If you’re a gamer, you’ve played many games and know your way around every single one of them. And all gamers have their own views about the merits of a game. However, Doom Video games are a set of games that most gamers can agree on. 

Given that they’ve been wildly popular for 25 years, Doom has got to have something special. There is a legend behind it and its fan-base treats the first Doom game as their way of life. 


The game promises guns, gore, and glory to every single gamer that sets their eyes on it.  In terms of popularity and its omnipresent nature, the game has no comparison with any other game series out there. 

7 Things Players Didn't Know They Could Do in Doom Video Games
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Now, since it has been in the hearts of gamers in the last 25 years, you may think that they would know every nook and corner of Doom, but that’s not quite right. 

There are still a few things gamers still don’t know about Doom, and this article will enlighten you on seven of those things.


What Is So Special About Doom?

Everyone who has played this game doesn’t even need to be told anything further about how intriguing it is. First premiering on December 10th, 1993, Doom was recognized globally as the first game to be played from the viewpoint of leading characters.

These games are known as First Person Shooter (FPS) games. The game has ever since sold about 10 million copies and now there is even work on a film version of the game. 

Such was the success of this game that its parent company also released a new version of the game called Doom Eternal. It was released on November 22, 2019. 


What More Can You Find While Playing Doom?

It’s Possible to Time Travel Back to ’92

You heard me right. Through the Industrial Zone, which is the fifth map in Doom II’s campaign, gamers can find a secret exit that will take them to another secret level that can’t be found otherwise. 

If you’ve played Wolfenstein 3D, then this might charm the living lights out of you! This level is known as a tribute to Wolfenstein 3D and carries the same texture and display as well. Plus, you can also find the famous German enemy spirits in it too! 

The Demons Can Also Fight Each Other

Hoards of the underworld may get a bit difficult for you to handle, but there’s a good chance that you can trick the demons into going against each other! Low on ammo and health? No worries.

Monster infighting will help you get through that level. However, the game is developed in terms of demon hierarchy as well, so some demons would probably know better than fighting with tougher opponents. 

You Can Hack the Original for EASY Mode

In the game itself, you would find that developers chose not to keep game modes the way they traditionally have been; you won’t find easy to hard difficulty modes because those were just too mainstream! 

Instead, they have incorporated modes like ‘I’m too Young to’, which is the easiest mode one can find, to ‘Ultra-nightmare’, which is a mercilessly tough mode. 

In the vanilla version of Doom, gamers can also set the difficulty level to zero, which is as easy as a breeze. However, you might only pick this if you just want to quickly get through the game without any of the fun! 

Soul Cube Hasn’t Left 

This incredibly exciting late-game weapon that can be found in Doom 3, the Soul Cube, allowed players to actually take health away from their enemies! 

Albeit creepy, it was extremely useful, and probably one of the most useful weapons one can find apart from The BFG. The weapon is hidden in the Demon Destruction minigame and can be found in Doom 2016.

7 Things Players Didn't Know They Could Do in Doom Video Games
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Google Play even released the 1993 version of Doom to celebrity the franchise’s anniversary. Although the franchise is in its twenties, there are so many things that remain hidden for even the most seasoned player. 

This will help the legacy continue for years to come as there is still so much hidden to the eye and people continue to play to uncover the secrets.