash, you'll want to know what's next. 

Learn How to Earn Free Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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What Is 8 Ball Pool? Get to Know the Game

8 Ball Pool is both a mobile application and online game that provides billiards players from around the world an avenue to play the game that they love. 

It boasts of varying levels, leagues, and tournaments that individuals can engage in with their friends or even strangers from different parts of the globe. 


Learn How to Earn Free Cash in 8 Ball Pool

The game is available through Google via the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices, this game is free to download and use. However, players that wish to upgrade their game may easily opt-in for in-app purchases.

Today, this game is considered one of the most popular games of its genre, with thousands of players from around the globe taking part in daily tournaments. 


Here, players can practice and further hone their skills, while some may choose to take part in competitions to win rewards such as coins and cash. 

The Objective of the Game

The main objective of the game is to win against opponents. With realistically-themed game rooms in place, users are to take part in tournaments and matches, with the goal to win by sinking as many balls as possible before the timer runs out. 

Learn How to Earn Free Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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By securing a high score in the game, players ensure that they get more time to play billiards via the app

By extension, this also gives them the opportunity to add more time on their clock and grab more chances to gain access to exclusive rewards and items from the store and the app itself. 

Brief History Behind the App

8 Ball Pool was created by Switzerland-based gaming company Miniclip in 2010. However, a previous version was released earlier in 2008, with the main idea of shooting as many balls as possible within the time limit. 

Learn How to Earn Free Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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Learning More About the Gameplay

Taking the time to learn more about the gameplay of 8 Ball Pool is essential to winning various tournaments and games, but also in succeeding in gaining access to some of the most elusive rewards on the app.

The gameplay of this particular mobile app is simple and that’s what makes it appealing. All players need to do is take part in competitive matches with other players to get pool coins. Depending on the type of game room the player engages in, there are matching sets of rules, prizes, and entry fees. 

Learn How to Earn Free Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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As players compete in more matches, they accumulate more points. These points can be used to move towards higher levels and unlock more rooms, cues, and other items in the game. Players can play at their own pace, provided the end-goal is still to win as many matches as they can. 

Key Features of the Mobile App

One of the many features of the 8 Ball Pool app is that it allows individuals to play pool for coins and other exclusive items, including the much-coveted free cash. These coins and cash can be used to enter more challenging arenas and matches as well as purchase items to improve gameplay from the shop. 

Learn How to Earn Free Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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More than this, another notable feature of the program is that allows users to take part in competitions against multiplayer or even on a 1-on-1 level. This can be used by players to practice their skills accordingly or win by engaging in these aforementioned matches. 

What’s more, this game gives players the avenue to challenge their friends using their respective Facebook or Miniclip accounts wherever they may be in the world. This provides maximum engagement anytime, anywhere. 

Other Highlights of the Game

There are still other features that the game possesses. Unbeknownst to many, one of the main come-ons of the game is that it perfectly mimics real-life gameplay. This means that game rooms are greatly similar to that of reality, giving players the same feel even when they are playing virtually. 

Learn How to Earn Free Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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In addition, there are also various cues to choose from. These cues, while not fully customizable, bring something new to the table. Each of the available cues rewarded and available for purchase in the Pool Shop deliver powerful play depending on the chosen cue for the specific game. 

To help provide more insight to users, the app also displays the general statistics between each player. Moreover, the screen also displays what the opponent is planning to pot and how many balls are left. 

Downloading the App on Google Play

The app is available for download on Google Play for Android users. To download the game, simply look up 8 Ball Pool on the Play Store and tap on ‘install.’ Afterwards, individuals may sign up and link their accounts to Facebook to continue playing and sharing the game. 

Learn How to Earn Free Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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How to Play the Game

Once the app is installed on the device, users can simply connect to the Internet and play wherever they may be. Creating an account allows the game to progress to be saved. 

Learn How to Earn Free Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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To start, players can enter matches or tournaments of their choice. Wins will be rewarded with coins, trophies, cues, cash, and many others. 

Importance of Cash in the Game

Pool Cash is a type of currency typically used within the 8 Ball Pool Game. This currency can be used to purchase functions and features that are not usually made available through normal currencies such as the coin or the cues available. 

Learn How to Earn Free Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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Unlike other currencies, rewards, and prizes in the game, cash is rare to come by. While it can be purchased with real-life money, it can also be earned for free by participating in a number of activities within the game. 

With its rarity in the game, it is worth spending hard-earned Pool Cash on cues to improve players’ gameplay. More importantly, Pool Cash should be reserved for items such as Legendary Boxes. This will give legendary cues that will give people an edge during the game. 

Getting Cash on the 8 Ball Pool App – Tips and Tricks to Master

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, constantly playing the app and visiting it daily is a great help when it comes to helping earn cash for free. After all, playing the game and participating in matches provides individuals with the chance to level up, with each tier being rewarded with 1 Pool Cash. 

Learn How to Earn Free Cash in 8 Ball Pool

Another method that avid gamers can try is honing their skills and emerging as the top player in the league or in the match. Taking part in the singles league is a means to enter the cash-earning world of 8 Ball Pool. Winning or being part of the top 3 players can help individuals get up to 50 Pool Cash. 

With each season lasting only one week at a time, this gives users more chance to make a play for different leagues and tournaments. Should players remain successful, they can gain up to 200 Pool Cash for the whole month. On average, most skilled players can get up to 70 Pool Cash. 

Other Helpful Ideas on Earning Free Cash

Apart from the aforementioned techniques, players can also try their luck by participating in the Lucky Shot. This Lucky Shot is a new feature that replaced the Spin & Win. Individuals who have luck on their side and have the ball land dead center can help get a prize of up to 5 Pool Cash every single day. 

Learn How to Earn Free Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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Other offers that players may take part in are doing extra offers available on the app. Some of these include completing certain levels in partner apps such as Coin Master and Lords Mobile. Free cash rewards can go as low as 22 Pool Cash and as high as 76 Pool Cash. 

Besides opening the app every single day and doing the daily Spins, individuals are actually encouraged to purchase more spins. This allows players to build an easy collection not just of free cash in their arsenal, but also coins and cues without having to play pool at all times. 

The Bottom Line

Playing billiards is a favorite pastime for people around the goal. It requires no language, just some intensity, and finesse. Besides being an engaging game of wits and skill, it also provides an exciting game for an endless amount of time. 

With the 8 Ball Pool app, individuals can certainly enjoy the game from the comforts of their own home. From playing with friends and earning free cash in a few simple steps, this is surely an app that is not one to be missed anytime soon.