Established in September 1889, Nintendo became one of the biggest video game companies that started out making handmade playing cards. In 2019, it produced about $11 trillion in net sales. 

Nintendo Wii is one of the most popular brand items of the company, with over 100 million units sold in the world. Yet Nintendo's newest console, the Switch launched in March 2017 with over 55 million units sold.


But the Wii still holds onto its popularity thanks to some of its unique games and gameplay. Here are some of the most popular games on Wii in 2020. 

Discover the Best Selling Wii Games of 2020
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Wii Sports

Wii Sports is a 2006 electronic sports game that Nintendo developed and released for the portable Wii computer system. On November 19, 2006, the game was released with the Wii in North America, followed by Japan, Oceania, and Europe. 

It was released as a console pack in all areas except Japan and South Korea, making it the first game in the area of sport since Mario's Virtual Boy Tennis was introduced in 1995. The Nintendo Selects set includes Wii Sports on its own.


The game consists of a series of five sport exercises to show the Wii Remote's motion sensor skills. Tennis, basketball, basketball, golf, and boxing are the five sports included. 

The Wii remote is used by players to mimic behaviors that occur in real sports, including throwing a tennis racket. The rules are structured for each game so that new players can have access to them. 

The game also provides preparation and fitness modes to track the success of players in sports.


Price:  $49.99 on eBayAmazon, and GameStop

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii is a game series, which Nintendo developed and released for Wii. In April 2008, it was released as the sixth installment in the Mario Kart series. 

Mario Kart Wii has, like his previous installments, playable Mario characters who compete in car races using individual items in a variety of 32 different race routes, avoiding opponents or winning benefits. 

This sold 37.3 million copies to make it the 9th best-selling game ever, Mario Kart 's best-sellers, the best-selling games, Mario 's best-sellers for the Wii, and the 2nd best-seller for the Wii.

It features various game modes, including four-person screen split and multiplayer modes.

Remote multiplayer via Nintendo Wi-Fi was introduced but was discontinued in May 2014, with the introduction of other online players Wii and Nintendo DS games.

Price:  $18 on eBay and Amazon

Wii Sports Resort

The Wii Sports Resort is an archipelago called the Wuhu Island, set in a beach resort. The player begins the game with some training videos, the bracelet, and Wii MotionPlus tests, and then the player dives to Wuhu Island. 

There are 12 sports available for play; like the original, games are played in a similar way to the real entertainment produced by holding the Wii Remote (and in a few cases Nunchuk).

In particular, the player keeps the Wii Remote vertically for holding the arc and refuses the Nunchuk to reverse the string of the bow. 

Wii Sports Resort 's latest innovation is the Wii MotionPlus compatibility that allows 1:1 power and more consistency in the games. 

For starters, the player has greater control over spinning by tilting the Wi-Fi remote while swinging with the new variant, table tennis. The player can spin the ball while turning in the golf by twisting the Wii Remote.

Price: $57 to $59 on Amazon

Discover the Best Selling Wii Games of 2020
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While Microsoft and Sony rely almost entirely on third-party console software, many Nintendo games are developed and produced internally. The company is well known to be a part-owner of The Pokémon Company.

That company has produced some of the industry's most influential video game franchises, including Mario, Super Mario Odyssey, one of the new games in the Mario series, sold over 17.4 million copies since March 2020..